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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

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    Series 6 Episode 10

    The final episode of the series and it's all hands on deck as Southmead Hospital is packed to maximum capacity. The women are coming in thick and fast, including a Mormon couple expecting baby number three and nervous first time parents who don't even know how to change a nappy - will there be enough beds?

    The midwives are concerned the unit may have to close. Oblivious to the busy activities outside her room is practising Mormon Jennie (29) and her husband Jon (29). The couple met through church and it took just six weeks from first date to their engagement. They're now expecting baby number three.

    Couple Eve (32) and Andy (34) are expecting their first baby and haven't a clue what to expect, 'We've got our little dog Reggie who's our baby at the moment, and I think he was our first real transition from no responsibility to some responsibility.'

    It's third time lucky for the pair, who experienced difficulties during their previous pregnancies.

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    Series 6 Episode 9

    Two nurses hope their second child's birth will be simpler than their first, while a mum who had the eating disorder anorexia nervosa and was told she'd never have children waits for baby number three; and a mum who is days past her due date and desperate to meet her baby girl paces the hospital corridors.

    Nicola and Tim met when they were both working a long nightshift as health care assistants. They hit it off immediately.

    They're now both nurses, and their medical expertise helped them recognise when things weren't going well during the birth of their first baby, which resulted in an emergency c-section. They're hoping baby number two's birth is less dramatic.

    Third-time mum-to-be Laura, who's 29, has lived with anorexia nervosa since she was a teenager. At times, Laura was eating little more than an apple or a biscuit a day.

    When she was 19, she was told she'd never be able to have children because of the damage she'd done to her body, so it was a fantastic surprise to find out she was pregnant.

    Her partner Delroy and their first two children have helped her battle the demons. Now they're waiting for stubborn baby number three.

    Tracy and her husband Barry met through work. Tracy had a soft spot for Barry but neither of them were in a position to start a relationship at the time. Years later they met up again and within months Barry and his children had moved in with Tracy and hers.

    Now they're pregnant with their first child together, who will become the eighth member of their combined family. But baby's refusing to make an appearance, as Tracy and Barry pace the corridors.

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    Series 6 Episode 8

    A couple who met when they were eight check in at Southmead Hospital 20 years later to have their second baby; another couple, who knew it was love at first sight when their eyes first met at Blackpool nightclub, are having their first child; and two broody youngsters who dream of starting a dynasty come to Southmead for the third time in three years.

    Sarah and Jonathan met at junior school and were best friends for years until 'one thing led to another and hey, presto!' Now they're in hospital expecting their second baby.

    But Sarah is getting more and more anxious. The memory of her difficult first labour begins to overshadow her experience and she starts to lose confidence in her ability to give birth, while Jonathan does what he can to quell her panic attacks.

    Meanwhile, Vikki, who's 23, and Jack, who's 26, want a large family. 'If we have five children and they each have three, then that will be 15 grandchildren,' says Vikki.

    They both had lonely and troubled upbringings, and are keen for a big family of their own which they can love and support.

    And Naomi knew that Chris was the man of her dreams as soon as she set eyes on him in a Blackpool nightclub. Before then she'd been quiet and shy girl, and never did anything adventurous, preferring to go to bingo with her mum.

    But Chris changed all that and she moved to Bristol to be with him. They're about to have their first child together but as Naomi waits for labour to fully kick in she has to spend a night apart from Chris in hospital.

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    Series 6 Episode 7

    A startling family secret turns the world of a mum-to-be upside down, another mum considers converting religions to create her family and one couple finally make it to the delivery suite after four years of trying.

    Emma, who's 17, grew up living with who she thought was her mum, her dad and her sisters, until her mum was diagnosed with cancer and her family decided it was time to tell her the truth. She discovered that her sister was her biological mother, who'd had Emma when she was 16.

    Although history is repeating itself as Emma is about to become a teen mum, she's determined to take a different path and has her boyfriend Ben, who's 20, by her side. 'The new baby is the end of all the secrets in the family,' she promises.

    Bethany has always wanted to be a mum and when she met Dan, she was sure she was going to be one very soon. Sadly, nature had other plans for them and it's taken over four emotionally draining years for them to reach the delivery suite.

    Dan gets bored very easily and passes the time playing games. Bethany threatens to go and get him a colouring book, but as the labour progresses it's time for him to grow up fast.

    Rachel arrives at Southmead with her mum and her mum's best friend, but not her partner. He lives in Birmingham and is unlikely to make it for the birth.

    Rachel and her mum do everything together, but, to be with the man she loves, she may have to change religion and move away from home and away from mum and dad. Rachel has some big life decisions to make as she starts a family of her own.

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    Series 6 Episode 6

    This episode features One Born's first home birth and a baby who arrives in the hospital car park! And a new dad who used to be homeless dreams of settling down under one roof with his girlfriend.

    Since young sweethearts Jade and Martyn met, Martyn hasn't had a permanent place to live and has been sofa surfing.

    A disagreement with his stepfather caused a rift between them, so Martyn has always wanted to create a strong loving family of his own. With Jade by his side he can't wait to get started.

    Kerri is set on a home birth for baby number three, having found hospital environments quite stressful in the past.

    Dad Adam loves hospital meals, but Kerry believes she'll be significantly more relaxed at home and wants to follow in the footsteps of her mum, a keen champion of home births. Two midwives from Southmead are on hand to help.

