Rory Peck Awards

    • Episode 1 - Olly Lambert: Syria: Across the Lines

      The Orontes river in Syria is the physical manifestation of a brutal sectarian divide. Filmmaker Olly Lambert tells of the great lengths he took to cover both sides of the valley.

    • Episode 2 - Ben Anderson: Mission Accomplished?

      Filmmaker Ben Anderson tells how he captured candid revelations from the soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan as they face the legacy they've left behind

    • Episode 3 - Ahmed Farah: Somali Justice

      When a man is convicted of murder, the victim's family decide the sentence. This is justice Somalian style, and filmmaker Ahmed Farah tells how he filmed with one prisoner awaiting his fate.

    • Episode 4 - Marcel Mettelsiefen: Agony in Aleppo

      Marcel Mettelsiefen talks about his haunting film, which captured the plight of Aleppo's civilians as their city is battered by government forces