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US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

About the Show

US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

Series 2 Summary

The second season of the US drama set in a crisis management firm sees the scandal surrounding Quinn intensify, while Fitz is in a tight corner.

  • Scandal: Harrison and Quinn

    Episode 1 - White Hat's Off

    Quinn's identity is finally revealed, and the more the Pope & Associates team learn about her past, the more they realise that she could represent their biggest scandal yet...

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 2 - The Other Woman

    When the wife of a famous pastor asks Olivia to locate her missing husband, he is found in a highly compromising position and the staff of Pope & Associates must move quickly to sort the situation out

  • Scandal: Artie

    Episode 3 - Hunting Season

    A terrified government employee tells Olivia that the administration is spying on citizens through a computer program. Is he paranoid, deeply eccentric, or a whistleblower in genuine danger?

  • Scandal: Fitz

    Episode 4 - Beltway Unbuckled

    Senator Edison Davis introduces two of his constituents to Olivia. They are the worried parents of a missing college student.

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 5 - All Roads Lead to Fitz

    When a state governor returns home to find his wife being raped by their building contractor, he takes the law into his own hands and shoots him

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 6 - Spies Like Us

    Olivia receives an anonymous letter from a desperate correspondent containing a coded warning hidden in sheet music

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 7 - Defiance

    Billionaire businessman Harold Pierce starts to behave eccentrically just before his company goes public on the stock exchange

  • Scandal: Fitz and Olivia

    Episode 8 - Happy Birthday, Mr. President

    Olivia must return to work at the White House after an assassination attempt leaves the president fighting for his life

  • Scandal: Harrison

    Episode 9 - Blown Away

    As Vice President Sally Langston settles in to the Oval Office, she gets a visit from Hollis Doyle about Verna Thornton

  • Scandal: Pat

    Episode 10 - One for the Dog

    Huck is held under the Patriot Act and tortured with beatings and waterboarding, despite David's best attempts to mitigate the brutality of his treatment

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 11 - A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar

    Flashbacks to the election two years earlier reveal the state of Fitz's relationships with his father Jerry, Mellie and Olivia

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 12 - Truth or Consequences

    David lets Hollis Doyle know that he intends to get to the truth about the Cytron explosion and the plot to rig the presidential election

  • Scandal: Olivia and Fitz

    Episode 13 - Nobody Likes Babies

    Olivia and Verna have a bitter confrontation. Cyrus has a terrible choice to make. Abby is torn between affection for David and professional loyalty

  • Scandal: Abby

    Episode 14 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    After discovering the truth behind Defiance, Fitz isn't sure who to trust, and his judgement is tested when there's a hostage crisis abroad

  • Scandal: Gayle and Will

    Episode 15 - Boom Goes the Dynamite

    Olivia and the team are hired by Senator Peter Caldwell, who needs them to act as high-powered matchmakers for his brother Will, an aspiring politician who hasn't been in a relationship for a decade

  • Scandal: Jake

    Episode 16 - Top of the Hour

    Olivia represents high-powered businesswoman Sarah Stanner, who is caught in a media storm over an affair she had 15 years ago with the White House's choice to be the next Supreme Court Justice

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 17 - Snake in the Garden

    The team are shocked to discover that Hollis Doyle is the company's latest client when his daughter Maybelle is kidnapped and held for ransom

  • Scandal: Abby

    Episode 18 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl

    The truth about Osborne's death emerges. Olivia makes a shocking discovery and ends up in hospital, where yet another surprise is in store...

  • Scandal: Huck

    Episode 19 - Seven Fifty-Two

    The staff at Pope & Associates work together to help a traumatised member of their team. Olivia and Fitz have an emotionally charged conversation; and Cyrus becomes increasingly suspicious of Jake.

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 20 - A Woman Scorned

    As the team continue their investigation into the mole, they begin to harbour a shocking suspicion

  • Scandal: Abby, Quinn and Olivia

    Episode 21 - Any Questions?

    The White House is in the middle of its biggest scandal to date after the First Lady's accusations about the President having an extra-marital affair

  • Scandal: Olivia

    Episode 22 - White Hat's Back On

    With the identity of the mole within their grasp, Olivia and her team find themselves in very real danger

Scandal synopsis

US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

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