    With five children and another baby on the way, Claire, who's 40, and Nigel, who's 48, have their hands full.

    Claire has provided the big family Nigel has always wanted and he's given her the dream life she's always fantasised about. But Claire has decided that baby number six will definitely be the last one.

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    Series 6 Episode 5

    This episode is all about making babies. As the midwives say, 'If it wasn't for sex, we wouldn't have a job.' It's a subject they talk about freely between themselves in the wee small hours of the morning.

    Lovebirds Catherine and her husband Simon found that, when they were trying for their first baby, making love became very mechanical. They went through years of fertility treatment to have their first son, which took a toll on their love life.

    Five years later, awaiting an elective C-section with their second baby, it's a very different story: a spontaneous romantic night out resulted in an unexpected positive pregnancy test and they feel blessed.

    When Heather first saw van-man Dan, she thought he was so good looking that she left her number on his windscreen. They've been inseparable ever since and have three young children together.

    Heather ran into complications during her first pregnancy and had to deliver twins at 24 weeks. They pulled through but cerebral palsy and other issues have meant Heather is now a full-time carer to them both.

    She is also mum to a healthy little boy, Alfie. After he was born, the couple decided they would have a fourth child so that Alfie could have a healthy companion to help share the responsibility of siblings with a disability.

    Christian couple Naomi and Dan tied the knot young as 'it was difficult to resist the temptation of sex' when they met as teenagers. They had their first child 13 months ago and now they're back at Southmead for baby number two.

    While it's clear in the labour room that Naomi wears the trousers, she reveals how a fractured relationship with her own parents makes her value the stability and love Dan provides.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 6 Episode 4

    The hospital corridors at Southmead turn blue as one young mum lets out all of her pent-up frustrations, on-off romancers finally take the plunge after 10 years of indecision, and pregnancy cravings make it into the delivery room.

    Sooze worked in a children's nursery before starting her own family, and is known for her calm and polite personality. She found the birth of her first child easy and confidently arrives at Southmead with her husband Joe.

    But the contractions quickly get the better of her, and the woman who's been brought up never to swear is soon running out of F-words.

    Meanwhile, Teri and Merv are about to have child number four. But cravings have almost got the better of them. They could spend up to two hours driving around Bristol in search of a chilli hot dog.

    And it has to be the full works, with ketchup, mustard and chilli sauce on top. And it's dad Merv rather than mum Teri who's addicted to the condiment-heavy savoury treat.

    Becki knew she loved Ian the moment she met him, over 10 years ago, but commitment-phobe Ian threatened to leave her if she ever used the L word.

    So they began an on/off romance that lasted until Becki's dad had a serious accident at work, when they decided to admit that they loved each other. Now they're nervously waiting for the arrival of their first baby.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 6 Episode 3

    Southmead Hospital rolls out the red carpet for a celebrity 'baby': Baby Spice is coming in to support the maternity unit's charity and her arrival is causing quite a stir. Midwife Sacha in particular is giddy with excitement about meeting her idol, and brings in some treasured Spice Girl memorabilia to get signed.

    Meanwhile, life goes on in the hospital for three very different mums-to-be. One uses the length of her labour to try and save her relationship, another is driven to distraction by her mother's advice, while a couple who met on the internet wait for their first baby to arrive.

    When Tina, who's 21, met her partner Craig, who's 32, he advised her to stay away from him. But she was soon pregnant with her first child and then the cracks in their relationship started to show.

    Tina has been living with her mum ever since but still seeing Craig, and now they are expecting their second child. Tina must decide whether to let Craig into the delivery room and back into her life, or whether they should split up for good.

    Sarah has come into hospital with her mum Jane. Jane keeps leaving the room for a cigarette and a natter with the nurses and her constant chat is driving Sarah mad. 'She has to speak to everyone; she has to tell them her life story and my life story,' says Sarah.

    Sarah's labour progresses quickly and she phones around trying to get in touch with the person she does want at the birth: her husband Ben. But he's not answering his phone.

    After a string of unsuccessful dates, Catherine decided to give internet dating a go, and soon clicked with Phillip. They had both ticked the box saying they wanted a family, and now they're at Southmead, eagerly waiting for their family life together to begin.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 6 Episode 2

    A muscle-mad macho man struggles to keep his nerves in check, an expectant dad goes all out to make his wife feel comfortable in the birthing room and a same-sex couple are rushed into hospital 10 weeks early.

    Marion and Rachel are like any other couple in their early thirties trying to start a family, although as Rachel says, 'we can't just have an early night and make a baby,' so they shopped online for sperm.

    Using Marion's eggs they based their decision on which donor had the most similar attributes to Rachel and they ended up with twins. But at their 30-week hospital scan the couple are told that one of the twins is not growing properly and they need to return to Southmeads the next day for a C-section.

    Image-conscious Sarah and her husband, personal trainer Rob, arrive at the delivery suite to begin the induction process. Sarah's told she's only allowed one birthing partner and chooses her husband over her mum: a move she begins to regret as Rob shows signs of impatience.

    They pass the time by discussing baby names but have very different ideas. Sarah reaches a compromise: if the baby comes before midnight, Rob gets to choose but any time after it's her decision.

