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Red State

When three teenage lads (Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun and Kyle Gallner) respond to a website that seems to offer young men the opportunity to sleep with older women, they unwittingly walk into a disturbing trap.

For, rather than the horny cougar the men are expecting, Sara Cooper (Leo) is in fact the daughter of Christian fundamentalist preacher Abin (Parks), whose fire-and-brimstone ire is directed at sexual transgressors in general, and gay men in particular. And while they may not be gay, that doesn't stop Abin from planning to burn them for their sins anyway.

You'd hope the local police department, led by Sherriff Wynan (Stephen Root), would save the boys, but as soon as Abin Cooper and his cult's agenda is known, they're reclassified as terrorists by the feds - and a Waco-style heavily armed confrontation seems inevitable.

Only special agent Joseph Keenan (Goodman) calls for a measured response to the crisis, but his is a lone voice in the growing maelstrom - and thus the future looks distinctly bleak for the teenage trio...

(2011) Cert: 18