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Paradise: Faith

The central female figure this time is the sister of Teresa (Margarethe Tiesel), the main protagonist and sex tourist from Paradise: Love. In contrast to her sibling's more earthly pursuits, the paradise Anna Maria (Maria Hofstätter) seeks is a wholly Catholic Austria; and so she embarks upon door-to-door missionary excursions in Vienna when she's not working as a radiographer.

But there's a darker side to Anna Maria and her devotion to Jesus: she's shown to bloodily scourge herself in front of an image of Christ and seek other forms of penance.

And then there's her husband: Nabil (Nabil Saleh). He turns up suddenly, halfway through the movie. He's Egyptian, paraplegic and Muslim, and it's clear they haven't seen each other for quite a while, and that Anna Maria has changed radically since they were last together - Nabil simply can't fathom her shift to fundamentalism.

In his trademark fashion, Seidl puts both his actors and the audience through extended, disquieting moments as he probes, in a detached, non-judgemental manner, exactly what it is that makes Anna Maria tick.

In German and Arabic, with English subtitles.

(2012) Cert: 18

Paradise: Faith synopsis

Austrian writer-director Ulrich Seidl turns his unflinching attention to religious devotion for the second of his Paradise trio of movies about female longing

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