    Meanwhile, attentive husband Ollie and his wife Kate arrive at hospital and Ollie's armed with blankets, rugs and all the essentials to make sure Kate is as comfortable as possible. Kate wants to have a hypnobirth and Ollie is on hand to ensure everything runs to plan.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 6 Episode 1

    In the first episode of the sixth series, fourth generation twins make an appearance on the delivery suite at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, a larger-than-life double act struggle to see the funny side of their extended labour, and an expectant father holds his breath hoping for a boy.

    Mel is an identical twin. Her father is also a twin, as was her grandmother, so it's incredibly rare that Mel herself would be pregnant with twins, but that's exactly what has happened.

    When Mel's waters break unexpectedly she has to choose whether her husband or her identical twin sister will be her birthing partner.

    Larger-than-life Su felt she'd hit the jackpot when she met younger man Dan, and they arrive at Southmead in high spirits.

    Their baby is in breech so they've been booked for a caesarean, but those plans are thrown out the window when baby decides to move, meaning that the couple are able to have a natural delivery.

    Finally, the race is on for Katy and Rob to make it to the delivery suite before their second child arrives, and Rob is praying this one's a boy.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 10

    In this episode there's an extreme case of 'like mother, like daughter' with one mother about to become a gran aged 40; a career woman finally takes the plunge into motherhood; and an over-excited father tries his best to keep his partner entertained.

    Twenty-one-year-old Martha and Josh, who's 22, have been together for two years, after meeting at Tesco where they both worked. Martha has always wanted to have children young following in the footsteps of her mum, Roz, who was in her teens when she had Martha.

    Steph and Kevin 'fell in lust' at university. Since graduating, careers have come first, but having worked extremely hard for years they've decided it's time to settle down and start a family.

    In every relationship someone has to wear the trousers and in Jordan's case it's definitely his partner Jess. Her feisty personality means she often admits to bossing him around - particularly when it comes to doing the cooking and cleaning.

    But life hasn't always been that easy for tough cookie Jess. She had her first child at the age of 14, and the lack of support from her mother in the past has meant she has struggled to let her guard down and allow anyone into her life. Jordan's determined to give Jess and their family all the love and protection they need for a happy future together.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 9

    This episode meets a mum who donated her eggs but went on to have fertility problems herself, a couple whose exciting whirlwind romance resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, and the mum who's finally having her miracle baby after she was told she could never have any children.

    Stephanie, who's 21, and Tyrone, who's 22, had only been together for four months when Stephanie was told the upsetting news that her blocked fallopian tubes meant she might never have children.

    So they were shocked when what she thought was a stomach bug turned out to be the early stages of pregnancy. 'I did five pregnancy tests because I didn't believe any of them,' she says.

    Steph's mum joins them for the birth; she may have forgotten the tissues and the water, but she's armed with advice for the new parents.

    When Jo turned 30 she thought she'd never find Mr Right, so she decided to donate her eggs to other women who were longing for children. Little did she know that, when she finally met the man of her dreams, Mark, they would have problems conceiving.

    After several rounds of fertility treatment, Jo, who's now 39, and Mark, who's 37, had their first child and now they're back at Southmead for baby number two. But as the labour progresses, the baby's heart rate begins to drop and Jo is rushed into theatre.

    Chantelle, who's 24, and Steve, who's 41, met one Christmas Eve and moved in together a few days after New Year. Now they while away the hours waiting for their bundle of joy by having a laugh and checking out the hospital menu.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 8

    On her birthday, midwife and single mother-of-two Lara contemplates life and love while delivering twins.

    A nervous father who's clueless about the labour process prays for a quick delivery, and a couple who rekindled their relationship after losing contact for 10 years prepare for the arrival of their first baby.

    Frank and his partner Shelley, who are both 33, waited before starting a family as it never seemed to be the right time. Now Shelley is ready for the birth of their baby but Frank still seems to be oblivious to the task at hand.

    'I would try and get away with not being there and sitting in the pub,' he says, 'but Shelley won't have that'. He hopes it will all be over within four hours but, as any mum will testify, babies never quite stick to the birth plan.

    Elle and Ben, who are both 27, have taken the fast track to Central Delivery Suite. Less than a year after a cheeky message on a social network site brought them back together, they're pacing the corridors of the hospital discussing baby names and breathing techniques.

    The pregnancy came as a shock to Ben, who was still living at home with his mum when he met Elle, but he now believes he's ready to take on a family of his own.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 7

    A young couple from Liverpool refuse to let a tough start hold them back, parents with four boys eagerly await the arrival of their dream girl, and a mum who didn't think she could conceive naturally prepares for her first baby.

    Antonia, who's 20, met Alan, who's 23, in a post office queue on Alan's birthday. He knew instantly that she was the one, and she felt like 'a kid in a sweetshop' when she saw him, because they had been friends, but had lost touch.

    They were thrilled to find out Antonia was expecting, but the 20-week scan revealed potential eyesight and hearing problems for their baby, and they arrive at Southmead delivery suite not really knowing what to expect.

    Stefanie, who's 33, has always wanted a girl and if her first child had been a daughter she admits she would have stopped there. Four pregnancies and four boys later, Stefanie and her partner Scott, who's 35, are back in the delivery room.

    Stefanie has brought pink clothes, pink shoes and even pink sheets for the hospital cot. Stef's mum waits anxiously outside the hospital to find out the all-important gender of her latest grandchild.

    Sophie, who's 24, never really wanted children but her boyfriend Rhys, who's 27, had other ideas and was delighted when Sophie unexpectedly fell pregnant.

