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The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

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The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

Series 3 Summary

Season three finds Frank alienating his children, Sheila and Jody struggling with the demands of parenthood, and Jimmy trying to balance his relationship with Fiona and his other obligations.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 1 - El Gran CaƱon

    Fiona struggles to accept the new 'boring' Jimmy now that they're living together and sharing domestic responsibilities.

    Frank wakes up in a place that is completely foreign to him and struggles to make the long journey back home.

    After another court appearance, Lip is sentenced to community service, and Baby Hymie's crying keeps Jody and Sheila awake all night.

  • Shameless USA: Fiona

    Episode 2 - The American Dream

    Fiona worries about the property tax money that she used as a deposit for her club night, and a confrontation explodes when Lip finds out what she's done.

    Frank tries to settle back in at home, where all his family except Debbie resent his presence. Kev's wife reappears unexpectedly.

    Sheila is left frazzled and exhausted by the demands of motherhood, until Frank finds a way to keep baby Hymie quiet.

  • Shameless USA: Kate, Frank and Hymie

    Episode 3 - May I Trim Your Hedges?

    Frank pretends Carl has cancer in order to scam a charity foundation that helps terminally ill children.

    Fiona grabs an unexpected opportunity to apply for a supermarket cashier's job, but is appalled by what is asked of her during the application process.

    Lip leads a vigilante hunt for a neighbourhood paedophile, but gets a surprise when the identity of his target is revealed.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 4 - The Helpful Gallaghers

    Carl heads off to a summer camp run by a charity that helps children with cancer, but he isn't happy about the activities on offer.

    Sheila wants to spice up her sex life, so Frank agrees to be Jody's coach in the bedroom. Fiona tries to unite her female colleagues against their lecherous boss.

    Lip and Mandy receive an anguished call from Molly, Mandy's half-sister, who is in foster care. Jimmy hears his parents are getting divorced.

  • Shameless USA: Frank and Fiona

    Episode 5 - The Sins of My Caretaker

    Frank must tackle a big problem when the city of Chicago authorities plan to dig up the sewer mains under the garden, and Child Protective Services pay the family a visit.

    Fiona faces hostility from her workmates for not giving in to the sexual advances of their boss. But when she fails to provide Jimmy with the support he needs during his first real family crisis, he turns to Estefania.

  • Shameless USA: Lip, Ian and Fiona

    Episode 6 - Cascading Failures

    The Department of Family Services hauls the Gallagher children away. Desperate to get them back, Fiona prepares Frank to make a 'Father of the Year' appearance in court, but is he the solution to the problem or the cause of it?

    Kev and Veronica recruit Veronica's mother as a surrogate, and Terry catches Mickey and Ian in a compromising situation.

  • Shameless USA: Mickey and Ian

    Episode 7 - A Long Way from Home

    Fiona makes a bold decision regarding her future with the children and goes to extreme lengths in her quest to claim sole custody of them.

    Frank prepares for his court appearance by getting sober. Debbie and Carl continue to cope with life in their foster homes.

    Meanwhile, Hymie's family arrives to take their son back from Sheila and Jody, and Karen returns unexpectedly.

  • Shameless USA: Frank and Christopher

    Episode 8 - Where There's a Will

    The family gathers at Aunt Ginger's fake funeral. Frank's cousin Patrick arrives with another forged will granting him ownership of the house, so the Gallaghers are forced to conspire against him.

    Frank gets creative about finding a new place to stay because, with baby Hymie gone, Sheila no longer requires his help as a nanny. Kev and Veronica continue their quest to have a baby.

  • Shameless USA: Karen

    Episode 9 - Frank the Plumber

    Fiona starts a new job as an office temp but struggles to adjust to corporate culture, although she is cheered by a new flirtation.

    Ian makes a shocking discovery about Mickey, while Debbie does her best to comfort a miserable Sheila.

    In an attempt to get medical insurance, Frank inadvertently becomes involved in the gay rights movement, where he encounters influential activist Abraham Paige.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 10 - Civil Wrongs

    Everything in Fiona's life - including her new job - seems to be going well until Jimmy drops a bombshell and tells her that he might go back to medical school in Michigan.

    Frank is enjoying his new-found celebrity as the face of the gay rights movement, but he is soon lured back to the other side when he discovers there's even more money to be made (and sex to be had) by switching teams again.

  • Shameless USA: Frank

    Episode 11 - Order Room Service

    Fiona starts to make plans to move the family to Michigan so she can be with Jimmy, but she discovers Jimmy isn't on the same wavelength.

    Carl takes pity on homeless Frank, but when the pair form a father and son burgling team things don't go to plan.

    Ian tries to stop Mickey from going through with his wedding. Mandy uses her sexuality to keep Lip's attention on her rather than Karen.

  • Shameless USA: Kev, Debbie, Carl, Veronica and Sheila

    Episode 12 - Survival of the Fittest

    The Gallaghers prepare a surprise party to celebrate Lip's graduation from high school, and Ian makes a big decision without telling his family.

    Fiona ponders her future after securing a full-time job at the cup company, while Frank contemplates having any future at all.

Shameless USA synopsis

The US version of the hit comedy drama, with William H Macy as Frank Gallagher, working-class patriarch to a brood of six spirited and independent children

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