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Property expert Sarah Beeny offers professional experience and practical suggestions to budding property developers. But will they listen to her sound advice?

About the Show

Property expert Sarah Beeny offers professional experience and practical suggestions to budding property developers. But will they listen to her sound advice?

Series 4 Summary

Back in 2004, interest rates were rising and house prices falling, so could amateur property developers cash in on the property game? And would they listen to Sarah's advice?

  • Episode 1

    Sarah Beeny gives advice to two sisters who've bought an art deco house in Poole, Dorset. But should they really be spending £30,000 on a pink and purple kitchen?

  • Episode 2

    Sarah Beeny visits Martine Follett and Teresa Edwards who are renovating a two-up-two-down terrace in Lincolnshire with full intentions of doing all the work themselves

  • Episode 3

    Sarah Beeny meets Amiya Kagalwala and Tracey Hamilton who have risked everything on their first property development in Stanmore

  • Episode 4

    Sarah Beeny meets developers who want to turn an old TV shop into a family home for just £15,000 but half way through the renovation the cash runs out and they try to sell up

  • Episode 5

    Sarah Beeny meets Chris Cieslak who is designing his Brighton development to suit a family with two children under the age of seven

  • Episode 6

    Sarah Beeny meets a first-time developer who starts project-managing her £135,000 development in Hastings when she is six months pregnant. Needless to say tempers fray.

  • Episode 7

    Sarah Beeny helps a young couple in Suffolk who plan to renovate a five bedroom Victorian house with just £12,000. Can she stop them cutting too many corners?

  • Episode 8

    Sarah Beeny meets Sue Silver, an Essex mother who's determined to do up a semi-derelict two-up-two-down terrace in Chingford that she thinks could be a profitable venture

  • Episode 10

    Sarah Beeny catches up with Martin Sutherland, who has now taken on an apartment in trendy Fulham. But will he make the same mistakes as he did in West Kensington?

  • Episode 11

    Sarah Beeny meets the Slater family from Treorchy in the Welsh Valleys who plan to turn three properties into a gold mine

  • Episode 12

    Sarah Beeny is in Wellingborough in the Northamptonshire commuter belt, where the developers are taking a big gamble where they could make a huge loss

  • Episode 13

    Sarah Beeny goes back to check on Kim Maoate's progress who gave up a high paid job and decided to start a career in property developing

  • Episode 14

    Sarah Beeny returns to Maidstone to visit Liz Rivers and Laura Sexton, window dressers who dreamt of making their fortune developing property

  • Episode 15

    Sarah Beeny is in Lincolnshire revisiting Phillip and Steven, who left their successful London careers to take on a run-down barn in the middle of the Lincolnshire countryside

  • Episode 16

    Sarah Beeny catches up with Jonathon Moon who almost lost everything when his debut development went from bad to worse. Since then he has tackled another project.

  • Episode 17

    Two years after Lisa Fox Cooper took on her first development, Sarah Beeny goes back to Macclesfield to find out how she's getting on

  • Episode 18

    Sarah Beeny revisits Mark Standing and Sharon Lennon who gave up their jobs and went into property renovation. Now on their second development, Sarah finds out how it's going for them.