    Armed with Pringles and sandwiches, Rhys is determined to get involved in the birth, wanting to 'grab the baby as it's coming out' and 'do the bit from the lion king when the monkey holds Simba up'. But all Sophie really wants is an epidural.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 6

    A couple face the reality of their surprise pregnancy, parents who know that their pregnancy has serious medical complications prepare for labour, and a first-time mum races to the maternity ward before her baby arrives.

    When Nicole and Terry, who are both 29, went for their fifth child's 20-week scan, they discovered that their pregnancy had several serious complications and their baby was unlikely to survive.

    Nicole and Terry were convinced they had to fight on and hope that their baby would defy the odds. They are greeted at Southmead Hospital by a team of specialist doctors who are determined to do all they can to help this baby survive.

    Hannah, who's 20, met Dean, who's 24, after writing letters to him while he was in prison. Their romance blossomed as soon as he was released.

    Now she tells Dean and her mother that she needs to get to Southmead urgently. She's not exaggerating, and she almost gives birth in reception.

    Cody, who's 18, and Daniel, who's 26, hadn't planned on becoming parents. One afternoon, after some sushi and a sandwich, they did a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

    Cody's mum joins them for the delivery and is on hand with sweet treats and moral support.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 5

    In this episode a farmer finds his baby's birth a far cry from lambing season, a former midwife must take a back seat in the birth room and a laid-back dad nearly misses his daughter's birth.

    Rachel, who's 31, and Nick, who's 36, are more used to delivering lambs than babies. Nick hopes his knowledge of birthing livestock will help him through Rachel's labour.

    They have traumatic memories of their last birth but, three years on, they're set to return to Southmead. But when labour eventually kicks in, an ambulance must race to reach them before the baby arrives.

    Emma, who's 31, and her partner Jordan, who's 33, are dedicated followers of fashion. Emma even admits that she gave Jordan a full wardrobe and hair makeover to suit her taste.

    But Jordan has more than his hairstyle to contend with as the arrival of their baby threatens to catch everyone out.

    When single mum Heidi, who's 32, asks her best friend Lisa Marie and Lisa Marie's mum Carrie to be her birthing partners she has no idea that she's opened a can of worms.

    Carrie used to be a midwife and must bite her tongue and allow newly qualified midwife Sacha to get on with the job. It's an emotional moment on many levels for Heidi as she contemplates life without the father of her child, and her own mother.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 4

    A mum-to-be who has cerebral palsy goes through a dramatic delivery, one couple have to put their footballing differences aside in the birth room, and a five-year fertility journey is almost over for one first-time mum.

    When Cheryl, who's 27, and her husband Rob, who's 34, met online, they knew straight away that they wanted to be together. It was some time later before Rob discovered Cheryl had cerebral palsy, and neither of them has ever seen it as an obstacle.

    Now in labour with their second child, Cheryl needs to dig deep to overcome a traumatic and unexpected turn of events in theatre.

    Meanwhile, Manchester United fan Sarah, who's 23, and her Liverpool-mad husband Mark, who's 38, must support each other through their labour at Southmead Hospital. The pregnancy has been fraught with complications and they're hoping the birth will pass uneventfully, without going into extra-time.

    It took Zoe, who's 35, and Anthony, who's 42, five years to get pregnant, and now they're ready to savour every moment of the labour. But as time ticks on the going gets tougher and tougher, minutes start to feel like hours and tensions mount...

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 3

    There's tension as a teenage mum asks her dad and boyfriend to both be present at the birth; a vicar's wife seeks divine intervention; and a young couple hope for a simpler labour second time around.

    When 18-year-old Charlie fell pregnant, her dad, Dean, wasn't pleased. Stern words followed for her boyfriend Ricky, who's also 18, and who was made to promise he would stand by her.

    Ricky is determined to prove he can be a good dad, but as the moment of baby's birth draws closer the atmosphere in the delivery room becomes tense...

    Meanwhile, vicar Adam's wife Sheona, who's 33, has reservations about becoming a mother for the second time, but with the help of Adam's support and humour, and the promise of a bottle of good Champagne afterwards, she hopes to find an inner strength.

    Chloe and Adam, who are both 20, are followed to Southmead Hospital by their neighbour's cat but the distraction of this additional birthing partner does little to put their minds at ease.

    They're both troubled by thoughts of the birth of their first daughter, who was rushed off to intensive care as soon as she was born, and as the night draws on exhaustion begins to get the better of Chloe.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 2

    First time mum Lucy admits she's afraid of everything from roller coasters to sewing needles, so the thought of giving birth is completely terrifying. She says she's just little and wonders how on earth the baby is going come out.

    Doting boyfriend Sam has his proposal to Lucy all planned out and the rings are en route from eBay. But despite all the distractions, panic soon sets in.

    Amy and her naval engineer husband Paul arrive at Southmead Hospital for an induction. But after a quick examination, it becomes clear that Paul is far more squeamish than he expected...

    Meanwhile, Dianne is understandably concerned about giving birth as the last time she was in labour there were serious complications. This time Dianne and husband John have opted for an elective Caesarian, but nerves begin to get the better of them.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 5 Episode 1

    The first episode of the fifth series introduces the straight-talking midwifery team in Bristol as an expectant father risks missing his daughter's birth and one of the team helps her next-door neighbour through an emotional labour.

