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US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

About the Show

US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

Series 1 Summary

US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who has arrived in the Hamptons under an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood by framing her father for a terrible crime.

  • Episode 1 - Pilot

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    In the first episode of the US drama, Emily Thorne arrives in the Hamptons with a carefully organised plan to get revenge on those who wrecked her childhood

  • Episode 2 - Trust

    Episode 2 - Trust

    Emily sets her sights on her next target, Bill Harmon, a hedge fund manager and trusted family friend who testified in the trial that wrongly convicted her father

  • Episode 3 - Betrayal

    Episode 3 - Betrayal

    Emily makes it her mission to destroy the life of Senator Tom Kingsly, the ambitious district attorney who convicted her father despite knowing he was innocent.

  • Episode 4 - Duplicity

    Episode 4 - Duplicity

    Emily uses a charity fundraiser to get revenge on Dr Michelle Banks, the psychiatrist who was responsible for separating her from her father after his arrest

  • Episode 5 - Guilt

    Episode 5 - Guilt

    Lydia returns to the Hamptons to carry out her vendetta against Emily and the Graysons. Victoria suffers lingering guilt over her involvement in David's death.

  • Episode 6 - Intrigue

    Episode 6 - Intrigue

    Emily goes on the offensive against Frank, the Graysons' head of security, but he won't be defeated easily. The Graysons throw a lavish Independence Day party.

  • Episode 7 - Charade

    Episode 7 - Charade

    The Graysons' plans for a quiet wedding anniversary are shattered, and Frank delves into Emily's past in the hope of proving his loyalty to Victoria

  • Episode 8 - Treachery

    Episode 8 - Treachery

    An unwelcome visitor with questionable intentions arrives in the Hamptons. The potential return of Lydia's memory as she recovers provides the Graysons with some cause for concern.

  • Episode 9 - Suspicion

    Episode 9 - Suspicion

    When she finds out that Amanda has turned against her and refuses to leave, a desperate Emily reaches out to her mentor for advice

  • Episode 10 - Loyalty

    Episode 10 - Loyalty

    Emily questions Nolan's loyalty when she discovers the video of him with Tyler, but eventually she decides to use the information to her advantage

  • Episode 11 - Duress

    Episode 11 - Duress

    Emily plans an intimate celebration with family and friends for Daniel's birthday, but an unstable Tyler makes a nightmare of the event

  • Episode 12 - Infamy

    Episode 12 - Infamy

    Emily sets her sights on famous author Mason Treadwell, who has old connections with the Grayson family and made millions from a book about David Clarke that was based on lies

  • Episode 13 - Commitment

    Episode 13 - Commitment

    Daniel makes a romantic proposal to Emily that his mother isn't happy about. Conrad distances himself from Charlotte as a result of the revelations about her.

  • Episode 14 - Perception

    Episode 14 - Perception

    Conrad's father Edward (guest star William Devane) arrives in the Hamptons determined to minimise the damage to the family from Conrad and Victoria's divorce

  • Episode 15 - Chaos

    Episode 15 - Chaos

    Emily and Daniel's Fire and Ice-themed engagement party turns ugly when events take a violent and unexpected course, putting both friends and enemies in mortal danger

  • Episode 16 - Scandal

    Episode 16 - Scandal

    Daniel is under suspicion for the murder at the Fire and Ice party. Even the appointment of no-nonsense attorney Benjamin Brooks to represent him doesn't guarantee that things go smoothly.

  • Episode 17 - Doubt

    Episode 17 - Doubt

    Victoria stoops to a new low as she tries to get Daniel out of jail, while the unexpected return of her old flame Dominik provides an alluring but dangerous distraction from her turmoil

  • Episode 18 - Justice

    Episode 18 - Justice

    Daniel turns to the bottle for solace when he starts to distrust Emily and suspects that she and Jack are getting too close

  • Episode 19 - Absolution

    Episode 19 - Absolution

    Conrad's former secretary gives Emily some information about a sinister figure from the past, while the federal investigation into Grayson Global begins

  • Episode 20 - Legacy

    Episode 20 - Legacy

    In a flashback to 2002, Emily - still known as Amanda Clarke - stakes out the Graysons' home by working as a waitress at their New Year's Eve party

  • Episode 21 - Grief

    Episode 21 - Grief

    Tragedy strikes, and a shared grief brings Jack and Emily closer together. Victoria forms a new alliance that could have serious consequences for Conrad.

  • Episode 22 - Reckoning

    Episode 22 - Reckoning

    Emily is determined to complete her revenge, but she must deliberately put herself in the white-haired man's power to do so