• Episode 1 - Sassenach

    Scottish rebels save Claire from an assault by a British Army officer who is her husband's ancestor, and then take her away with them, further into the Highlands, where she meets an injured young man

  • Episode 2 - Castle Leoch

    Following her rescue by Dougal, Claire arrives at the MacKenzie clan's home, Castle Leoch, where her skills as a healer arouse interest and she's dogged by rumours that she's a spy

  • Episode 3 - The Way Out

    As Castle Leoch is readied for a gathering of the MacKenzie clan, Claire's attempt to treat a young poisoning victim puts her at odds with a powerful priest who wants to perform an exorcism on the boy

  • Episode 4 - The Gathering

    As Claire lays careful plans to escape during the gathering of the MacKenzie clan, the rivalry that has been brewing between Jamie and Dougal intensifies

  • Episode 5 - Rent

    Claire accompanies Dougal on a trip to collect the rents that are owed to the MacKenzies' laird and witnesses brutality on both sides of the conflict between the Scottish rebels and the British Army

  • Episode 6 - The Garrison Commander

    When Claire and Dougal are brought in to see a British Army commander, Claire comes face to face with her assailant - her husband Frank's ancestor, Jonathan 'Black Jack' Randall

  • Episode 7 - The Wedding

    To avoid being detained by ruthless Captain Randall, Claire is compelled to marry Jamie in order to become part of the MacKenzie clan and gain their protection

  • Episode 8 - Both Sides Now

    As Claire hangs on to her hope that the magical stone circle at Craigh na Dun will return her to the 20th century, in 1945 Frank becomes discouraged as his attempts to find her reach a dead end

  • Episode 9 - The Reckoning

    After Jamie rescues Claire from Captain Randall, she faces a chilly reception from the other Highlanders. As they return to Castle Leoch, politics threaten to tear the MacKenzie clan apart.

  • Episode 10 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs

    Claire tries to get the murder charges against Jamie dismissed by enlisting the Duke of Sandringham's help. Dougal's secrets threaten to unravel the MacKenzie clan. Laoghaire plots to get Jamie back.

  • Episode 11 - The Devil's Mark

    Claire and Geillis are hauled away, locked up and then tried at the church court for witchcraft. During the process, a shocking secret about Geillis's past is revealed.

  • Episode 12 - Lallybroch

    Claire and Jamie make their way to Jamie's family home, Lallybroch. But reality quickly sets in after their arrival, and old wounds are reopened between Jamie and his sister, Jenny.

  • Episode 13 - The Watch

    Problems arise with the return of a Redcoat deserter from Jamie's past. Claire tends to Jenny when she goes into labour, and there are devastating consequences when Jamie and Ian join The Watch.

  • Episode 14 - The Search

    Claire and Jenny head off to save Jamie from his Redcoat captors and meet up with Murtagh, who joins the search. But they must employ unusual tactics to find out where Jamie is and launch a rescue.

  • Episode 15 - Wentworth Prison

    Jamie awaits his death sentence at Wentworth Prison as Claire and the Highlanders formulate their rescue plan. But when Jamie is visited by Captain Randall, he is forced to endure a terrible ordeal.

  • Episode 16 - To Ransom a Man's Soul

    A risky escape attempt is engineered to free Jamie and he is taken to a nearby monastery, where Claire tries to nurse his mind and body back to health