Peep Show


  • Mark

    Mark is a man on the edge

  • Jeremy

    Jez is Mark's old university mate

  • Super Hans

    Super Hans is Jeremy's partner in crime

  • Sophie

    Sophie is the love of Mark's life

  • Alan

    Alan is smooth, slick and stylish

  • Jeff

    Jeff is Mark's ex-work colleague

  • Zahra

    Jez met Zahra in a chance encounter at the hospital

  • Big Suze

    Suze used to live with Jez in the 'love shack'

  • Ben

    Ben was Zahra's boyfriend in series 7

  • Elena

    Elena was the eye candy in series 6

  • Nancy

    The boys met her at a new-age dance class

  • Toni

    Toni was the boys' neighbour in series 1 and 2