Series 1 Episode 7
First Broadcast: 11.05PM Thu 29 September 2011

The final episode tells Ryan's tale. Twenty-six-year-old Ryan lives in Portsmouth and works in marketing for an international perfume company.

His mum played a big role in the Restricted Growth Association after a doctor told her when Ryan was born that due to his Achondroplasia, he could always join the circus. As one of the shyest of the group, Ryan used to get anxious about being seen out in public and would cope by wearing headphones and imagine he was being looked at because he was a famous rock star.

Beneath this unassuming exterior is a rock band drummer who, during the film, embarks on a life-changing relationship. It was through his band that Ryan met Amy and the two of them got together at a band mate's wedding before his move to Woking. As love blossoms, the dwarves go out of their way to welcome the newcomer, cooking her meals and taking her out bowling.

As well as falling in love, Ryan is finding his time with other dwarves is building his confidence, and doesn't feel the need for headphones in the street. The panto finally reaches the end of its run and the dwarves reflect on the unique experience of spending the past six weeks living with other dwarves, and the friendships that have come out of their time together.

The series catches up with the dwarves eight months later and there are tales of more romance, talks of marriage, a holiday of a lifetime and the excitement of Hollywood movies ahead and a whole new opportunity for a certain drag queen.

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