Back in 2010, Peep Show's writers and creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong made a list of their favourite episodes, ever. These are those episodes.

S4-Ep6: Wedding

Last minute nerves...

The tale of Mark and Sophie's disastrous wedding.

S1-Ep4: Mark Makes a Friend

I love you, Johnson

Mark 'falls in love' with Alan Johnson.

S2-Ep2: Jeremy Makes It

Pretty expensive as I recall...

Jez and Super Hans persuade old school pal Gog to make them famous.

S3-Ep3: Shrooming

Is that normal pooing you're doing?

A mushroom party goes wrong, and Super Hans kicks down an all-important door.

S5-Ep1: Burgling


Mark and Jez are burgled. Mark sits on the culprit.

S6-Ep2: The Test

Fatherhood prospects

Sophie decides she wants to know if Mark or Jez are her baby's father.