    Michelle and Michael's parents are from different countries: hers are Chinese, his British. 'I was actually asked if I was a Thai bride when we were on our honeymoon!' says Michelle.

    They're both self-confessed gadget geeks, and are praying for a less traumatic birth second time round. Michelle lost a lot of blood during her first labour and Michael was traumatised by the experience.

    He's determined to be by her side for this delivery, but in a quiet few hours, he decides to head home for the evening and Michelle's contractions suddenly kick in.

    Expectant dad Rich, who's 35, used to be a committed bachelor with flash cars and a house full of televisions. According to Georgina, who's 25, all that's about to change; she's determined he'll swap his flamboyant lifestyle for something more family-friendly.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Louisa and midwife Vickie have been next-door-neighbours and friends for over 20 years. In a twist of fate, Vickie is on duty when Louisa comes onto the maternity ward, and helps her through an unexpectedly eventful labour. Also on hand is her big sister, Laura, who has so far been unable to conceive herself. It makes for an emotional delivery.

  • Series 4 Episode 14

    One expectant couple have faith beyond the hospital staff, while another dad-to-be is in danger of missing out on the big moment.

    Judith, who's 28, and her husband Mike, who's 31, met when they were kids. Mike had always assumed Judith was out of his league until they met up again after university at a friend's party.

    Pharmacist Judith is a self-confessed control freak and perfectionist but pregnancy has made her feel 'out of control'. Mike, on the other hand, is so laid back he's 'practically horizontal'.

    One thing they have in common is their belief in Christianity and when things don't go to plan in the delivery room, the couple put their faith in God as well as the medical staff.

    Meanwhile, 17-year-old Beth met Dominic, who's 22, by chance in McDonalds and was immediately attracted to the fact that 'he talked about everything and wouldn't shut up!'

    Their relationship developed fast and, without planning it, Beth fell pregnant. Dominic becomes more and more anxious as the labour develops and he paces around like a 'blue horsefly'.

    Beth was brought up by her dad and her grandma Sandra, who has vowed not to leave Beth's side at the birth, which is just as well because when the all-important moment arrives, Dad is having a nervous smoke in the car park...

  • Series 4 Episode 13

    Hayley and Pete's baby has a diaphragmatic hernia: an extremely rare, life-threatening condition that occurs in one in 2200 births.

    A diaphragmatic hernia is an abnormal opening in the diaphragm, which can allow parts of the stomach, spleen, liver and intestines to go up into the chest cavity, restricting the development of the lungs.

    Hayley says the uncertainty has left her and Pete unable to plan for their baby's future. Newborns with diaphragmatic hernia often have severe respiratory difficulty, which can be life-threatening.

    Left-sided CDH has a mortality rate of 40 to 62%, but this increases dramatically if the hernia is on the right side. By the time Hayley and Pete learned that their baby's hernia was on the right side they felt they couldn't terminate the pregnancy.

    Remarkably the couple laugh and joke through Hayley's labour. Until the baby is born it's relatively safe but once it's born it has to breathe for itself and that's when it is most vulnerable.

    Hayley knows the most difficult time will come straight after birth, when her baby will be most at risk. Everyone is praying for a miracle.

    Diaphragmatic hernia is an extremely rare type of hernia that occurs in only one in every 2200 births. It shouldn't be confused with other, more common types of hernia.

    The charity CDH UK offers support and information. They can be contacted on freephone 0800 731 6991 and at

  • Series 4 Episode 12

    Dawn, who experienced a traumatic birth when her first child arrived in the last series of One Born Every Minute, returns to have a second baby, with the memories of her difficult time in the same Leeds operating theatre still fresh in her mind.

    Kirri, who's 29, met 30-year-old Brendan when they were both working at Butlins. She says 'all women have a plan'; hers was to get a job at Butlins in order to find a man.

    Nine years later she and Brendan are having their second child and are still very much in love. They have such a light-hearted approach to life that Kirri manages without pain relief and laughs her way through her contractions.

    Shannon, who's 34 and from Detroit, fell in love with England as a teenager when she started reading biographies of The Beatles.

    When she met Chris, who's 51 and from Doncaster, on the internet, her father - a Vietnam veteran and former marine - hired private detectives to check Chris out. Chris must have got the all-clear because they are now married and having their second child.

    But they're worried that Chris may miss the birth because they don't have any family nearby and have no one else to look after their 20-month-old daughter Celia while Mum is in labour.

  • Series 4 Episode 11

    Naomi, who's 32, and Jason, who's 37, have known each other since they were teenagers and have had an on-off relationship over the years.

    Now that Naomi is pregnant, Jason says it's changed their relationship and they're committed to a stable partnership.

    But there's another woman in Naomi's life: her mother Maria, who Naomi describes as a 'goddess' and who lives next door to Naomi.

    Being glamorous is very important to Naomi and she arrives to give birth wearing false eyelashes and full make-up.

    Meanwhile, Bianca discovered she was pregnant a couple of days after her 22nd birthday and was 'gobsmacked'.

    She wasn't sure whether to carry on having fun or settle down but finally decided to buck her ideas up and have the baby even though the father wouldn't be involved.

    Her sister Tanya says Bianca won't be a single mum because she'll have her to help.

    And Shannon met Dale on a Saturday night out in Leeds. They were both 17 when Shannon told people they were having a baby.

