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Takafumi Katayama (Nao Omori) is an outwardly meek department store employee whose wife is in a coma, thus leaving him to look after his young son (with a little help his father).

But Katayama secretly harbours a masochistic side to his personality and he's discovered that the pain inflicted upon him by women with an expertise in this area gives him a physical high, and at the same time masks the worry and sadness about his wife's condition.

At a club called Bondage, he's told about a special year-long contract which would guarantee that he'd essentially be attacked by the club's startlingly clad female S&M specialists anywhere and without notice. There's only one caveat: once signed, the contract cannot be broken.

He signs. And, at first, things go well...

Matsumoto's surreal movie also simultaneously casts a satirical eye at Japan's film ratings system via the supposed latest work of a centenarian film director and the total befuddlement to it of a film classification panel.

In Japanese with English subtitles.

(2013) Cert: 18

R100 synopsis

Hitoshi Matsumoto's surreal comedy-drama explores a man's escape from emotional hurt via the services of a series of dominatrices

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