Series 1 Episode 2
First Broadcast: 9PM Wed 27 February 2013

A special follow-up to the programme that broadcast exclusive access to the research into the remains of Richard III found underneath a Leicester car park.

The research confirmed that the remains were his, and helped build a picture of what he looked like.

Using unseen footage of the dig and tests, and fresh interviews with the lead scientists, this programme reveals multiple new dimensions to the hunt for England's long-lost king.

The project involved dozens of specialists, in the fields of archaeology, osteology, history, forensic pathology, genealogy and DNA analysis.

The programme pieces together the critical steps in the archaeological excavation, explaining how the Greyfriars Church was uncovered and detailing the painstaking exhumation of Richard's grave from the first indications of human remains to the exposure of the body's twisted spine.

In the university's labs, the programme follows the scientists as they examine the skeleton to unlock the lost king's story, revealing its clues to his diet and social status, and to the diseases he endured.

The film reveals how the DNA match with Richard III was made.

Perhaps the most harrowing stage of the project was the minute forensic examination of the cause of death. Piecing together CT scans and microscopic analysis, the team identified the major injuries that Richard suffered in the last moments of his life and shortly afterwards.

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Was a skeleton found under a Leicester car park really Richard III? With exclusive access to the investigating team, this documentary reveals the answer.

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