• How to Find God

    Author and filmmaker Jon Ronson attends an Alpha course, a powerful group that converts many agnostics to embrace Christianity

  • Muslim School

    A rare insight into the lives of two girls - seven year-old Zara and Aysha,who's 12 - in their first year at The Nottingham Islamia, a Muslim faith school

  • Commando Chaplains

    This film follows two Royal Marine chaplains, Nigel Beardsley and William Gates, as they travel around their 'parish' in Afghanistan, bringing faith to the frontline

  • The Exhumer

    An observational documentary following exhumation specialist Peter Mitchell as he supervises the controversial exhumation of a Christian cemetery in Egypt and an old churchyard in Scotland

  • Muslim and Looking for Love

    A glimpse into the private world of young Muslims looking for love through Birmingham Central Mosque's Muslim Marriage Bureau, run by two voluntary matchmakers

  • Divorce: Jewish Style

    This film explores the controversial world of Jewish divorce to find out why the apparently outmoded laws of the husband holding the rights to decide on divorcing his wife still hold sway

  • Talking to the Dead

    Revelations gains unprecedented access to a spiritualist church in London to provide an intimate portrait of people whose worlds have been transformed by a belief in life beyond the grave

  • How Do You Know God Exists?

    Leading figures in the five principal faiths in this county discuss their beliefs, and answer questions about their basic faith and their own spiritual journeys