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Rory Peck Awards

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      Episode 1 - Olly Lambert: Syria: Across the Lines

      The Orontes river in Syria is the physical manifestation of a brutal sectarian divide. Filmmaker Olly Lambert tells of the great lengths he took to cover both sides of the valley.

      Distressing scenesThis episode is subtitled3 mins 10
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      Episode 2 - Ben Anderson: Mission Accomplished?

      Filmmaker Ben Anderson tells how he captured candid revelations from the soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan as they face the legacy they've left behind

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 09
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      Episode 3 - Ahmed Farah: Somali Justice

      When a man is convicted of murder, the victim's family decide the sentence. This is justice Somalian style, and filmmaker Ahmed Farah tells how he filmed with one prisoner awaiting his fate.

      2 mins 59
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      Episode 4 - Marcel Mettelsiefen: Agony in Aleppo

      Marcel Mettelsiefen talks about his haunting film, which captured the plight of Aleppo's civilians as their city is battered by government forces

      Distressing scenesThis episode is subtitled3 mins 06