Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10PM Tue 23 August 2011

The screen debut from Debbie Tucker Green, adapted from her critically acclaimed play at London's Royal Court Theatre, is a gripping drama starring Nadine Marshall.

It's a chilly spring morning and there's family banter in the household as Sister hustles to work, not looking forward to the daily grind of her office job. Brother (Daniel Kaluuya) has overslept and is late for school, Mum (Jay Byrd) has burnt the breakfast and an exhausted Dad (Louis Mahoney) sleeps off his nightshift.

The business of the morning races into the afternoon, when the routines of the family members are abruptly, devastatingly disrupted by a single random event.

Then time stands still, as everyone struggles to come to terms with what has happened...

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A touching and profound story that follows, over the course of a single day, an ordinary family's routine shattered by a random act