Regency House Party

  • Episode 1

    The young gentlemen arrive first for the summer-long party at Kentchurch Court, and are soon behaving like true Regency bucks. They're followed the next day by the young ladies and their chaperones.

  • Episode 2

    The chaperones are struggling to get their girls romantically entwined when the hostess announces that a wealthy beauty from the West Indies will be joining the party

  • Episode 3

    The men compete in a Regency athletics competition at which Captain Glover looks set to steal all hearts. For one man though, living the life of a Regency gentlemen proves too much...

  • Episode 4

    In the highly competitive and highly charged atmosphere within the House Party, marriage, money and morals are all up for grabs. Will our Mr Darcy fall for the Countess?

  • Episode 5

    The Regency Party guests are looking forward to the event of the season, the summer ball. However, this one is tainted with scandal.

  • Episode 6

    New eight-part series that gives five aspiring Mr Darcys and five Miss Bennetts the chance to live and find love when they spend two months in a country house circa 1805 style.

  • Episode 7

    Ever since Mr Carrington arrived, Mr Everett and Miss Hopkins have avoided each other. Miss Hopkins breaks with protocol and speaks to Mr Everett alone and each lays bare their heart.

  • Episode 8

    As the house party comes to an end and each guest prepares to leave, a final un-chaperoned ball held in 'Masque' throws the rule book out of the window