Secret Location

  • Episode 1

    Sunita shows Helen and Dan Wright some secret homes in Oxfordshire.

  • Episode 2

    Property expert Sunita Shroff shows Cathie and Tim homes they would previously only have dreamed of in secret locations. Will she find them their perfect future marital home?

  • Episode 3

    Sunita goes house hunting with Pav and Kabir from East Ham in London. But could Pav ever move south of the river?

  • Episode 4

    Sunita tries to see if she can persuade Dominic and Tamara Lake to leave their south east London bubble.

  • Episode 5

    Sunita visits Zoe and Chris in West Lothian. Sunita finds them a house they love, but it's in a location they've ruled out. Can the house they love become the home they want?

  • Episode 6

    Sunita Shroff shows a first-time buyer larger properties for the same money beyond her favoured location of Ealing, West London.

  • Episode 7

    Sunita Shroff shows house-hunters homes they would previously only have dreamed of, in secret locations they hadn't considered. This time it's Jo and Marcus in Buckinghamshire.

  • Episode 8

    Anil and Selina have viewed 150 properties in London, looking for their dream property in Highbury. By moving locations can Sunita help their search?

  • Episode 9

    Rebecca and Emma's home in London's Forest Hill is too small; can Sunita find them a half-million-pound family-friendly home they can warm to?

  • Episode 10

    Lisa and Justin want more space, but property expert Sunita Shroff isn't sure how far they'll move from their South London home to find it, as moving doesn't come naturally to these two.

  • Episode 11

    Jordan and Michelle have given up a high-spec apartment in Singapore and want a high-end home in Maidenhead. Sunita knows they'll need to expand their search area...

  • Episode 12

    Sunita is in London trying to help Caroline and Ben East. They've been trying to buy their first home for years, but Caroline has been adamant that they won't move out of pricey Barnes.

  • Episode 13

    Chris and Carol Agg want to downsize and move closer to their family in the village of Benson in Oxfordshire. Can Sunita show them new locations where good things come in small packages?

  • Episode 14

    Angela moved in with sister while she looked for her first home, but a year later she's no further forward. Her obsession with expensive areas such as Chiswick isn't helping. Can Sunita help?

  • Episode 15

    Sunita helps Hannah and Viji Mehta who are on the hunt in Hampshire with a whopping £1.5m. But even with that they've found it impossible to find the home of their dreams around Winchester.

  • Episode 16

    Sunita helps Val and Bobby on Scotland's west coast, but Val falls for one house Sunita shows them, while Bobby likes another.

  • Episode 17

    Sunita is in Birmingham with a couple whose search is pulling in two different directions. Shams Zaman wants just the right location, but Shazia wants just the right house.

  • Episode 18

    Sunita helps Selim Dayanik and Lindsay Harper, who want a renovation project in Birmingham, but who've restricted their search to a few prestigious areas of the city.

  • Episode 19

    Teresa Barron has fallen hard for Otley in Yorkshire. But that gives her a tiny search area that can't accommodate her hefty wish-list. Can Sunita open her eyes to other areas?

  • Episode 20

    Sunita helps a couple in Oxfordshire who moved out of London to start a family. Unless they broaden their search area they'll struggle to find a home that even fits the two of them.