Series 1 Episode 3
First Broadcast: 1AM Mon 5 October 1998

Graham Hancock is on Easter Island, where the mysterious statues of carved heads have perplexed scientists for hundreds of years. Why did the inhabitants of a remote, tiny, Pacific island carve and place such elaborate statues?

Last year, Graham received reports of a mysterious structure off the tiny Japanese island of Yonaguni that had been submerged since the sea-levels rose over 10,000 years ago. The programme follows his expedition, staffed by respected authorities in the fields of geology and Egyptology who explore the structure, the height of a six story building, the size of the Great Pyramid and in astonishing footage, follow trenches, angles and planes that form a pattern that logic states cannot be an accident of nature.

There may be many explanations for the similarities and connections Hancock has found in his decade of exploration but he believes that the best explanation is, "A lost civilisation, lost in the night of time, that once touched them all [the sites]. I think it's possible that that civilisation knew something we do not and its survivors after the last great cataclysm that brought the last Ice Age to an end went to extraordinary lengths to keep that knowledge alive".

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Beneath the Pacific Ocean off a small Japanese island, is an underwater mystery that could rewrite our human history. Graham Hancock goes on a quest to trace the remains of a lost civilisation