Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 9PM Tue 11 September 2012

A brand new baby is a joyous event for every parent but imagine what it's like knowing you're having twins, triplets or even more.

Multiple pregnancies are more likely to suffer miscarriage, abnormality and premature birth. There's a real struggle for parents and doctors to successfully bring multiple babies through pregnancy and into the world safely.

One Born: Twins and Triplets follows four couples, and the medical staff who care for them, through their multiple pregnancies and births and the unexpected turns that they take.

Ana and Paul are thrilled at the prospect of becoming first-time parents to triplets. Their joy turns to worry when, at a routine scan, they are told their pregnancy is high risk and their babies are in danger.

Four and a half months into their pregnancy with identical twins, Beth and Shane's longed-for babies are diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Emergency laser surgery in the womb at King's College Hospital to separate the placenta they are sharing is their only hope of survival.

Carolyne and Gordon are both in their forties and desperate for another baby but are dumbfounded to find out that baby number five is actually triplets. Just as Carolyne is about to give birth, a shock awaits.

And Sophie and Carlos's twin girls were born prematurely at 28 weeks. Mum and Dad struggle to come to terms with their babies' unexpected arrival while the medical staff battle to get the babies well. What are their chances of survival?

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A special episode following four One Born Every Minute couples through their multiple pregnancies and births, and the unexpected turns they take