Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

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Amanda Lamb lets home sellers check out their rival vendors' properties for inspiration

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Amanda Lamb lets home sellers check out their rival vendors' properties for inspiration

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Three rival sellers bid to win an offer from buyer Liz, with a week and £1000 to make their properties more desirable and sellable

  • Bradford

    Rahima and Ali need to take control of their cramped kitchen. Carrie Ann and George must add warmth to their forgotten conservatory. And Ruth and Megan address a lack of storage.

  • Bristol

    In Bristol, with £1k and a week to make changes, father and daughter Tom and Becca rip out their bathroom. Michelle reclaims her dining room. And Ian feminises his bedroom.

  • West Sussex

    Mark is looking to buy his first home. Can Pat, Sue and Tony, or James and Helen tempt him into making an offer?

  • Luton

    Sakander and Lia have rejected 40 houses. Can Amanda's three sellers do any better and attract an offer from these discerning buyers by tackling problem areas in their properties?

  • Manchester

    Pete turns one of his twoTV rooms into a diner. Neil concentrates on his spare bedroom and backyard. Mary and Jeff must drastically improve both their kitchen and bathroom.

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Ben and Josie go skip foraging, and take out a wall to add flow to their kitchen diner, hoping to attract an offer from buyer Simon

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Rival sellers battle to win an offer from first-time buyer Helen. Jean and Max need to sort their garden and Nina and Fred seek calm in the lounge.

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    In Redditch, Jackie and Sarah update their kitchen. Angela and Nick must ditch the dark furniture. And Jane has to redeem the ground floor of her modern townhouse.

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Three rival sellers in Newport have £1000 and a week to make improvements as they compete to win an offer from buyer Amy, who's on the hunt for a family home

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Jo needs to tone down the bold colours. Brian and Ann Marie need to reclaim their abandoned annex and garden. And Cheryl needs to brighten up her bland town house with the help of tarot reader Lisa.

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

    Milton Keynes

    Three rival sellers have one week and £1000 to take on Amanda Lamb's design ideas in a bid to clinch an offer from buyer Michelle

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Jo and Ruby prove a little money can go a long way when they knock their attic through for under a grand. And Debbie and Paul and Sue and Jo spruce up crux parts of their home.

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb


    Kerry Anne and Anthony add glamour to their 30s home; Mark and Fran bring some warmth to their minimal terrace; and Karin and John clear the cat clutter. But will Ellery and Christian make an offer?

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

    Formby, Lancashire

    In Formby, Lancashire, three vendors compete to secure an offer from buyers Leon and Nancy, by updating and modifying the interiors of their homes

  • Mansfield

    Three homeowners compete for buyer Rowan's favour. Lee needs to transform his garden, Gwen and David need to update their décor. And will Mary allow Mike to decorate with wallpaper?

  • Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

    South Liverpool

    Michelle and Jim fall in love with some wallpaper but it could do with some toning down, whilst Karen has roped in friend Paula to renovate her forgotten garden at the side of the house

  • Royton

    In Royton, near Oldham. Jackie needs to tone down her house of many colours while Dorothy and Philippa actually need to inject some colour and personality into theirs

  • Northampton

    Amanda Lamb helps three homeowners in Northampton to improve the saleability of their properties in the hope of impressing buyer Mike

  • Leicester

    Jan's rental flat needs freshening up and Alan and Valerie need to modernise if they hope to interest buyers Maria and Terry. And will Hitesh and Alpa add some much needed colour to their property?

  • Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

    Claire Michalski needs to finish renovating her home; Claire Gadsby needs to declutter and revamp; and Dave and his daughter Lauren must add colour and life to their home

  • Leicester

    Three homeowners compete to win an offer from housebuyer Panna. Gurpal and Kiran need to inject some colour. Sheetal needs to put some homely touches back. Belinda and Spencer need to make changes.

  • Milton Keynes

    In Milton Keynes, Amanda helps three homeowners prep their properties for a possible buyer. Gerald's home needs some homely touches, while Jill and Lorraine must tackle their bathroom.

  • Rochdale

    Three homeowners look to tempt buyers Jo and Nick. Stuart and Liesl need to update their dated hallway. Fran wants to revamp her red dining room. And will Stephanie and Luke add colour to their house?

  • Luton

    Andy needs to add warmth to his bachelor pad. Chris's colourful house could do with some toning down. Will Sonul and Avi rip out their mammoth wardrobes? And which property will Sandeep prefer?

  • Northampton

    Mary has a budget of £400,000, but whose home will she make an offer on? Carly and Chris's bland new build, Carol and Rob's house or Pam and Tony's quirky home?

  • Waterlooville

    Three competing homeowners go head-to-head in the hope of selling their houses. Will Mike and Bethan agree to move the rabbits that live in one of their bedrooms?

  • Portsmouth

    Phil and Irene need to unify their nautical house, John and Lynne need to add some colour and Tracey and James paint over some dark colours. But whose house will buyers Julia and Clive prefer?

  • Orpington

    Can Ian and his fiancée Janice transform Ian's bachelor pad into a modern, relaxing place? Meanwhile, Carol and her daughter Caroline try to update her detached cottage.

  • Chobham and Woking

    Robin's empty house might be putting off potential buyers. Jan and Bill need to modernise their décor. And Julia and Chris's home verges on the bland. But which property will appeal to Rebecca?

  • Sevenoaks

    In Sevenoaks, Kent, three competing vendors snoop around each other's homes before tempting Rebecca to buy from them. Will a week and £1000's worth of makeovers snag the sale?

  • Wokingham

    Amanda helps three homeowners in Wokingham. Can Raj and Maria fix their decking? Margaret's red and white interior could do with some TLC. And can Bob and Geraldine update their home?

  • High Wycombe

    Homeowners in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, compete to sell to first-time buyers Laurence and Sheridan. Neil has an electrical substation in his garden... which could put people off.

  • St Albans

    Maureen needs to update her swimming pool that right now is an eyesore. Alison and Nathan have a garden room that could make a great office. And Len and Pauline's regal sitting room needs a makover.

  • Epsom

    Amanda Lamb gives three homeowners, all eager to sell, one week and £1000 to improve their homes before potential buyers Marianne and Anish view. Will they be impressed enough to buy?

  • Sutton

    In Sutton, Mike doesn't want to let go of his quite personal décor; Emma's home is let down by its poor kerb appeal; and Darren and Tracey's home only has two bedrooms. Which will buyer Leigh choose?