    She remembers that 'people said we were too young and it wouldn't work' but she and Dale are happy together, although Shannon has some regrets about not going to university and Dale says he wants to join the navy in five years.

  • Series 4 Episode 10

    Leah is having her sixth baby but unfortunately her partner is in prison and will miss the birth. Meanwhile, Becky met Police Sergeant John one Halloween when he was dressed as a witch and it was love at first sight.

    Within weeks they were engaged and trying for the child they'd both always wanted. Becky's life had been ruled by depression and a string of failed relationships, and she was beginning to think she'd never be a mum.

    By the time they arrive on the labour ward, Becky and John know exactly what to expect. They've been to all the classes and planned their active birth and are desperate to meet baby Luke, who they're naming after their Star Wars hero.

    Sophie and Martin are best friends whose drunken kiss blossomed into a five-year relationship and a surprise pregnancy. While it's Sophie's first child, Martin has been through it all before and has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

    Sophie's desperate for them to have a baby of their own to bring them closer together and to experience the love of being someone's natural mum.

    Sophie was too anxious to read up about childbirth so when she comes into the delivery suite, she has no idea what lies in store. Fortunately, Martin's experience and sense of humour are there to support Sophie through a long and difficult labour.

  • Series 4 Episode 9

    This edition features two couples who have stuck together despite the challenges life has thrown at them.

    Ryan (20) started dating Keely (22) when they were both at school, but to their shock Keely fell pregnant very quickly. They are now expecting their second child together, proving that teen pregnancies don't always end in disaster. Gail Wright, Leeds General Infirmary's most experienced midwife and Head of Delivery, is on hand to help Keely when she goes into labour and get her through the pain barrier.

    Katie (27) says she is the grown up in the relationship and her fiancé Steve (29) is like a child. In the delivery suite, Steve is on form constantly mucking about and generally driving Katie up the wall. His jokes mask their shared anxiety about their baby's congenital condition called gastroschisis which means the baby will be born with its intestines on the outside of its abdominal wall and will require surgery a few hours later.

  • Series 4 Episode 8

    Two couples prove that unplanned pregnancies can happen at very different ages.

    Andy, who's 41, and Nina, who's 39, thought they'd left nappies and sleepless nights behind long ago.

    With their children Danielle, who's 14, and Lewis, who's 10, becoming increasingly independent, they'd just started to get their own lives back again: going out, holidaying and enjoying life.

    They all got the shock of their lives when Nina announced she was pregnant with twins.

    The kids were initially appalled that their parents could be so irresponsible but soon embrace the idea of baby siblings and cheer their mum up with fun and games while she waits for her Caesarean.

    Jonathan, who's 21, met 18-year-old Laura when he randomly sent her a message on a social networking site. Three months later she fell pregnant.

    While Laura panicked, Jonathan was delighted: starting a family has been his sole ambition since the age of ten.

    Having developed gestational diabetes, Laura is booked in for an early induction and the couple prepare for a long wait.

    Jonathan gets on Laura's nerves with his almost constant chatter but when their baby's heartbeat drops and Laura is rushed to theatre, Jonathan's joking around is quickly replaced by overwhelming concern.

  • Series 4 Episode 7

    Katie and Jonathan were 'separated' when Katie found out that she was pregnant. She didn't have his phone number, so she sent him a Facebook message to tell him.

    They were reunited 12 weeks later, at the first scan. At that moment Jonathan realised he wanted to be a good dad, especially because when he was a child his father wasn't around much and he wants to behave differently.

    Nicole is admitted with a significant bleed. Her mum had hoped Nicole would have her own home and be in a stable relationship before she started a family, but that was not to be, so together they're preparing to bring up her baby at home.

    Although Nicole is still friends with her baby's father, he won't be at the birth.

    Jolanta is known to have quick deliveries, and when she arrives at hospital hoping for a water-birth for her third baby, the midwives race to fill the bath before her baby's born.

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    There's a nationwide baby-boom in September and the midwives at the Leeds General Infirmary are run off their feet.

    When their unit is full they often send the overspill to St. James' Hospital across the city and vice versa, which means a last-minute change in birth plans for some mums.

    Twenty-one-year-old Natalie met Shane, who's 39, when he turned up as her taxi driver on the school run and now they're expecting their first child together. Natalie was only 14 when she first gave birth and that was without a partner.

    This time she wants everything to be different but the maternity unit at St. James' is full so she is transferred across the city to the LGI.

    Meanwhile, Kate and David are booked in for a planned caesarean and are both nervous.

    They have to wait for hours due to the volume of emergency cases going to theatre and Kate becomes extremely anxious.

    And Rachel is due to have her baby at the LGI but gets diverted to St. James' when the maternity unit becomes full.

    It's Rachel's first baby, but she's separated from her Egyptian husband, so her mother will be the one providing support.

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    Midwife Linda Abbott returns to Leeds General. A year after retiring she realised she missed working at the hospital, and the hospital missed her! She may be an 'old bird' but she has years of experience.

    Two dads with extremely different bedside manners are in the maternity wards in this episode.

    Joel dotes on his wife Rachel and wants there just to be the two of them in the delivery room.

    Rachel and Joel's first son was born prematurely and died 25 days later. It's not something they can forget and their anxieties build with each day on the labour ward.

    Meanwhile, Chris admits that he doesn't have a clue what to do in his role as birth partner. Hayley and Chris are expecting their first son together. Hayley already has two children but this is Chris's first experience of fatherhood.

