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US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

About the Show

US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

Series 2 Summary

The second season of the US drama set in a crisis management firm sees the scandal surrounding Quinn intensify, while Fitz is in a tight corner.

  • Scandal: Harrison and Quinn

    Episode 1 - White Hat's Off

    Quinn's identity is finally revealed, and the more the Pope & Associates team learn about her past, the more they realise that she could represent their biggest scandal yet...

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 2 - The Other Woman

    When the wife of a famous pastor asks Olivia to locate her missing husband, he is found in a highly compromising position and the staff of Pope & Associates must move quickly to sort the situation out

  • Scandal: Artie

    Episode 3 - Hunting Season

    A terrified government employee tells Olivia that the administration is spying on citizens through a computer program. Is he paranoid, deeply eccentric, or a whistleblower in genuine danger?

  • Scandal: Fitz

    Episode 4 - Beltway Unbuckled

    Senator Edison Davis introduces two of his constituents to Olivia. They are the worried parents of a missing college student.

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 5 - All Roads Lead to Fitz

    When a state governor returns home to find his wife being raped by their building contractor, he takes the law into his own hands and shoots him

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 6 - Spies Like Us

    Olivia receives an anonymous letter from a desperate correspondent containing a coded warning hidden in sheet music

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 7 - Defiance

    Billionaire businessman Harold Pierce starts to behave eccentrically just before his company goes public on the stock exchange

  • Scandal: Fitz and Olivia

    Episode 8 - Happy Birthday, Mr. President

    Olivia must return to work at the White House after an assassination attempt leaves the president fighting for his life

  • Scandal: Harrison

    Episode 9 - Blown Away

    As Vice President Sally Langston settles in to the Oval Office, she gets a visit from Hollis Doyle about Verna Thornton

  • Scandal: Pat

    Episode 10 - One for the Dog

    Huck is held under the Patriot Act and tortured with beatings and waterboarding, despite David's best attempts to mitigate the brutality of his treatment

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 11 - A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar

    Flashbacks to the election two years earlier reveal the state of Fitz's relationships with his father Jerry, Mellie and Olivia

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 12 - Truth or Consequences

    David lets Hollis Doyle know that he intends to get to the truth about the Cytron explosion and the plot to rig the presidential election

  • Scandal: Olivia and Fitz

    Episode 13 - Nobody Likes Babies

    Olivia and Verna have a bitter confrontation. Cyrus has a terrible choice to make. Abby is torn between affection for David and professional loyalty

  • Scandal: Abby

    Episode 14 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    After discovering the truth behind Defiance, Fitz isn't sure who to trust, and his judgement is tested when there's a hostage crisis abroad

  • Scandal: Gayle and Will

    Episode 15 - Boom Goes the Dynamite

    Olivia and the team are hired by Senator Peter Caldwell, who needs them to act as high-powered matchmakers for his brother Will, an aspiring politician who hasn't been in a relationship for a decade

  • Scandal: Jake

    Episode 16 - Top of the Hour

    Olivia represents high-powered businesswoman Sarah Stanner, who is caught in a media storm over an affair she had 15 years ago with the White House's choice to be the next Supreme Court Justice

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 17 - Snake in the Garden

    The team are shocked to discover that Hollis Doyle is the company's latest client when his daughter Maybelle is kidnapped and held for ransom

  • Scandal: Abby

    Episode 18 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl

    The truth about Osborne's death emerges. Olivia makes a shocking discovery and ends up in hospital, where yet another surprise is in store...

  • Scandal: Huck

    Episode 19 - Seven Fifty-Two

    The staff at Pope & Associates work together to help a traumatised member of their team. Olivia and Fitz have an emotionally charged conversation; and Cyrus becomes increasingly suspicious of Jake.

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 20 - A Woman Scorned

    As the team continue their investigation into the mole, they begin to harbour a shocking suspicion

  • Scandal: Abby, Quinn and Olivia

    Episode 21 - Any Questions?

    The White House is in the middle of its biggest scandal to date after the First Lady's accusations about the President having an extra-marital affair

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 22 - White Hat's Back On

    With the identity of the mole within their grasp, Olivia and her team find themselves in very real danger