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US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

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US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

Series 1 Summary

US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who has arrived in the Hamptons under an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood by framing her father for a terrible crime.

  • Revenge: Episode 1

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    In the first instalment of the hit US drama, Emily Thorne is the newest arrival in the affluent society of the Hamptons. She appears to be a friendly and sophisticated 'girl next door', but has a dark family history and is not what she seems.

    Seventeen years ago, her father was framed for a crime he didn't commit by neighbours he trusted, and sentenced to life in prison. Emily never saw him again and spent her childhood consumed by rage, loss and betrayal.

    Now she's returning under an assumed identity with just one goal - revenge - and every social overture she makes is a carefully planned chip at the foundation of her sworn enemies.

    Emily rents the seaside home she once shared with her father and, with the help of her only friend, events planner Ashley, sets her sites on her first target and puts her carefully organised plan in motion.

    Her focus wavers when she meets Jack, a friendly face from the past, makes a new romantic connection with the son of her sworn enemy, and is pushed into an uneasy alliance with the only person who knows her secret.

  • Revenge: Daniel

    Episode 2 - Trust

    Emily sets her sights on her next target, Bill Harmon, a wealthy hedge fund manager and trusted family friend who testified in the trial that wrongfully convicted her father.

    She uses her connection with Nolan to her benefit, although Nolan is unaware of it, and manages to go on her first date with Daniel.

    Victoria's suspicions about Emily are growing by the day and she starts digging to find out a little more about this new arrival in the Hamptons.

    Meanwhile, the situation over at the Stowaway Tavern is becoming more serious for the Porters.

  • Revenge: Charlotte

    Episode 3 - Betrayal

    Getting some unexpected assistance from her new ally Nolan, Emily makes it her mission to destroy the political and professional life of Tom Kingsly.

    He was the ambitious district attorney who convicted her father despite knowing there was evidence proving his innocence.

    Victoria privately grieves the loss of her one true love while plotting to confirm her suspicions about Emily's past.

    Meanwhile, Daniel exposes an honest side to his personality that Emily finds impossible to resist.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 4 - Duplicity

    When Victoria takes part in a charity fundraiser, the event provides the perfect opportunity for Emily to get revenge on Dr Michelle Banks.

    Banks was the psychiatrist responsible for keeping Emily permanently separated from her father after his arrest. However, Emily's plan adversely affects Victoria's relationship with Charlotte.

    Meanwhile, Conrad pays a secret visit to Lydia, Jack and Declan must make a tough decision about the future of the bar, and Daniel's old college buddy Tyler proves to be a bad influence over him.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 5 - Guilt

    Lydia returns to the Hamptons determined to carry out her vendetta against Emily and the Graysons.

    Victoria suffers lingering guilt over her part in David Clarke's imprisonment and death, and also feels vulnerable about the rift with her daughter.

    Having become aware of his father's affair with Lydia and his old friend Tyler's duplicity, Daniel decides to take control of his life and make some important changes.

    Charlotte and Declan's rebellious behaviour gets them into a predicament.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 6 - Intrigue

    Emily goes on the offensive against Frank, the Graysons' head of security, but he won't be defeated easily.

    When the emergence of some incriminating video footage leads to the termination of Frank's employment with the Graysons, he doesn't go quietly, which spells trouble for Nolan and Emily.

    Tyler's plotting to break up Emily and Daniel grows ever more devious, and Declan tries to get some money together so that he can romance Charlotte in style, but his plan backfires.

    Meanwhile, at the Graysons' lavish Independence Day party, Jack declares his true feelings for Emily.

  • revenge_wk28_ep07_625x352

    Episode 7 - Charade

    The Graysons' plans for a low-key 25th wedding anniversary are scuppered when a high-profile news story breaks and there are unexpected guests at an eventful family dinner.

    Lydia's fate hangs heavy over everyone, and Frank - desperate to prove his loyalty to Victoria - digs deep into Emily's past and uncovers too much...

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 8 - Treachery

    An unwelcome visitor with questionable intentions arrives in the Hamptons, leaving Emily struggling to keep her plans on track.

    As Victoria's already tense relationship with her family deteriorates, Emily's plot unravels further.

    The potential return of Lydia's memory as she recovers provides the Graysons with cause for concern.

    When Daniel leaves his job at the Stowaway to take up a position in the family business, Tyler is resentful and steps up his efforts to become indispensable to Conrad.

  • Revenge: Amanda

    Episode 9 - Suspicion

    When she finds out that Amanda has turned against her and refuses to leave, a desperate Emily reaches out to her mentor for advice.

    Now that Conrad has left Grayson Manor and Daniel is staying with Emily, Victoria finds herself almost alone in life. Will her devious plans to derail Charlotte and Declan's relationship drive her daughter away from her too?

    Meanwhile, a scheming Tyler's negative influence continues to grow, and Lydia begs Conrad to help her.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 10 - Loyalty

    Emily questions Nolan's loyalty when she discovers the video of him with Tyler, but eventually she decides to use the information to her advantage.

    However, Tyler's hold over the Graysons is growing stronger by the day and he proves impossible to intimidate.

    As Amanda settles down in the Hamptons, Emily gives her more information about her childhood and history with the Graysons.

    Things turn ugly between Victoria and Conrad as Victoria hires ruthless, high-powered lawyer Ryan Huntley to handle her divorce.

  • Revenge: Victoria

    Episode 11 - Duress

    Emily plans an intimate celebration with family and friends for Daniel's birthday, but an unstable Tyler makes a nightmare of the event.

