Rules of Engagement

    • Episode 1 - Russell's Secret

      Audrey discovers that Russell is a closet Broadway-musical fan, and uses this knowledge to blackmail him for tickets.

    • Episode 2 - Voluntary Commitment

      Russell discovers that having a male assistant at work can be advantageous. Meanwhile, Audrey makes a bet with Jeff.

    • Episode 3 - Jeff's New Friend

      Jeff is surprised when Audrey tells him that the friend he made at the gym is gay.

    • Episode 4 - Dad's Visit

      Jeff's chauvinist dad extends his visit after spraining his ankle, much to Audrey's dismay.

    • Episode 5 - Lyin' King

      Jeff and Audrey lie to Jennifer and Adam to get out of a dinner they are hosting so that they can go to a much cooler party.

    • Episode 6 - Poaching Timmy

      Timmy and Audrey join forces when Timmy tires of Russell's demands and Audrey wants to dump her incompetent assistant.

    • Episode 7 - Old Timer's Day

      Audrey teases Jeff when he falls asleep during a film, so Jeff tries to prove to her that he's still young and lively by playing a game of softball.

    • Episode 8 - Twice

      Audrey pretends that she's pregnant so that she can receive special treatment at work.

    • Episode 9 - The Challenge

      Russell ropes his new assistant Timmy into helping him win a bet he's made with Jeff and Adam.

    • Episode 10 - Family Style

      Russell dates a psychiatrist and Jeff gets annoyed when his dinner companion helps himself to Jeff's meal.

    • Episode 11 - May Divorce Be With You

      Audrey and Jeff let their friend Steve stay with them after hearing about his marital problems.

    • Episode 12 - House Money

      Audrey convinces Jeff that they should do something fun with the money he made from selling his car.

    • Episode 13 - Russell's Secret

      Audrey discovers that Russell is secretly a closet Broadway musical fan, and uses this knowledge to blackmail him for tickets.