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The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

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The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

Series 2 Summary

The US version of the comedy drama, starring William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, returns for a second season in which Fiona faces up to life after her break-up with Steve.

  • Shameless USA: Frank and Liam

    Episode 1 - Summertime

    Unbowed by her break-up with Steve, Fiona is determined to enjoy herself and, while working in the bar of a noisy local hotspot with Veronica, meets a successful young business executive.

    Debbie runs an unofficial childcare service with Carl, Ian takes over at the Kash & Grab when Kash leaves town, and Lip helps Kev out when his ice-cream/pot truck hits the road for its annual rounds.

    Despite Eddie's disappearance, Sheila's ambition to be able to leave the house and take a walk is progressing, one step at a time. Meanwhile, when Frank loses a bet, he is forced to surrender Liam as collateral.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 2 - Summer Loving

    Sheila conquers her agoraphobia. Frank thinks he has found a solution to his financial woes when he meets fellow bar dweller Dottie, whose declining health and city pension make her an attractive new friend.

    Jasmine tries to ease Fiona's burdens by setting her up with a sugar daddy, while Veronica takes some pensioners from the home on an excursion.

    Lip worries about Karen's growing relationship with Jody and Ian tries to land a recently released Mickey a job at the Kash & Grab.

  • Shameless USA: The family

    Episode 3 - I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day

    Fiona is worried she'll be lured into temptation when she reconnects with her married high school crush. But when she finds an abandoned purse with over $500 inside, she assumes her luck is finally changing.

    Frank is willing to do just about anything to stay in Dottie's good books. Debbie becomes obsessed with dying after Harry's death.

    Kevin thinks about buying the Alibi. Lip meets a colonel to get details for Ian about West Point, and Jody asks Frank for Karen's hand in marriage.

  • Shameless USA: Fiona and Frank

    Episode 4 - A Beautiful Mess

    The consequences of sleeping with Craig come home to roost for Fiona when his angry wife shows up at the door in a vengeful mood.

    Fiona also wonders if she's giving too much responsibility to the kids when Debbie develops a stress-related rash.

    Frank realises his days in the Jackson household are numbered as Sheila makes it all the way to the hair salon.

    Lip tries to dig up some dirt on Jody, Ian continues on the path to West Point, Carl house-sits with his friend Little Hank, and Ethel meets Malik, a boy on Kevin's youth basketball team.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 5 - Father's Day

    Frank tries to get his hands on Eddie's life insurance benefits and pension, despite being a prime suspect in his death.

    Fiona attends a high-class wedding with Richard and lies about her background, including where she lives.

    Meanwhile, Lip is devastated by Karen's rejection, and Carl rents Frank's room to a prostitute.

  • Shameless USA: Frank and Fiona

    Episode 6 - Can I Have a Mother

    Frank's mother, Grammy Gallagher, suddenly turns up and tries to track down a former associate who owes her money.

    Sheila plans Karen's wedding reception, but their ideas on how the event should be staged differ.

    Meanwhile, Fiona double dates with Steve and his Brazilian girlfriend, and Frank discovers the identity of Eddie's insurance beneficiary.

  • Shameless USA: Lip

    Episode 7 - A Bottle of Jean Nate

    Lip tries to get back in Karen's good books by putting together a prenuptial agreement for her and Jody. Ian continues to give Lip the silent treatment.

    Tired of looking after Grammy, Frank wants to kick her out but Fiona resists the idea until a dangerous accident occurs. Fiona is invited on a boat trip but has no idea that Steve and his girlfriend are going along too.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 8 - Parenthood

    As Grammy's illness worsens, a pensive Frank has to get out of the house, but when he sneaks into the Kash & Grab he accidentally walks in on Ian and Mickey, who are locked in a passionate embrace.

    When Lip decides to leave school and get a job, a disappointed Fiona proposes a deal in which they would both complete their studies.

    However, a frustrated and angry Lip manages to get himself expelled when he realises that Karen plans to sell their baby to the highest bidder.

  • Shameless USA: Fiona and Debbie

    Episode 9 - Hurricane Monica

    Monica returns, intending to party and plot money-making schemes with Frank, but the rest of the family suspects that she has no intention of staying for good.

    Grammy's death affects everyone differently, but Frank is determined to make sure that he inherits every penny he can get his hands on.

    A regretful Fiona reconsiders her hasty decision to kick Lip out of the house, while Sheila and Jody gradually become convinced that their home is haunted by Eddie's ghost.

  • Shameless USA: Monica and Frank

    Episode 10 - A Great Cause

    Fiona starts to plan for a more exciting future now that Monica is back at home. However, her reprieve from drudgery proves short-lived when Monica goes to pieces, spends the family's hidden stash of cash and gets arrested.

    Steve conspires to reunite Estefania with her true love so that he can try to get back together with Fiona. Lip and Ian learn the truth about Mandy's baby, and Sheila takes in a homeless crack addict.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 11 - Just Like the Pilgrims Intended

    Thanksgiving is anything but traditional in the Gallagher household as Monica's downward spiral leads to a suicide attempt, Carl accidentally shoots a bald eagle and Karen goes into labour.

    Steve is forced to let Estefania's boyfriend Marco steal his identity, while Ian meets an older businessman (guest star Harry Hamlin) at a club.

    Frank uses devious means to get his share of Grammy's money from his brother Clayton.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 12 - Fiona Interrupted

    A lonely Frank plots to break Monica out of the psychiatric hospital, but not everyone is convinced that this is in her best interests.

    Karen and Sheila are at loggerheads over Karen's baby, and Eddie's insurance cheque arrives at last.

    Meanwhile, 'Jimmy' works hard to get back into Fiona's good books and arranges for her to meet his family, and Ian runs into a familiar face in unexpected circumstances.

Shameless USA synopsis

The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

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