Rules of Engagement

    • Episode 1 - Flirting with Disaster

      When Jeff's snoring becomes unbearable, Audrey decides that they should sleep in separate bedrooms.

    • Episode 2 - Audrey's Sister

      Audrey's sister Barbara (Heather Locklear) is having problems in her marriage and turns to her sister for help. Elsewhere, Russell tries his hardest to woo Barbara.

    • Episode 3 - Mr Fix It

      Jeff finds himself in trouble when he tries to sort out a problem Audrey is having with one of their neighbours.

    • Episode 4 - Guy Code

      Audrey learns about the 'guy code' when Jeff shares a secret about a new friend.

    • Episode 5 - Bag Ladies

      Russell has a new date. The only trouble is that he knows nothing about her. Jennifer buys Adam a present that causes him a lot of embarrassment. And Jeff tries to liven things up in the bedroom.

    • Episode 6 - Old School Jeff

      Audrey and Jen attend the fancy wedding of one of Audrey's colleagues. Jeff takes the opportunity to have a night out in a sports bar with his male friends.

    • Episode 7 - Engagement Party

      Audrey throws Jennifer and Adam an engagement party. Barbara returns.

    • Episode 8 - Fix Ups & Downs

      Audrey and Jennifer do some matchmaking. Russell falls in love with a woman he catches a glimpse of at Jeff and Adam's office.

    • Episode 9 - A Visit from Fay

      Jennifer discovers some alarming things about Adam's mum. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey are forced to entertain themselves when their TV box stops working.

    • Episode 10 - Time Share

      Adam and Jennifer agree to go away with Jeff and Audrey even though they must sit through a timeshare sales pitch in order to get a deal on the trip.

    • Episode 11 - Jen at Work

      Adam and Jennifer realise that living and working together is harder than they anticipated when he hires her to do some freelance work for his company.

    • Episode 12 - Optimal Male

      Jeff struggles to lose enough weight to be eligible for the 'optimal male' category of fitness in his life insurance exam.

    • Episode 13 - Russell's Father's Son

      Adam is worried that Russell will be upset when he discovers that Russell's father asked Adam to pose as his son in a promotional video.

    • Episode 14 - Buyer's Remorse

      Adam and Jennifer consider buying their flat. Jeff and Audrey give them some housing advice which ends up doing more harm than good.

    • Episode 15 - Pimp My Bride

      Jeff finally buys the car that he has always wanted. Russell hopes to get a date with a model by allowing Audrey to use his apartment for a photo shoot.