One Born Every Minute

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    Nicola, Tim and Ben

    Nicola talks about how supportive her dad's been, and her recovery from a previous C-Section. Ben is now 7 months old. (S6 Ep9).

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    Eve, Andy and Florence

    Andy recalls his first sight of Florence. Eve talks about how she'd like another although she's not keen on the pregnancy and new-born stages! (S6 Ep10).

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    Vikki, Jack and Casper

    With ten days to go until their wedding day, Vikki and Jack reunite us with baby Casper, now 9 months. (S6-Ep8).

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    Beth, Dan and baby Lily

    Follow-up interview with Beth, Dan and nine-month-old Lily. (S6-Ep7).

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    Kerry Ann, Adam and Harry

    Baby Harry is now 6 months old and at home with siblings, kittens and pet ferrets. (S6-Ep6).

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    The Pococks

    The Pococks are already wanting no.3 ... and 4! Meet them at home with Bethany, now 7 months. (S6-Ep5).

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    Catherine, Phil and Emma

    Catherine and Phil talk about what life's like now with 7-month-old Emma. Catherine recalls her C-section and describes juggling home and work. (S6-Ep3).

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    Marion and Rachel

    Rachel and Marion talk about their ten-month-old twins' different personalities and why they are so special. (S6-Ep2).

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    Being A Midwife

    'Every time a baby's born, a mother is born as well'. Midwives at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, talk about what it takes to be a midwife and why they love their job.

  • Clip

    S6-Ep10: Andy and Eve

    Andy and Eve talk about their long journey to pregnancy and labour