Scrapheap Challenge

    • Episode 1 - Underwater Cars

      Scrapheap is off to marvellous Margate where a team of forklifting fixers take on a crew of army helicopter heroes in a battle to build underwater cars that can rip up the ocean bed.

    • Episode 2 - Kung Fu Cars

      The two teams have ten hours to construct vehicles that are capable of chopping their way through a range of extremely tough targets.

    • Episode 3 - Sharp Shooters

      The two teams are tasked with building automatic arrow-firing machines for a daring challenge that tests both speed and accuracy.

    • Episode 4 - AC/DC Dairy Dash

      The two teams have just 10 hours to build off-road electric cars which will compete in the mother of all milk rounds.

    • Episode 5 - Drag Boats

      Three racing car engineers take on a female rally champion and her pit crew. They have just 10 hours to build the fastest waterborne machines that the show has ever seen.

    • Episode 6 - Car Fishing

      The teams must build mechanical fishing rods capable of landing the catch of the day: three full-size Minis.

    • Episode 7 - Polar Pinball

      The Lumbering Jacks go head-to-head against The Powerlifters to build machines capable of racking up points on a giant ice-bound pinball game.

    • Episode 8 - Caber Tossers

      The Big Dippers return to take on The Skids in a head-to-head Highland fling, as they build machines capable of launching lumber in caber-tossing fashion.

    • Episode 9 - Steeplechase

      The Beasts of Bodmin take on the Nuzzling Badgers as they battle to build vehicles capable of hurdling their way down the Scrapheap steeplechase course.

    • Episode 10 - Monster Drag Racing

      Two teams have just ten hours to build vehicles over five tonnes in weight that can tear down the special Scrapheap racing strip. It's drag racing, monster truck style!

    • Episode 11 - Rock Crawler

      The Powerlifters are facing up to the Beasts of Bodmin and must fabricate a boulder-bashing rock-crawler capable of scrambling over a specially designed course.

    • Episode 12 - Flying Machines

      The construction of crazy contraptions continues for the grand champions of 2004, with both teams competing to build a craft capable of human-powered flight in just 20 hours.

    • Episode 13 - Punkin' Chunk

      It's a scraptastic list show selecting the best and worst moments from amazing builds on the heap, with its 200 tonnes of rusty refuse.

    • Episode 14 - Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow

      The first-ever Scrapheap Challenge Roadshow in which 20 teams are challenged to build tomato-flinging machines in their garages.

    • Episode 15 - Best of Scrapheap Challenge

      Featuring all the highs and lows and trips and tumbles, this special episode shows just what the teams faced, as well as their many crazy contraptions.