Rajan and His Evil Hypnotists

  • Episode 1

    Rajan (Dirty Tricks) and his evil sidekicks use their hypnotic powers to control the lives of members of the public for their own entertainment.

  • Episode 2

    One of Rajan's trance subjects attempts to have sex with a car and a post box, while another hypnotee turns into a possessed sea monster at a local pub

  • Episode 3

    A strip club addict is hypnotised to believe one of the dancers is his mother

  • Episode 4

    Big Brother's Kemal is deeply perturbed when he finds out his chatshow host is just an ordinary member of the public in a hypnotic trance

  • Episode 5

    Rajan hypnotises a man so he can only communicate through song... then sends him into a sexual health clinic.

  • Episode 6

    Rajan and his evil team make a grown man petrified of Santa Claus, while 80s pop star Toyah has an unusual chatshow experience.