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US sitcom about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

About the Show

US sitcom about modern relationships, as seen through the eyes of two very different couples and their single friends

Series 5 Summary

The fifth series of the US comedy sees Jeff and Audrey come to terms with some unsettling news about their surrogate mother, and Russell and Timmy go on a double date.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 1 - Surro-gate

    Jeff and Audrey come to terms with some unsettling news about their surrogate mother.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 2 - The Bank

    Jeff reveals that he keeps a list of mistakes that Audrey has made - which he calls 'the bank'. Russell sends a suggestive email to a colleague.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 3 - Rug-of-War

    Jeff is annoyed when Audrey gives Adam and Jen their old rug and tries to discourage them from accepting it.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 4 - Handy Man

    Audrey tries to be more spontaneous in the bedroom. Russell invites Timmy to join him on a business trip to distract him from his fear of flying.

  • RulesOfEngagement1

    Episode 5 - Play Ball

    Audrey considers leaving her job when she realises how miserable it's making her. Meanwhile, Allison tells Timmy she wants to slow things down.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 6 - Baked

    Audrey hopes to start her own cookie business after leaving her previous job, and Timmy tries to fit in with the guys.

  • Rules Of Engagement group

    Episode 7 - Mannequin Head Ball

    When Jeff can't escape from the lease for a retail space he once rented for Audrey's fleeting cookie business, he and Adam take the opportunity to invent a new game involving the heads of mannequins.

  • Bunny and Timmy

    Episode 8 - Les-bro

    Audrey is upset when Jeff is too distracted to help find a surrogate, but a conversation with one of his softball team-mates leads to an unexpected resolution.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Episode 9 - The Big Picture

    Russell's mother cuts off his trust fund and he is forced to move in with Timmy. Audrey volunteers to help Jeff impress his boss to get a year-end bonus.

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 10 - Fun Run

    Jeff tells his colleagues that he can't give any more money to their charity fundraising efforts, but then Audrey signs up for a 10km race for a good cause

  • Cast picture

    Episode 11 - Refusing to Budget

    When the utilities are turned off in Russell's apartment, Timmy convinces his friend that he needs to budget sensibly and pay his bills on time

  • Timmy dressed as an elf

    Episode 12 - Little Bummer Boy

    Timmy thinks it's a total bummer that he and Alison have split up at Christmas, but he cheers himself up by dressing as an elf to greet party guests

  • Cast picture

    Episode 13 - The Home Stretch

    Audrey has private Pilates sessions at home and Jeff is thrilled when the workouts increase her sex drive, but less pleased when he sees her instructor

  • Criss Angel

    Episode 14 - Uh-Oh It's Magic

    Russell takes his date Jessica to a magic show, only to see the magician make her disappear and not return. Illusionist Criss Angel guest stars.

  • rules_of_engagement_ep3

    Episode 15 - Singing and Dancing

    Timmy joins an a cappella group but tries to keep his new hobby a secret from Russell. Jeff and Audrey discover that they have an annoying new neighbour.

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 16 - Jeff Day

    When Jeff proclaims that it's 'Jeff Day', everything goes swimmingly until the cleaning lady arrives. Meanwhile, Adam has to figure out why his eye keeps twitching.

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 17 - Zygote

    Jeff and Audrey go to a surrogacy seminar with their surrogate, Brenda, but Jeff is sceptical about the new age advice given to help the implantation process

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 18 - Anniversary Chicken

    Jeff is convinced that he has remembered his wedding anniversary and that Audrey has forgotten. Russell pays Timmy to be his translator on a date.

  • Timmy

    Episode 19 - The Set Up

    When Russell discovers that Timmy has a sister, he does everything in his power to impress her and ends up giving an inaccurate impression of himself

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 20 - Beating the System

    When Jeff and Audrey learn that their surrogate is pregnant, Jeff is unprepared for the radical changes that soon begin to affect their lives

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 21 - The Jeff Photo

    While at a gallery, Audrey finds an old photo of Jeff looking very fit, which motivates him to try to get fit again. Russell is having no luck with women.

  • Rules of Engagement cast

    Episode 22 - Double Down

    Jeff and Audrey are thrown into a panic when their surrogate, Brenda, has an ultrasound scan that reveals they might be having twins

  • Rules of Engagement brand

    Episode 23 - The Power Couple

    Jeff feels threatened when Audrey gets a pay rise, and he refuses to accept the new television that she buys for their home with her disposable income

  • Rules of Engagement brand

    Episode 24 - The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

    Russell takes a holiday cruise that he believes will have 'red hot ladies' on board, only to find he has misinterpreted the advertisement