    He's particularly apprehensive because he associates hospitals with a serious road traffic accident he had years ago. Unfortunately, his attempts to use humour to deal with his nerves don't always go down well in the delivery room...

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    This episode meets two very different romantic couples and two dads from tough upbringings who want a better life for their sons.

    William, who's 26, met 24-year-old Belem through the internet and it was love at first sight. But she was living 5000 miles away in Mexico so their courtship was conducted from a distance until they married and moved to Britain.

    William's mother haemorrhaged and died while giving birth to his baby sister. His family lived in rural Colombia without access to maternity care and his childhood memory of that traumatic day still haunts him.

    Nevertheless he disguises it well and the couple are buzzing with excitement when they arrive on the maternity ward. William shoots a video, with a running commentary in Spanish, for their families on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Dan, who's 24, met 22-year-old Kerry five years ago and they both admit that their first date was a disaster. They have what they call a 'Kerry and Dan' kind of love, expressed through banter and digs at each other.

    What they lack in romance they make up for in practicality. Kerry has prepared 84 colour co-ordinated baby outfits; each washed and ironed four times.

    She says that if she isn't fully prepared for something she panics; but when their baby's heart rate drops in labour, it's Dan who starts to worry.

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    Two strong-willed first-time mums give birth at Leeds General Infirmary.

    Alexandra is 25, prefers to be called Sasha and is fiercely independent. She's naming her baby boy 'Rupert' after the actor Rupert Everett 'because he's so handsome.'

    She left her native Latvia in search of adventure and ended up in Leeds. The baby's father isn't in the picture any more and Sasha wants to go it alone. Although her family are worried about her being so far away, she believes this baby is the missing piece in her life.

    Surbhi is from the warrior Hindu caste and knows what she wants. Her husband, Kaushik, who's from a caste of philosophers, will do anything to please her.

    They met when she heard him singing in the shower in the flat downstairs. He was 20 minutes late for their first date and he has never quite made up for it.

    More seriously, he feels responsible for a motorcycle accident that left Surbhi paralysed in one arm, so the baby promises a fresh beginning for them both.

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    Expectant mum Sam, who's 23, is covered in tattoos, loves heavy metal and keeps a pet snake. As a teenager, she went off the rails, arguing with her mum every day, drinking and stealing money, before running away from home and ending up sleeping rough.

    Later, Sam met her long-haired lover Biaggio, who's 24, at the ice-skating rink and had a one night stand but soon discovered their bond went deeper.

    Biaggio says Sam's mum is like the Duracell bunny, and he's grateful for her never-ending energy when things get tough in the delivery room.

    Claire, who's 20, and Clint, who's 23, met in a nightclub in Leeds. They both admit they're very shy but the drink did the talking. A few days later, they went to the cinema together and Claire kept the tickets in a scrapbook because she's 'soppy like that'.

    Since then, she says they've been inseparable... until they split up, which was when Claire found out she was pregnant. It was all a massive shock to Claire's mother, who couldn't hide her disappointment.

    Claire always knew she wanted her mum to be at the birth because she's her 'rock,' but deciding whether Clint should be there wasn't as easy.

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    Stacey is expecting her second child, but it's her first with her husband, Lee. Stacey is desperate to give birth but every time she thinks she's in labour, it turns out to be a false alarm and the hospital send her home.

    The toing and froing gets frustrating for Lee, who admits he had a troubled past until he met Stacey, who 'saved him'.

    When Ramona last gave birth it was by an emergency C-section. This time, she wants to give birth naturally, with her husband Marvin by her side, but when she goes into labour, Marvin is half-way down the M1.

    Meanwhile, the hospital is promoting 'active birth' and trainee yoga instructor Sara wholeheartedly embraces the idea. Sara endured a long induction during her last birth and this time round she's determined to make the birth 100% natural, with her easy-going partner Billy by her side.

  • Series 3 Episode 14

    A long-serving midwife's lifetime career comes to an emotional end. Linda Abbott has been a midwife for 38 years. Aged 60, she's retiring from her post.

    She's held in high esteem by the other midwives, who refer to her deferentially as Mrs Abbott. She reminisces about the old days and even remembers delivering several generations of some families.

    Meanwhile, life goes on in the hospital. Michelle (22) is resigned to the idea of being a single mum. Her baby's father made it clear he wanted to have nothing to do with the birth.

    Michelle's supported by her mum Maureen, who's incredibly strong, and her sister Mandy. Michelle is bright and bubbly and determined to be optimistic, but when her mum and sister go home overnight she becomes tearful and the midwives have to comfort her.

    Mrs Abbott delivers the baby amid tender and emotional scenes that speak loudly about the strength of women.

    For Lauren (35) and Kirk (28), it was love at first sight. She left her native Canada in search of adventure and arrived at Heathrow on New Year's Day 2005. She met Yorkshireman Kirk the next day and they've been together ever since.

    They've been trying to have a child for five years and were about to start medical tests when Lauren fell pregnant naturally.

  • Series 3 Episode 13

    Myleene Klass opens a new birthing pool and causes a stir on the maternity ward. Delivery suite manager Gail Wright has to rehearse her speech and gets all in a dither about how to coordinate the grand opening.

    Meanwhile, life in the hospital goes on as normal with three very different couples. Air hostess Helen (38) and her boyfriend Alan (34) are about to surrender their lifestyle of partying and travelling.

