Royal Marines Commando School

  • Episode 1

    The first episode follows 56 recruits through this so-called 'shock of capture'. The recruits spend these weeks living in a 60-bed dorm where every waking hour is controlled by their drill instructor.

  • Episode 2

    If the raw recruits can make it through the next three weeks of training, their families will get invited to witness their progress and they'll get to go home for the first time since training began

  • Episode 3

    The marine recruits must complete a tough series of physical challenges in the gym, including three staggeringly high rope climbs. If they fail, they'll have to leave their troop

  • Episode 4

    The recruits reach the challenging halfway point in training, which is often when many recruits leave the troop, either through failure or giving up, before training steps up a gear

  • Episode 5

    As training progresses, exercises start to imitate life at war and the nature of the job begins to worry some recruits. And new boss Captain Simon Smith is feeling under pressure.

  • Episode 6

    As the reality of what he may ultimately be required to do as a Marine dawns on Seda from Egypt, he faces a tough decision about whether he should be a Marine after all

  • Episode 7

    The troop face Lympstone's ultimate challenge: the famous Commando Tests. They're all desperate to finish the course together but not all of them will make it through.

  • Episode 8

    The four best recruits compete for the coveted King's Badge award while Corporal 'Froggy' Chauffer returns for the pass-out parade and Troop Commander 'Ginge' Booth contemplates retirement