    Victoria's divorce lawyer finds a devious way to invalidate her prenuptial agreement and strengthen her claim to half of Conrad's fortune.

    Charlotte is in danger of becoming a pawn in her parents' bitter battle.

  • Revenge: Jack and Amanda

    Episode 12 - Infamy

    Emily sets her sights on famous author Mason Treadwell, who has old connections with the Grayson family and made millions from a book about David Clarke that was based on lies.

    When Victoria encourages Daniel to ask for control of his trust fund, Conrad proves how devious and manipulative he can be.

    Jack invites Amanda on a trip to Atlantic City, in spite of her wild behaviour when she was working at the Stowaway.

    And a shocking revelation about the Graysons changes everything for Emily.

  • Revenge: Emily and Daniel

    Episode 13 - Commitment

    Daniel makes a romantic proposal to Emily that his mother is not happy about. Conrad distances himself from Charlotte as a result of the revelations about her, forcing her to move back in with Victoria.

    Emily's devious use of the interview tapes stolen from Mason Treadwell backfires when Jack is left badly beaten by a thug who is looking for them.

    Fretting about innocent people getting hurt, Emily considers a break from her campaign of revenge, but changes her mind when more of Victoria's lies about her father are revealed.

  • Revenge: Amanda and Jack

    Episode 14 - Perception

    Invitations are sent out for a lavish engagement party for Emily and Daniel.

    Conrad's father Edward Grayson (guest star William Devane) arrives in the Hamptons determined to minimise the damage to the family from Conrad and Victoria's divorce.

    Jack is upset that he can't contact Amanda, and is drawn deeper into Emily's power struggle with the Graysons when he finds the missing video tape under his bed.

    Charlotte hears some news at a family dinner that leaves her devastated.

  • Revenge

    Episode 15 - Chaos

    Emily and Daniel's Fire and Ice-themed engagement party turns ugly when events take a violent and unexpected course, putting both friends and enemies in mortal danger.

    Charlotte attempts to numb the pain of her family's betrayal, but when she considers seeing a therapist, her grandfather (guest star William Devane) talks her out of it, worried that she will reveal the Graysons' secrets.

    Jack ponders leaving the Hamptons, but resolves to find Amanda first.

  • Revenge: Conrad and Victoria

    Episode 16 - Scandal

    Daniel is under suspicion for the murder at the Fire and Ice party. Even the appointment of no-nonsense attorney Benjamin Brooks (guest star Courtney B Vance) to represent him doesn't guarantee that things go smoothly.

    The devastated Grayson family adopt desperate measures and manage to put on a united front.

    An anxious Emily starts to lose control, and Ashley excels herself in representing the Graysons to the media, but are her intentions as benign as they seem?

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 17 - Doubt

    Victoria stoops to a new low as she tries to get Daniel's out of jail, while the unexpected return of her old flame Dominik (guest star James Purefoy) provides an alluring but dangerous distraction from her turmoil.

    Charlotte is furious when her credibility as a witness is called into question, while her reliance on drugs continues to increase. Jack's search for Amanda grows more desperate as he comes under suspicion of murder.

  • Revenge: Emily

    Episode 18 - Justice

    Daniel turns to the bottle for solace when he starts to distrust Emily and suspects that she and Jack are getting too close.

    Declan's testimony in court marks the beginning of the end of his relationship with Charlotte, who is becoming even more self-destructive.

    Conrad threatens to expose the criminal past of Victoria's lover Dominik (guest star James Purefoy), who decides to leave town.

    One of the pawns in Victoria's game pays the ultimate price and Emily finds out more about the circumstances of her father's death.

  • Revenge: Charlotte and Victoria

    Episode 19 - Absolution

    Emily finds a photo of her father that was taken on the day of his death.

    It contains more clues about his fate and leads her to Conrad's former secretary Carole Miller (guest star Tess Harper), who gives her some information about a sinister figure from the past.

    The press grow more hostile as Daniel is released from prison, and the federal investigation into Grayson Global begins, prompting Conrad to tell his son everything.

  • Revenge: Conrad and Victoria

    Episode 20 - Legacy

    In a flashback to the year 2002, Emily - when she was still known as Amanda Clarke - is acting in a wayward fashion, partying recklessly and getting into trouble. However, after Nolan convinces her that she should read her father's journals, everything falls into place.

    Amanda stakes out the Graysons' home by working as a waitress at their lavish New Year's Eve party. She identifies all of the major players described by David Clarke and pieces together the truth, sparking her determination to seek justice for her father.

    Back in the present day, Emily is about to attend the Graysons' latest New Year's Eve celebration, this time as a guest of the family but armed with the ultimate plan for revenge...

  • Revenge: Nolan

    Episode 21 - Grief

    Emily resolves to track down the white-haired man.

    Victoria forms a new alliance that could have serious consequences for Conrad, and Charlotte has Declan in her sights.

    Tragedy strikes, and a shared grief brings Jack and Emily closer together.

  • Revenge: Nolan and Emily

    Episode 22 - Reckoning

    Emily is determined to complete her revenge, but this means she must deliberately put herself in the white-haired man's power.

    She also has to choose between Daniel and Jack, but this situation is complicated by the appearance of a pregnant Amanda.

    Declan is furious with Charlotte, Victoria convinces Lydia to stick to their plan, and there's an explosive event followed by a shocking revelation.

Revenge synopsis

US drama starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who continues to pursue her affluent enemies in the Hamptons using an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood

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