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US sitcom about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

About the Show

US sitcom about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

Series 6 Summary

Series six of the US comedy sees Russell return from his holiday cruise with a big surprise in store for his friends.

  • Jen and Adam

    Episode 1 - Dirty Talk

    Russell returns from his holiday cruise and admits that while on board the ship he ran into his former fling Liz and married her after they spent a drunken night together.

  • Rules of Engagement: Liz and Russell

    Episode 2 - Bros Before Nodes

    Bros Before Nodes: Anxiously awaiting some test results from her doctor, Audrey expects to get Jeff's support over the weekend, but he wants to take a trip with the guys.

  • Rules of Engagement: Adam and Timmy

    Episode 3 - Audrey Is Dumb

    Audrey Is Dumb: After throat surgery, Audrey is temporarily unable to speak, much to Jeff's delight, until he is obliged to give the eulogy at a funeral on her behalf.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 4 - Nature Calls

    The group take a trip to Vermont to admire the autumn foliage, but Audrey and Adam get into an embarrassing situation during a hike after an accident with some poison ivy.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 5 - Shy Dial

    Jeff has been ringing Audrey using an app on his phone that automatically puts his calls through to her voicemail. Meanwhile, Liz continues to pursue Timmy.

  • Rules of Engagement: Russell

    Episode 6 - Cheating

    Cheating: Audrey forces Jeff to change his eating habits and adhere to a healthier diet. Russell starts going to cool clubs at night with his hip young colleague Topher.

  • Rules of Engagement: Audrey

    Episode 7 - The Chair

    June takes up a new internship working for a demanding boss, while Chloe's half-baked plan to get herself a personal assistant goes awry.

  • Rules of Engagement: Audrey and Jen

    Episode 8 - Scavenger Hunt

    Jeff plans a scavenger hunt for Audrey leading to a romantic hotel, but things go awry when the first clue, spelled out in rose petals, gets blown away.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 9 - A Big Bust

    Audrey befriends her housekeeper Ana and decides to raise money from all the neighbours in the building to pay for an operation that Ana needs.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 10 - After the Lovin'

    Jeff notices that Audrey asks him for things that she wants after they have had sex, so he gets her to agree to a more equitable barter system instead

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 11 - Missed Connections

    When Timmy shares a romantic moment with a woman on the subway, he tries to track her down using a website that finds missed connections

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 12 - The Five Things

    When Audrey asks Jeff to name five of her personality traits that he likes, he struggles to complete the task, leaving her with hurt feelings

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 13 - Meat Wars

    When Audrey takes Jen to a Bon Jovi concert, Jeff entertains himself by having a barbecue on the roof. However, Jeff fails to invite Adam, who feels left out.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 14 - Goodbye Dolly

    n the penultimate episode of season six, Audrey accidentally breaks a little girl's doll. Russell asks Timmy to look after him when he visits the dentist.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 15 - Audrey's Shower

    Jen puts the wrong date on the invitations when she organises a baby shower for Audrey and has to create a makeshift celebration in a hurry