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US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

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US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

Series 2 Summary

Season two of the hit US drama finds Emily Thorne back in the Hamptons after a trip abroad and following up leads that could bring her news about the fate of her lost mother.

  • Revenge: Daniel, Ashley and Emily

    Episode 1 - Destiny

    Emily returns to the Hamptons after a journey to Japan to see her mentor, Satoshi Takeda.

    In search of answers about her mother, Emily takes Nolan to make some enquiries at a hospital psychiatric ward that has long been closed down.

    Emily realises that she must take steps to stay close to Jack and Amanda, while Ashley has become Daniel's new love interest.

    After spending 60 days at an addiction recovery centre, Charlotte is determined to gain outpatient privileges, but those who should have her best interests at heart are plotting to keep her confined.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 2 - Resurrection

    Tipped off by Emily, Daniel does his best to free Charlotte from the addiction recovery centre, but can't prevent Conrad from getting his hands on her inheritance.

    Victoria turns the tables on Conrad and betrays the white-haired man's trust, all in one move.

    Declan unwisely accepts a tempting offer from a dishonest fellow student, Amanda and Jack get the paternity test results, and Nolan appoints a young go-getter to safeguard his company's finances.

    A familiar face steps in to defend Emily when she meets the white-haired man to hear some important information about her mother.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 3 - Confidence

    Emily asks Nolan to hack into the white-haired man's mobile phone. Declan is drawn further into criminal behaviour but soon gives himself away.

    Realising that Daniel still has feelings for Emily, Victoria makes it clear that she must cut all ties with the Graysons immediately.

    While searching for the downed aeroplane's flight recorder and posing as a police officer, Aiden encounters Emily's mother, Kara.

    Victoria makes a bold move at a press conference and welcomes Amanda into the Grayson fold.

  • Revenge: Charlotte and Declan

    Episode 4 - Intuition

    Amanda learns the hard way that to get close to the Graysons is to play with fire when Emily's plan puts her in imminent danger.

    Jack suffers one misfortune after another, Aiden is blindsided by Kara, and Nolan receives some upsetting news.

    As Daniel probes his father's financial double dealings, Conrad realises his son may be plotting against him and appoints Ashley to monitor things.

    Emily learns the shocking truth about Kara's actions during her childhood.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 5 - Forgiveness

    Emily and Victoria must both deal with troublesome events when faces from the past reappear in the Hamptons.

    Padma has been busy investigating David Clarke's connection with NolCorp behind her boss Nolan's back.

    Jack grows more deeply attached to his new family and contemplates selling the Stowaway.

    Meanwhile, Conrad has a devious and unexpected proposal for Victoria.

  • Revenge: Emily and Nolan

    Episode 6 - Illusion

    Emily and Amanda are working hard to throw writer Mason Treadwell off their trail as he digs for information.

    Victoria and Conrad reaffirm their loyalty to each other by taking their wedding vows for a second time, but the reception is interrupted by the arrival of the police.

    Jack and his new business partner, Kenny Ryan, throw a grand reopening for the Stowaway, while Declan and Charlotte rekindle their old romance.

    Daniel makes plans to have his father removed from his position as head of Grayson Global.

  • Revenge: Daniel and Victoria

    Episode 7 - Penance

    Mason Treadwell continues to question Amanda about Emily's past, driving her to consider desperate measures.

    Nolan gives Aiden proof that David Clarke invested in NolCorp during the time he was with Grayson Global.

    Kara begins to unravel and soon has Victoria and Conrad in her line of fire.

    Kenny Ryan's brother Nate has plans for the dockside businesses, including the Stowaway, while Emily convinces Mason to strike a deal with her.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 8 - Lineage

    Emily embarks on her first mission under Takeda's training in an episode that flashes back to the year 2006, when she meets Aiden for the first time, learns about his own quest for revenge, and rescues a vulnerable Ashley.

    Victoria recalls Thanksgiving 2006 and a surprise visit from her estranged mother Marion (guest star Adrienne Barbeau), during which details of her unstable and destructive upbringing are revealed.

    Other significant events from 2006 include NolCorp going public and Jack's father Carl tangling with some dangerous characters on the docks.

  • Revenge: Emily and Aiden

    Episode 9 - Revelations

    Daniel's plans to take control of Grayson Global and NolCorp are challenged, while Emily and Aiden delve deeper into the tangled web surrounding the companies and their connections.

    Nolan encounters a figure from his past who is in possession of damaging information, while some incriminating video footage causes a sudden fall from grace for Ashley.

    When an old friend of Jack and Declan's father turns up for baby Carl's christening, the true nature of the Ryan brothers is brutally revealed.

  • Revenge: Jack and police officer

    Episode 10 - Power

    Emily turns her attention to her next target: Judge Robert Barnes, who presided over David Clarke's trial and dismissed the only juror who believed in his innocence.

    Victoria manages to involve Emily in her scheme to persuade Daniel to give up his interest in Grayson Global.

    Aiden learns that his missing sister may still be alive, and Marco tries to make amends with Nolan. Jack gets into big trouble when Declan discovers a threat to the future of the Stowaway.

