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Special programmes revisiting One Born Every Minute couples as they come to terms with the reality of parenthood

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Special programmes revisiting One Born Every Minute couples as they come to terms with the reality of parenthood

Series 3 Summary

More of One Born Every Minute's most memorable mums and dads share the highs and lows of parenthood, as their babies become children.

  • Episode 1

    Tendayi and Maxwell don't always agree about how best to bring up their two boys. And their busy life is about to get even busier, as they'll soon have four children living under their roof.

    Donna and Wayne had to endure a lengthy labour before the safe arrival of baby Emelia. Now they tackle the challenges of bringing up their two little girls by running a very tight ship, with Donna at the helm.

    As they share their recipe for a calm and happy home, Wayne reveals an unusual perk he's found to reward them for their efforts.

    With four children already, Kelly and Jon were old hands at labour when they arrived at hospital to give birth to baby Faith. Their boisterous brood have been keeping Kelly and Jon busy ever since, but it hasn't all been plain sailing.

    Kelly has faced a battle with depression since her brother died, but now the family has reason to celebrate as Kelly turns 30 and marks this milestone in her own unique style.

  • Episode 2

    Fabulous fashionistas Heather and Daniel have seen their businesses go from strength to strength since the arrival of their daughter, Eivissa, but they've struggled to have another baby. Can their positive outlook and determination bring this devoted couple the second child they long for?

    After coming through a tricky birth, first-time parents Judith and Mike then had to cope with Judith's anxiety disorder. Could returning to work help Judith overcome her problems and allow her to enjoy being a mum to baby Nathan?

    Nicole was just 20 when she became a parent, with her sister and mother by her side. With the continuing support of her close-knit female family, she's since risen to the challenge of being a single mum to baby Esmay. As she pursues her dreams of a professional career, could there also be love on the horizon?

  • Episode 3

    Older parents Nina and Andy already had two children and thought their 'nappy days' were behind them when they discovered they were pregnant with twins Phoebe and Zac. For stay-at-home mum Nina, looking after two new babies while trying to meet the needs of her older kids was a challenge, but can this strong family pull together when it matters most?

    Paul and Ines have overcome a 30-year age gap and cultural differences to make their marriage work, but they now face a different test. Paul recently retired, and Ines is looking for clever ways to keep him active so he's up to the task of caring for their three young children.

    Sarah and Nando's first baby, Gino, fell ill just after his birth. Although Gino made a full recovery, Nando was left with an ongoing anxiety about his son's health that pushed his relationship with Sarah to breaking point. So how will the family cope with a new baby on the scene?

  • Episode 4

    Mums Vicki and Janet are going through 'the terrible twos' with their spirited daughter Eva, while Vicki undergoes IVF again in the hope of having a second child.

    Rachel and Joel lost their first child, Oskar, when he was just 12 days old, but having faced unimaginable heartbreak, they are now looking to the future as parents to new baby Ava. They're raising funds for a charity that helped them by taking on a 10km race, but they'll have to make it round the course on one of the hottest days of the year.

    Strong-willed single mum Sasha, from Latvia, had to go it alone at the birth of her baby boy Rupert (named after Rupert Everett) when her mum couldn't make it to the hospital in time. Since then, she's been determined to bring him up by herself, but now she's back at work full-time, it seems she may need a little extra help, from her homeland.

  • Episode 5

    Lucy is pursuing her goal of returning to professional opera singing, two years after the birth of her and James' third child. James is willing to share the childcare and the chores, but after years away from the professional circuit how will Lucy fare back in the spotlight?

    Kirri and Brendan welcomed their second child, Finley, into the world in a textbook birth, but since he arrived life's become a little too routine. With the couple keen to get off the sofa and recapture their youthful spark, Kirri's getting behind the wheel with Brendan as her instructor, but who's really in the driving seat?

    When Detroit-born Shannon first made contact with Yorkshireman Chris on the internet, little did she know it would lead to marriage, two children and a life in England. Now, the couple try to bring the best of both worlds together as they put their all into raising their kids.

  • Episode 6

    Dawn and Paul both had children from previous marriages but still wanted to add to their brood. With two babies just 13 months apart and three older children to care for, it's a constant juggle to manage this blended family. So how do they cope when Dawn returns to work after two years on maternity leave?

    Kerry and Dan didn't plan to have children in their early twenties and since the arrival of their son Jack they've responded to the challenge of parenthood in different ways. While Dan embraced being a dad, Kerry had to deal with an identity crisis.

    Now they're moving forward, and super-organised Kerry has come into her own, with plans for a new home to suit their new family.

    Marvin's long-distance job meant a race against time to make it to his partner Ramona's side in time for their daughter's birth. And though he's now found work closer to home, the long hours mean it's still a struggle to spend time with his kids, leaving Ramona parenting alone.

    They seek the perfect work/life balance, and could there be wedding bells on the horizon?

One Born: What Happened Next? synopsis

Special programmes revisiting One Born Every Minute couples as they come to terms with the reality of parenthood

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