Series 3 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 10PM Wed 11 December 2013

Dawn and Paul both had children from previous marriages but still wanted to add to their brood. With two babies just 13 months apart and three older children to care for, it's a constant juggle to manage this blended family. So how do they cope when Dawn returns to work after two years on maternity leave?

Kerry and Dan didn't plan to have children in their early twenties and since the arrival of their son Jack they've responded to the challenge of parenthood in different ways. While Dan embraced being a dad, Kerry had to deal with an identity crisis.

Now they're moving forward, and super-organised Kerry has come into her own, with plans for a new home to suit their new family.

Marvin's long-distance job meant a race against time to make it to his partner Ramona's side in time for their daughter's birth. And though he's now found work closer to home, the long hours mean it's still a struggle to spend time with his kids, leaving Ramona parenting alone.

They seek the perfect work/life balance, and could there be wedding bells on the horizon?

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