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US situation comedy about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

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US situation comedy about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

Series 6 Summary

Series six of the US comedy sees Russell return from his holiday cruise with a big surprise in store for his friends.

  • Jen and Adam

    Episode 1 - Dirty Talk

    Russell returns from his holiday cruise and admits that while on board the ship he ran into his former fling Liz and married her after they spent a drunken night together.

    Now, back at home, he is unable to find a way out of the marriage as Liz has taken on the role of Mrs Dunbar with huge enthusiasm.

    Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey attempt to spice up their love life by bringing some dirty talk into the bedroom, and Adam falls asleep on the roof while sunbathing and burns one side of his body.

  • Rules of Engagement: Liz and Russell

    Episode 2 - Bros Before Nodes

    Anxiously awaiting some test results from her doctor, Audrey expects to have Jeff's support over the weekend, but he is more concerned about missing an enjoyable trip with his friends than her feelings.

    Russell is nervous when his father comes to visit and asks to meet his new wife. Wanting to impress his dad, Russell gets Liz a makeover at a salon.

    When that doesn't quite do the job, it's Timmy's styling skills that eventually transform her into a beauty.

  • Rules of Engagement: Adam and Timmy

    Episode 3 - Audrey Is Dumb

    After having throat surgery, Audrey is temporarily unable to speak, much to Jeff's delight. However, when Audrey is unable to give the eulogy at her aunt's funeral, Jeff is forced to step in.

    Russell insists that Timmy must fire an employee, but Timmy only agrees to do so on the condition that he is given a pay rise.

    Dismayed to realise he gets special treatment because of his good looks, Adam becomes determined to prove he is more than just a pretty face.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 4 - Nature Calls

    The group take a trip to Vermont to admire the autumn foliage, but Audrey and Adam get into an embarrassing situation during a hike after an accident with some poison ivy.

    Timmy attempts to console Liz about Russell's negative attitude towards her, but his actions are misinterpreted.

    Meanwhile, Jeff tries to make Jen look like the culprit when he has a mishap with the hotel's computer.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 5 - Shy Dial

    Jeff has been ringing Audrey using an app on his phone that automatically puts his calls through to her voicemail, so that he can avoid talking to her while getting the credit for trying to stay in touch.

    When Timmy accidentally reveals what he's been up to, Audrey uses her voicemail to get even with Jeff.

    Russell is trying to put more effort into his marriage, while Liz continues to pursue Timmy after their misunderstanding in Vermont. Things come to a head when Liz tricks Timmy into a secret rendezvous at Russell's office.

    Meanwhile, Adam befriends a clothing salesman after his friends ridicule him for his progressive fashion choices.

  • Rules of Engagement: Russell

    Episode 6 - Cheating

    After Jeff gets the results of his medical, Audrey forces him to change his eating habits and adhere to a much healthier diet.

    However, this causes him to begin a 'food affair' by sneaking out to have fattening dinners with their surrogate, Brenda.

    Russell starts going to cool clubs at night with his hip young colleague Topher, leaving Timmy behind. But Russell is exhausted by his attempts to keep up with Topher and soon ends up back at the diner.

    Adam is bored when he is obliged to go to bed early every night because Jen is doing an early morning workout class.

  • Rules of Engagement: Audrey

    Episode 7 - The Chair

    Jeff and Audrey engage in a domestic power struggle when Audrey orders a new armchair that Jeff hates and then refuses to admit she dislikes it too.

    Jeff then pretends to love the chair so that Audrey can't get rid of it by using his opinion as an excuse. However, Adam is pleased with the crate that the chair was delivered in and uses it to build himself a fort.

    Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy compete to impress Gwen, a waitress in the executive dining room at work.

  • Rules of Engagement: Audrey and Jen

    Episode 8 - Scavenger Hunt

    Audrey is furious when Jeff abandons her in the middle of a social evening at their neighbour's house.

    In an attempt to apologise, Jeff plans a sentimental scavenger hunt for Audrey leading to a romantic hotel.

    However, things go awry when the first clue, which is spelled out in rose petals, gets blown away.

    Meanwhile, Adam convinces Russell that Jen made a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend and Russell embarks on a desperate mission to find it.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 9 - A Big Bust

    Audrey befriends her housekeeper Ana and decides to raise money from all the neighbours in the building to pay for an operation to correct Ana's limp.

    However, Audrey has misinterpreted Ana's intentions due to her poor understanding of Spanish, and when Ana uses the money to have breast augmentation surgery the neighbours are furious.

    Meanwhile, Timmy has to run a marathon on his own after Russell lures his training partner Stephanie off the straight and narrow.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 10 - After the Lovin'

    Jeff notices that Audrey asks him for things that she wants after they have had sex and, after confronting her about it, he gets her to agree to a more equitable barter system.

    However, when Jen tries to get her own way with Adam using the same method, she is less successful.

    Timmy has a special spoon made that will cool Russell's hot soup for him, but things go awry when the duo attempt to film a commercial for their clever cutlery.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 11 - Missed Connections

    Timmy shares a romantic moment with a woman on the subway, then tries to track her down using a website that finds missed connections. However, when he locates her, he makes a disappointing discovery.

    Jeff and Audrey are snubbed by another couple in their block of flats, but each assumes it's the other who has caused offence, until they call round to get an explanation.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 12 - The Five Things

    Audrey asks Jeff to name five of her personality traits that he likes, but he struggles to complete the task, leaving her with hurt feelings.

    A mischievous Russell sets a talentless Timmy up for failure by teaching him to play a song on the guitar in order to impress a girl who likes musicians.

    Meanwhile, Adam and Jen get Jeff and Audrey's bank statement by mistake and are shocked to see how much money they have managed to save.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 13 - Meat Wars

    When Audrey takes Jen to a Bon Jovi concert, Jeff entertains himself by having a barbecue on the roof.

    However, Jeff fails to invite Adam, who feels left out and decides to annoy Jeff by doing a yoga session on the roof at the same time as the barbecue.

    Russell finds a girl's phone number in an old jacket and sends Timmy to track her down. When Timmy meets her he finds her attractive and asks her out, but Russell is suspicious of his report that she's not worth the bother.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 14 - Goodbye Dolly

    Audrey accidentally breaks a little girl's doll. She does her best to have the toy repaired, but keeps damaging it further in bizarre accidents.

    Jeff and Audrey's surrogate, Brenda, goes on a date, leaving Jeff fretting about the welfare of his unborn child and determined to interfere.

    Russell asks Timmy to look after him when he goes to have a wisdom tooth extracted, while Adam toys with the idea of getting a tattoo when Jen says that he isn't edgy enough.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 15 - Audrey's Shower

    Jen puts the wrong date on the invitations when she organises a baby shower for Audrey and has to create a makeshift celebration in a hurry.

    Audrey feels left out at the event when her pregnant surrogate Brenda gets all the attention, while Jeff becomes intrigued by the concept of maternity wear.

    On Timmy's advice, Russell takes a break from the dating scene and puts his energy into developing his creative talents.

Rules of Engagement synopsis

US situation comedy about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

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