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Professional property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer scour the country on behalf of house-hunters seeking the ideal balance between urban energy and rural relaxation

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Professional property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer scour the country on behalf of house-hunters seeking the ideal balance between urban energy and rural relaxation

Series 7 Summary

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are back to champion a wide range of house hunting heroes in the seventh series of the property programme. The dynamic duo help people start their new lives by buying not one, but two properties.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 1

    Margot and Henry have been married for almost 50 years. Can Kirstie and Phil find them homes in Berkshire and Dorset that the couple can agree upon? And, does Henry really want to move?

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 2

    Kirstie and Phil scour the Scottish countryside searching for two rural dream homes for Derek and Fiona in picturesque Perthshire and Scotland's pristine west coast.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 3

    Kirstie and Phil are in Norfolk looking for the dream country home for Becky and Keith. But with the couple's London home already sold, the clock is ticking.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 4

    Kirstie and Phil are in Devon taking on a triple search for the Langman family and their dog training business.

    Carole and Alan Langman are keen to pursue a dog training business with their daughter Lauren. To also bag themselves a bolt hole. And also give their son Lloyd a helping hand onto the property ladder. Can Phil and Kirstie pick a pooch-pleasing perfect pad and a first time buyer's heaven? Can they in fact net a hat trick of homes to please a whole clan?

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 5

    Kirstie and Phil are in Manchester struggling to satisfy a perfectionist and his partner in their hunt for their first and second property purchases.

    Civil Servant Pav Akhtar has a new job that requires a move north with partner Mikael Denis. They want to buy two properties in Manchester - the perfect home in the south of the city and a solid investment flat in the centre. But the search is hampered by Pav's fussy nature, and, as first-time buyers, the couple are jumpy.

    Can Phil and Kirstie turn their dream into a reality, despite their fears, or will leaving their whole life behind in London prove too much?

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 6

    Phil and Kirstie tackle their largest ever search area when they scour the whole of Scotland looking for a hotel for would-be hoteliers Christine and Keith Bettis.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 7

    Phil and Kirstie meet Sunee and Will Goring, who want to bring their young family back to London from Bristol.

    Sunee and Will own a massive period property in Bristol, but are looking to find a smaller, London property to get the lifestyle they need, and also bag an investment flat to secure their kids' futures.

    They've already sold up in Bristol and crammed themselves, their two kids, and all their stuff into a property half the size of their former home. Can Phil and Kirstie help Sunee and Will reach the right decision on a new house that puts family life first, and still find them the perfect investment opportunity for the long term?

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 8

    Kirstie and Phil take on Phil's dream search - hunting for a home with a pub attached.

    David and Alison Allen are ready to take control of their own destinies and carve out a new life for themselves following David's recent redundancy - and they've decided that running a country pub with rooms to let is the way to do it.

    Their daughter Jess has agreed to get involved too, bringing invaluable experience and a degree in hospitality with her. She'll be living there too, so the pub needs to have separate owner's accommodation, as well as rooms to let.

    On top of all that, David and Alison want an escape route to get away from the business, so they need a separate bolt hole nearby.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 9

    Kirstie and Phil take on love-struck Englishman Laurie and his Australian sweetheart Celeste. Having moved from Australia to London together, they are desperate to swap their rented flat in the capital for a life of rural bliss in West Sussex, and top their relocation off with an investment property in London.

    As co-workers who also live together, they need to redress their work/ life balance and find a home that allows them both the space to pursue their own interests. Celeste is bowled over by the charm and period features of England's ancient houses, so she's keen to live in a chocolate box period property dripping in dado rails, original fireplaces and stained glass. While it's a leap of faith into the unknown for Celeste, for Laurie the move back to West Sussex is a return to his childhood stomping ground.

    But there also needs to be a realistic discussion about what Laurie and Celeste need and can afford, as it's a huge move and a total change of lifestyle. Can Phil and Kirstie find them the perfect rural idyll as well as a London investment property that is bang on the money? As always it will be a tough challenge for the property duo to find this passionate pair their dream homes.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 10

    The show catches up with Grant, and Grant's parents Ray and Connie, who were keen to relocate from South Africa to the UK.

    Phil meets up again with a family who were desperate to be reunited after ten years of living thousands of miles apart. This double dream meant a city pad in London for Grant and his girlfriend Helen, and a coastal property in Kent for his parents Ray and Connie, who were keen to relocate from South Africa to be nearer their sons.

    He took on the search worried that the reality of what they could get in this costly county would have them running back to their spacious South African home. But a terraced house on the coast in Deal tugged at the heartstrings of the whole family.

    Two years on, Phil is desperate to find out if Ray and Connie have managed to actually make the move back to Britain.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 11

    Kirstie and Phil visit the first couple they ever relocated together, Fiona and Tom Butcher, who moved from London to the Highlands just as the credit crunch began to bite.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 12

    Carol and Tom Crosner were one of the first couples Kirstie and Phil ever helped with a two-property search, seven years ago. The couple wanted a small flat in Bath and a family-ready home in Dorset. Now Phil is back to see how much their life has changed.

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 13

    Phil heads back to Wales to catch up with Emma and Steve six years after they found the perfect rural smallholding.

    Emma and Steve originally asked Phil and Kirstie to find them a new home in rural Wales and a city pad in Bristol so they could leave Milton Keynes behind and embrace a new life in the country. It quickly became clear that getting land and stabling for their horse was really the main focus for the Welsh property. If the land was right for Phoenix, Emma and Steve would make the house work for them. Did Phil and Kirstie find them the dream life in the country?

  • Phil and Kirstie

    Episode 14

    Phil catches up with Peter and Louise to see if they've managed to achieve their dream of splitting their lives between London and Wiltshire.

    Based in Bristol at the time, these two successful executive coaches were finding themselves in increasing demand in London and the stress of travelling was wearing them out. They were desperate to make a new start in the capital and embrace its energy and vibrancy. But they also wanted to keep one welly in the West Country by buying a second home in Wiltshire.

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Professional property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer scour the country on behalf of house-hunters seeking the ideal balance between urban energy and rural relaxation

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