• Episode 1 - Pilot

    Sage makes Megan sweat when she spitefully invites her new tutor's estranged and difficult sister Lily to a family party

  • Episode 2 - All About Honesty

    Megan is thrilled when Laurel invites her to a glamorous Palm Beach social event and introduces her to influential people.

  • Episode 3 - All About What You Really, Really Want

    Megan is left pleasantly flustered when she requests a meeting with Rose's head teacher, who surprises her by being gorgeous.

  • Episode 4 - All About the Power Position

    Rose shocks Megan when she admits that she's sexually experienced. Later, Megan feels insecure on a date with Jacob.

  • Episode 5 - All About Friends and Family

    Megan is forced to cancel her romantic plans and supervise a pool party Rose and Sage are throwing which is gatecrashed by Lauren Conrad.

  • Episode 6 - All About Appearances

    Megan despairs when she discovers that Jacob still has feelings for his ex and Charlie puts the brakes on their friendship

  • Episode 7 - All About the Haves and Have-Nots

    Megan invites her dad over for dinner, Charlie and Megan fall out, and Sage catches Lily in a compromising position

  • Episode 8 - All About Defining Yourself

    Megan learns some secrets about Laurel's past. Meanwhile, Sage hires a publicist but she is only interested in Rose.

  • Episode 9 - All About Insecurities

    The twins bump into celebrity blogger Perez Hilton at a starry event. Megan feels jealous of her friend's new job.

  • Episode 10 - All About Overcompensating

    Rose gets a bad result in an exam and decides to cheat on her next test. Megan ends her relationship with Will.

  • Episode 11 - All About Love, Actually

    Megan punishes Rose for cheating in her exam, Laurel rekindles an old flame and Marco gets a new partner in the kitchen.

  • Episode 12 - All About the Ripple Effect

    Megan's life is turned upside down when her long-lost mum, Shelby, returns. Even worse, Megan's sister marries a man Megan can't stand.

  • Episode 13 - All About What Lies Beneath

    Megan confronts her mother, Rose and Sage host an elaborate charity dinner and Marco's boyfriend pressures him to quit his job

  • Episode 14 - All About Tough Love

    Megan wants Lily out of prison, but her father thinks she should be left there to learn a lesson. Shelby asks Will for the bail money.

  • Episode 15 - All About the Big Picture

    Megan's mum lets her down again and Rose's boyfriend is fuming when he sees her in a photo with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy

  • Episode 16 - All About Confessions

    Charlie and Will come to blows when Charlie kisses Megan and tells her he's moving to California. Sage opens up about her parents' deaths.

  • Episode 17 - All About Betrayal

    The twins confront Laurel, Rose tells Sage the truth about their grandfather, and Sage confesses a secret that shakes up her relationship with Rose

  • Episode 18 - All About a Brand New You!

    In the final episode of series one, Sage gets herself in a tizzy when Rose cancels their spring break plans