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Teams compete each week to construct a junk machine, using only what they can scavenge from the scrapheap. Every series builds to a final contest - and the crowning of a champion team.

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Teams compete each week to construct a junk machine, using only what they can scavenge from the scrapheap. Every series builds to a final contest - and the crowning of a champion team.

Series 8 Summary

In the spectacular eighth series, expect plenty of projectile vegetation - in the form of an incredible arsenal of tomatoes and pumpkins. Plus, there's a heapload of scrappy contraptions capable of swimming, jumping, fishing, shooting, and even flight.

  • Underwater car on land

    Episode 1 - Underwater Cars

    Scrapheap is off to marvellous Margate where a team of forklifting fixers take on a crew of army helicopter heroes in a battle to build underwater cars that can rip up the ocean bed.

  • Kung Fu car smashing slab

    Episode 2 - Kung Fu Cars

    The teams have to construct a moveable car complete with a karate-chopping device. It's gotta be tough as it has to axe its way through six concrete slabs, half a metre of ice and finally a huge hunk of wood.

  • Target

    Episode 3 - Sharp Shooters

    This challenge testst to see who can build the most extreme rapid-fire arrow launcher. The teams will have to build a projectile launcher that can automatically load itself, as well as quickly firing arrows far and accurately.

  • Dairy van

    Episode 4 - AC/DC Dairy Dash

    Classic Jag lovers the Beasts of Bodmin take on The 7s, a team of easy-going Essex bikers. In an electrifying off-road contest, they race to construct battery-powered milk floats capable of conquering tough terrain to safely deliver a dozen crates of milk.

  • Drag boat

    Episode 5 - Drag Boats

    The teams must build souped-up drag boats capable of a truly rapid ride along our aquatic drag strip. The winning team will complete the 300-metre, straight-line course in the quickest time. A firm foot on the throttle and a sure hand on the rudder will be essential.

  • Mini in a lake

    Episode 6 - Car Fishing

    Tractor fanatics the Nuzzling Badgers take on British Airways pilots the Flying Scotsmen in a fraught fishing contest. The teams compete to make machines that will retrieve three Minis floating on a lake. From dry land, the team members must pick up each car by the roof, without hooks or grabs.

  • Pinballs

    Episode 7 - Polar Pinball

    In this chilling challenge, the teams have to build an omni-directional machine that will act as a pinball in our polar arena. By notching up points for precision prangs on our high scoring targets, the team that scores the most wins!

  • Caber tosser

    Episode 8 - Caber Tossers

    A bravehearted bunch of rollercoaster engineers, The Big Dippers, take on the furiously fast Skids in a Scrapheap-style Highland fling. The challenge: to construct a monster-sized mobile machine capable of tossing a massive 300-pound caber.

  • The tallest Scrapheap vehicle ever

    Episode 9 - Steeplechase

    The challengers must build steeplechasers with horsepower in the Scrapheap semi final. Their creations must be capable of carrying the entire team over six 1.3m high hurdles, without knocking them over.

  • Large drag racers

    Episode 10 - Monster Drag Racing

    In this semi final, those thrill seekers from Blackpool, The Big Dippers, meet Essex forklift fixers and fabricating fanatics, The Powerlifters, for one of the biggest builds in Scrapheap history. The challenge: to construct a super fast monster machine at least 5 metres long and weighing at least 5.5 tonnes.

  • Rock crawler

    Episode 11 - Rock Crawler

    In the showdown of this series, classic car nuts, the Beasts of Bodmin, take on Essex forklift trio, The Powerlifters. In a quest for Scrapheap glory, the finalists must make cars that can clamber over boulders.

  • Flying contraption

    Episode 12 - Flying Machines

    This is the build to end all builds. Returning champs from Series 7, The Anoraks, take on the new wearers of the Scrapheap crown, The Powerlifters. The teams have just 20 hours to build what da Vinci himself couldn't master: human-powered flight.

  • A pumpkin with the American flag behind

    Episode 13 - Punkin' Chunk

    In 1986 a group of men in the US were arguing over who could throw an anvil the furthest. Hearing that some students were throwing pumpkins to raise funds for their school, the men's anvils became pumpkins and punkin chunkin was born.

    That year only three teams competed and a mere handful of onlookers watched. Bill Thompson and Trey Melson won with a throw of 128 feet, 2 inches using a machine made with garage door springs.

    Since then the competition has grown massively and thousands of people turn up to watch nearly 100 teams compete to throw pumpkins (or punkins as they're known locally) as far as they can.

    After 20 years, it's time for Scrapheap to take part - but under Scrapheap-style rules. So that meant just a couple of days' construction time on the heap in the UK before shipment of the machine by sea to the US, where there would be a few days' tinkering time.

    One heck of a challenge, given that the locals have a whole year to create their machines. But who could rise to it? Only one team came to mind ¿ The Scrapheap All-Stars of course!

  • Target

    Episode 14 - Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow

    The first-ever Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow in which 20 teams are challenged to build tomato-flinging machines in their garages.

  • Lisa and Rob

    Episode 15 - Best of Scrapheap Challenge

    Featuring all the highs and lows and trips and tumbles, this special episode shows just what the teams faced, as well as their many crazy contraptions.

Scrapheap Challenge synopsis

Teams compete each week to construct a junk machine, using only what they can scavenge from the scrapheap. Every series builds to a final contest - and the crowning of a champion team.

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