Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 1AM Mon 15 August 2011

One Man Walking, part of Channel 4's Street Summer season, explores some of the intensity and challenges of life in the metropolis, using krump - an expressive and highly energetic dance movement - combined with the uplifting, soaring excitement and relief of free-running.

One Man Walking is a powerful and stylish collision of krump, hip hop and parkour set in the streets of London. It shows the raw side of street dance, full of energy and emotion.

Krump is a dance form that originated in the United States. It is characterised by free, expressive and highly energetic movements. It's an intense and often apparently aggressive-seeming dance, but is about release and can be cathartic and spiritual. One Man Walking dancer Duwane Taylor says 'you can't krump half-hearted, you have to put your energy into it and your emotions'.

The film brings together the talents of some of the leading exponents of dance and dance-film in the UK: Breakin' Convention's Jonzi D, with choreographer/performer Kenrick, 'H2O'Sandy and composer Michael 'Mikey J' Asante, who have been running Boy Blue Entertainment for the past ten years. Boy Blue won the Olivier award for their production Pied Piper and are associate artists at The Barbican.

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Dance film One Man Walking is a powerful and stylish collision of krump, hip hop, B-boy and parkour, set on the streets of London