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Sex Drive

Josh Zuckerman stars in Sean Anders' teen comedy that combines the classic themes of the sexual quest and the road trip.

Ian (Zuckerman) is a shy 18-year-old who's desperate to lose his virginity before he goes off to university.

He's struck up an online relationship with the enticingly monikered Ms Tasty (Katrina Bowden) and she seems eager to meet him in the flesh. However, he lives in Brookfield, Illinois, and she's in Knoxville, Tennessee; in order to go all the way, Ian first has to travel more than 500 miles across the States.

Seeing this as an opportunity for an adventure, his friends - best mate and budding Lothario Lance (Clark Duke) and Felecia (Amanda Crew), who Ian secretly fancies - steal Ian's brother Rex's car and hit the road.

They're in for an eventful journey, featuring a variety of oddball characters, spills and scrapes, and an amusing encounter with members of an Amish community.

And, by the end of their trek, each has a much better idea of who and what they want from life...

Also starring Seth Green.

Sex Drive synopsis

Three high-school friends hit the road from Chicago to Knoxville in a mission to relieve one of his virginity

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