Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 7.40PM Sun 1 September 2013

Marcus Robinson has been filming, photographing and painting at the World Trade Center site since 2006. One of his specialties is time-lapse photography; with 13 35mm cameras permanently running, his material shows vast buildings grow to tower over the city in a single shot.

This is a story of epic architecture and engineering, but it is also a film that gives a voice to the construction workers, from the site managers to those who dug the foundations and the legendary iron workers who assemble the steel frame of the buildings, walking across open girders hundreds of feet in the air.

In Marcus' own words, 'They are healing a scar in the bedrock of the city, in its skyline, and in many ways what they are doing is part of a much greater act of rebuilding and healing.'

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Marcus Robinson has been at the World Trade Center site since 2006, filming, photographing and painting as part of an artistic project about reconstruction, ambition and humanity