Series 1 Episode 4
First Broadcast: 9PM Mon 3 December 2012

Yotam's Mediterranean journey concludes in the country where he grew up - Israel.

In Tel Aviv, he explores Israel's freshest produce, samples seafood with a twist and cooks alongside cutting-edge chefs. Yotam explores the national obsession with hummus and begins by making the popular Mediterranean dish shakshuka, where eggs are gently poached in a spicy sauce of tomatoes, onion and hot chili peppers.

Tel Aviv enjoys an enviable coastal location, and a morning fish market provides the best catch for Yotam's next recipe, which is grilled fishcakes with a creamy beetroot and horseradish relish.

Excited by Israel's abundance of fruit and vegetables, Yotam travels to a remote farm to pick one of his favourite ingredients - pomegranate. He uses the fruit's brightly coloured seeds to make a tomato and pomegranate salad with pomegranate molasses and a fragrant garlic dressing.

Yotam also teams up with a chef to forage for ingredients in the hills of Jerusalem before returning to Tel Aviv to cook apple and sage pancakes and an Israeli-style pizza made with Jerusalem cheese, herbs and fresh tomatoes.

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    1. Israel Episode 4

      Yotam's Mediterranean journey concludes in the country where he grew up - Israel.

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