Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

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Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

This family adventure from Chris Columbus (who directed the first two Harry Potter films) is adapted from the first of Rick Riordan's series of fantasy novels, and stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, an American teen who finds that Greek myth is much closer to home than he imagined.

It turns out that while his mum Sally (Catherine Keener) is human, his father (Kevin McKidd) is the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, Poseidon; which makes our hero a demigod.

At first it's all a bit much to take in, as he learns the modern world is teeming with deities and their offspring. And things take a turn for the worse when Zeus (Sean Bean) suspects Percy of theft after the lightning bolt that confers supreme, terrifying power goes missing.

With his mother kidnapped and the errant super weapon threatening to cause a catastrophic clash of the titans among the gods, Percy sets off to recover the artefact.

As he does so, he discovers the many creatures and monsters of legend are also alive today, and are as fierce as ever...

Also starring Pierce Brosnan (as a centaur), Uma Thurman (as Medusa) and Steve Coogan (as Hades).

(2010) Cert: PG

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief synopsis

Greek god Zeus has had his lightning bolt stolen, and New York teen Percy Jackson is the prime suspect. Can he and his friends catch the real thief?

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