  • Revenge: Amanda

    Episode 11 - Sabotage

    A fundraiser and wine auction provides the perfect venue for Emily and Aiden's next plan of attack, while Victoria strategically plans her next move. Will witnessing Emily and Daniel's kiss be too much for Aiden to stomach?

    Meanwhile, Jack, Declan and Amanda struggle with what lies ahead for each of them, and Nolan makes a discovery about Marco that leads him to question his loyalty.

  • Revenge: Amanda and Jack

    Episode 12 - Collusion

    Daniel takes Emily to LA to support his bid to take over Stonehaven United Solutions. Victoria is determined to block the deal, and Daniel faces tough competition from his fiercest business rival, Jason Prosser.

    Events for Aiden take a very dark turn involving blackmail and murder, and Jack and Amanda's future is in the unlikely hands of Conrad Grayson.

  • Revenge: Jack

    Episode 13 - Union

    Emotions run high in the Hamptons when Jack and Amanda's wedding day reminds Emily of what could have been.

    Aiden makes a heartbreaking discovery, Conrad finds out who has been making his life so difficult, and Nolan lets Padma know that he is on to her.

    Meanwhile, realising that he is in danger, Daniel decides not to rekindle his relationship with Emily.

  • Revenge: Victoria and Conrad

    Episode 14 - Sacrifice

    The Graysons put on a lavish show at their annual Labor Day celebration, despite mounting threats against the family.

    As Jack and Amanda sail off on their honeymoon, a stowaway is determined to make their journey a deadly one; despite her best efforts, Emily can't control the outcome.

    The Graysons find a useful scapegoat for the murder of Helen Crowley, just as an inquisitive newcomer arrives in the Hamptons to investigate her death. Meanwhile, Conrad announces that he is running for governor.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 15 - Retribution

    Emily's commitment to justice and revenge is stronger than ever following the destruction on board Jack's boat and she vows that the Graysons will pay for everything they have done.

    Charlotte seeks out a figure from Amanda's past as the Hamptons mourn the loss of one of their own.

    A distraught Jack searches for the missing laptop, Padma finds herself under intense pressure and Daniel has a crisis of confidence.

  • Revenge: Emily and Nolan

    Episode 16 - Illumination

    Conrad and Victoria start a charitable foundation in the late Amanda Clarke's name, but their motives are much less altruistic than they appear.

    When Eli James realises Emily's true identity, she makes him a tempting offer to leave town.

    Meanwhile, Conrad has important plans for Aiden, Jack begins to distrust Nolan, and Daniel opens up to Emily about his difficult situation.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 17 - Victory

    When Victoria recruits Eli James to assist with her charitable foundation, he takes the opportunity to help Emily regain some of her missing past and settle a score with a cruel and abusive figure from her childhood.

    Mason Treadwell provides Emily with a shocking piece of news about Victoria's history. Declan tries to help his brother track down Kenny Ryan, while Conrad has an interesting proposition for Jack.

    Meanwhile, Padma is in severe danger from the Initiative, despite Aiden and Nolan's best efforts to protect her.

  • Revenge: Emily and Daniel

    Episode 18 - Masquerade

    When the Graysons host a glamorous masquerade ball for the residents of the Hamptons to celebrate Halloween, Emily takes the opportunity to expose Victoria's hidden agenda and some secrets from her past.

    While acting as a consultant for Conrad's campaign, Jack steps up his revenge plan and recruits an unexpected ally.

    Aiden makes a bold move during his search for Padma, with lethal consequences. Charlotte gets into an altercation at the ball, but Declan is there to support her.

  • Revenge: Nolan

    Episode 19 - Identity

    Emily and Nolan are hot on the heels of elusive computer hacker The Falcon. Jack follows Conrad to a secret rendezvous with a mysterious woman.

    Daniel begins to take matters into his own hands, while Aiden is blindsided by the reappearance of Takeda.

    A shocked Victoria is subjected to a revealing interview on a TV news programme. Charlotte starts to fall back into bad behaviour when she makes a new friend.

  • Revenge: Jack

    Episode 20 - Engagement

    Secure in her status as Daniel's fiancée, Emily plots her next move by planning their future together, but Aiden struggles to come to terms with the news of her engagement.

    Jack shows an incriminating photo to Victoria, who pays a visit to the governor's wife looking for answers.

    Meanwhile, a troubled Charlotte shocks Daniel with a revelation, and Aiden and Takeda have a deadly confrontation.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 21 - Truth, Part One

    New York City is plunged into darkness, and Emily wants Aiden to flee before he is forced to take the blame for everything.

    Jack tells Victoria what he knows about the laptop and seeks her help to find it, but will he rue the day he trusted her?

    Declan is shocked to realise the intensity of Regina's determination to turn Charlotte against him.

    A dangerous plan is set in motion that comes to a head in one moment of catastrophe, changing everyone's lives for ever.

  • Revenge: Daniel and Ashley

    Episode 22 - Truth, Part Two

    Amid scenes of chaos and devastation, Emily searches frantically for Jack, Daniel tries to put the blame on Aiden, and Conrad plays the man of action.

    Aiden pleads with Emily one last time to abandon her plans for revenge and run away with him.

    A heartbreaking death shocks everyone and forces Emily to take a long, hard look at the truth about the vengeful path she is travelling.

Revenge synopsis

US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

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