Series 1 Episode 4
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Within days of meeting, two women decide to go into business together. They're risking a quarter of a million pounds to set up an exclusive urban beauty spa in Bath - a business they know nothing about. Colette Mallon is a single mother and ex-high-flying sales executive. She's risking her home for the chance to be her own boss and spend time with her son.

Betsi Hughes is an ex-pop star and full-time mother of three with a rich husband to fall back on if the business fails. Their ambitious plans soon run into problems: the refurbishment of their listed building is delayed and goes well over budget, the opening of their money-spinning treatment rooms is put on hold, sales in the shop are dismal and Betsi isn't pulling her weight. With no income for nearly a year, she gets seriously into debt and, as the business struggles on, Betsi and Colette's beautiful new friendship turns ugly.

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Many people have the fantasy of quitting a job and setting up their own business. But how many would take the risk? This series follows the real-life stories of people who are prepared to do just that