Science of Scams

  • Episode 2 - Psi Wheel

    A girl makes a folded paper 'psi wheel' spin on the tip of a needle. It looks psychic, but there's a secret, and this video reveals the truth.

  • Episode 3 - Ghost on Film

    A girl freaks out when she visits a haunted house with her friends and sees a ghost. What was the ancient secret that convinced this 21st-century girl she had seen real a ghost?

  • Episode 4 - Brick Breaking

    A martial artist has slabs broken on his chest and breeze blocks broken on his head. He even manages to break only the middle brick in a stack of bricks. He isn't superhuman and it isn't a mystical power. How does the application of science keep him safe?

  • Episode 5 - Ouija Board

    A group of young people get more than they bargained for when they use a ouija board and the pointer starts to move. This video reveals what really makes the ouija board work.

  • Episode 6 - Chi Energy

    A mysterious man makes a newspaper spontaneously combust and bleeding wounds appear on his palms. This film reveals the clever use of science behind it all.

  • Episode 7 - Telekinesis

    A young lad balances a straw on the top of a bottle, concentrates upon it and, amazingly, the straw spins. It appears to be telekinesis, but this film reveals the secret behind this incredible demonstration.

  • Episode 8 - Psychic Readings

    A psychic demonstrates her ability to give an amazingly accurate reading with tarot cards. But there's nothing psychic about any of it, and this video reveals the amazing psychological techniques used by fraudulent psychics all over the world.