Seven Dwarves

  • Episode 1

    The group get straight into rehearsals, with some of them having barely looked at their scripts. As a panto veteran, Max takes some of the younger cast under his wing.

  • Episode 2

    Josh is the youngest of the seven dwarf actors, and this is the first year he's been away without any of his family. He celebrates his 20th birthday with a big party in the shared house.

  • Episode 3

    Jamie is Britain's only dwarf drag queen. Christmas is difficult for Jamie, whose father died five years earlier in panto rehearsals. The group find out what the critics think of the panto.

  • Episode 4

    Karen is the oldest in the group and the only parent. She's been seeing Max for a few months, but, a few weeks into the pantomime run, Karen suffers a loss that shocks the house.

  • Episode 5

    As a child, Laura swam for her country, winning gold medals and breaking world records. Now she travels the world performing but returns every year for panto.

  • Episode 6

    Twenty-six-year-old Craig has come from Lincoln to Woking to play Prof: the most senior dwarf, who has the most lines in the production. He trained at drama school and is forging a career in films.

  • Episode 7

    The final episode tells Ryan's tale. One of the shyest of the group, Ryan used to get anxious about being seen in public. Now he's embarking on a life-changing relationship.