Russell Brand's Ponderland

    • Series 1 Episode 1

      Russell Brand draws on his own personal experiences to discuss the complexities of childhood: its innocence, confusion and fear.

    • Series 1 Episode 2

      Russell contemplates the world of science and technology, including the complex etiquette of chip and pin and life before mobile phones...

    • Series 1 Episode 3

      Russell offers a unique insight into the murky world of crime, from the glamour of East End hard men and LA gangs to the embarrassment of his own brush with the law.

    • Series 1 Episode 4

      Russell gets to grips with the world of sport. Why was school sports day so humiliating? What was the purpose of the egg-and-spoon race? And how did TV's World's Strongest Man become so erotic?

    • Series 1 Episode 5

      Not for the first time, Russell focuses on love. Is romantic love dead? Is it possible to find true love? And when is the right time to let your guard down and show your partner who you really are?

    • Series 1 Episode 6

      Russell discusses the notion of holidays. Why go on them? Where to? And how on earth are you supposed to enjoy them?