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US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

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US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

Series 1 Summary

Young lawyer Quinn Perkins is offered a job at Olivia Pope and Associates, an organisation that defends and protects the public image of the nation's elite by keeping their secrets under wraps.

Revered and feared at the same time, Quinn's new employer Olivia Pope - a former communications director to the President of the United States - is willing to do whatever it takes to make her clients' problems go away.

  • Scandal: Kerry Washington

    Episode 1 - Sweet Baby

    A decorated war veteran is accused of murdering his girlfriend and a White House intern alleges that Olivia's former boss, President Fitzgerald Grant, is having an affair.

    As she learns the ropes and watches how her colleagues operate at work, new girl Quinn soon realises that the company's clients aren't the only ones with secrets to hide.

  • Scandal

    Episode 2 - Dirty Little Secrets

    Olivia's newest client, madam Sharon Marquette, becomes the subject of a police investigation after the arrest of one of her escorts.

    Sharon's client list contains the names of some of Washington DC's most influential figures and Olivia's team must do everything in their power to keep it under wraps.

    While it's Olivia's job to protect Sharon, she soon finds herself responsible for safeguarding a lot more than just her client's interests.

    Meanwhile, Quinn runs into trouble while keeping an eye on the President's former intern, Amanda Tanner.

  • Scandal

    Episode 3 - Hell Hath No Fury

    The team reluctantly decides to take the assignment when the irresponsible son of millionaire businesswoman Sandra Harding (guest star JoBeth Williams) is accused of rape. However, their attempt to settle a civil case with the victim is roundly rejected.

    Former White House intern Amanda Tanner tells Olivia that she has proof of her affair with the President and demands a face-to-face meeting with him. Can Olivia put her own past history as part of the President's team behind her while helping her client?

  • Scandal: Harrison Wright

    Episode 4 - Enemy of the State

    Former friends Olivia and Cyrus take opposing viewpoints when the Amanda Tanner case takes a surprise turn. Cyrus tries to help by investigating the personal lives of Olivia and her associates.

    Elsewhere, Olivia and her team help a dictator locate his wife and children, who have allegedly been kidnapped, and Quinn goes out with a reporter seeking information about Amanda Tanner.

  • Scandal

    Episode 5 - Crash and Burn

    Huck quickly determines that Amanda Tanner was kidnapped.

    Olivia is tasked with representing the pilots when a plane crashes in suspicious circumstances, killing all the passengers, including a US senator.

    Elsewhere, Amanda's father shows up at the office where Quinn delivers some chilling news about his daughter.

  • Scandal: Mellie and Fitz Grant

    Episode 6 - The Trail

    As Gideon investigates Amanda Tanner's history in the present day, scenes from two years earlier recall the contentious primary race between Fitzgerald Grant and Sally Langston, who became his Vice President.

    The first meeting between Olivia and Fitz on the campaign trail is revisited, and it is revealed how each of Olivia's associates joined her team.

  • Scandal: Cyrus, Fitz and Olivia

    Episode 7 - Grant: For the People

    Quinn finds herself in a highly compromising and tragic position, but Olivia and the team rush to her aid, using all their skills to assist her.

    A reluctant Cyrus is forced to turn to Olivia for help when Billy Chambers makes a shocking announcement that shakes Fitz's presidency to its core.

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US drama starring Kerry Washington set in a crisis management firm that does whatever it takes to make its clients' problems disappear

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