    Helen suffered kidney failure after binge drinking in Thailand but is now ready to become a mum. They're having twins - two boys - so the transformation in their daily life is going to be doubly dramatic.

    Natalie (24) and lorry driver Trevor (38) are having their third baby, but their relationship has been rocky. Four years ago they had a fling and when Natalie said she was pregnant Trevor refused to acknowledge baby Chelsea as his own.

    Two years later he saw his daughter's photo on Facebook, realised his error and asked Natalie to take him back. Trevor is 14 years older than Natalie but the relationship is good and he regards himself as happily settled.

    Diane (43) and Hasan (33) have been together for six years. She's American and he's Turkish. Diane's hired a doula called Lesley to assist with the labour because Hasan says Turkish men don't normally attend births.

    He can't stand to hear Diane's screams and has to leave the room whenever things get too loud.

  • Series 3 Episode 12

    Two couples who experienced unexpected difficulties during pregnancy arrive at the hospital. Seventeen-year-old Billie has pre-eclampsia, caused by high blood pressure, which is one of the most serious conditions that can develop during pregnancy.

    She's having an emergency caesarean and the baby will be born 10 weeks early, with the complications associated with premature birth.

    She and her partner Ryan (20) have been together for three years and weren't planning to start a family so soon. Billie wanted a career and to travel before settling down properly but when she found out she was pregnant her plans changed.

    Now they face weeks of visiting the hospital's neo-natal unit as their baby gains strength and overcomes breathing problems.

    Carolyn and John are both 37 and both dentists, although they tend not to talk shop when they're at home. A 20-week scan shows that their baby will be born with a cleft lip.

    Although they know the condition can be corrected with surgery, they're understandably anxious to discover how serious their baby's condition will be when it's born.

    It's a difficult time for the midwives too because they want the birth to be a happy event but know the couple are nervous about how they'll react when the baby is delivered.

    And Tanya (28) and Barry (30) are having their first baby after being together for just five months. Tanya thinks Barry will be a great dad, but he's not convinced.

    He's a joker, but his smiles conceal a deep anxiety: he's never even held a baby before and is petrified at the thought of becoming a father.

  • Series 3 Episode 11

    The importance of strong family values is the theme running through this episode. But the two families and the values they share are so very different.

    Mel (20) and James (21) want to prove they can be good parents even though they both had a difficult start in life.

    Mel had an unsettled childhood living in the care system from an early age, but her life turned around when she went to live with foster mum Jean, who has been a powerful and positive influence. Mel now regards Jean as her real mum and wants her to be her birthing partner, along with James.

    James went off the rails as a youngster after losing his younger brother. He has been to prison three times, but has stayed out of trouble for over a year and is determined to become a better person. Jean has her doubts about James and reminds him of his responsibilities more than once during Mel's labour.

    Leah (23) and Richard (27) are Mormons. They've been married for four years. Leah says at school other girls had dreams of becoming teachers, doctors or lawyers whereas her sole ambition was always to be a mother because family is so important.

    They already have a daughter called Faye who's 18 months old, but this time they're expecting a boy.

    Richard doesn't say much except that he's adamant the baby should be called Richard. Richard's father's name was also Richard and he's unshakable in the view that his boy should continue the family tradition, even though Leah is not convinced.

  • Series 3 Episode 10

    Three sets of parents demonstrate that family bonds can be forged in wildly different circumstances. Vicki (32) and Janet (39) have been together for 11 years and tied the knot of civil partnership in 2007.

    Vicki was 21 when she left her boyfriend for a fling with Janet and they've been a couple ever since. Vicki's always wanted children and they turned to IVF with Vicki's eggs and donor sperm.

    At first Vicki's mum found it difficult accepting her daughter was gay but she now seems very comfortable with the idea and is on hand to help at the birth. That's just as well as Vicki can be a handful at the best of times, by her own admission.

    She doesn't cope well with pain and requires an assortment of cold flannels, water sprays and fans to keep her from feeling too hot during labour.

    There's a 30-year age gap between Ines (30) and Paul Newell (60), who've been together for seven years. They're about to have their third child and their shared religious beliefs form part of the bond that ties them together.

    Sheree (20) and Danny (19) have been together for 18 months. She got pregnant accidentally and he has given up the chance of going to college to study sport science and instead has taken a job in order to put money aside for the baby's upbringing.

  • Series 3 Episode 9

    This episode features two very different approaches to childbirth - while Olga Kozlova doesn't want her husband anywhere near her during labour, Vicki Thompson keeps her man close at hand.

    Lithuanian couple Olga (30) and Victor (37) met through an internet dating site and now live in Leeds - but it's her worried mum, Galina, whom the glamorous mum-to-be chooses as her birth partner.

    Neither Olga nor her mother understand English, and with Victor banished from the delivery room and no interpreter in sight, they struggle to communicate with the midwives - without much help from Galina's Russian/English dictionary.

    In comparison, bubbly couple Vicki (25) and Ben (25) met in the nightclub where they both worked (as a barmaid and bouncer).

    It was 'lust at first sight', and she had his name tattooed on her wrist after two months together. Since then, they have used tattoos to celebrate their love, and commemorate their loss after an earlier miscarriage. Their main worry is that Ben might run out of space for more tattoos on his torso if they have more children!

  • Series 3 Episode 8

    Hopes and fears about delivering babies provide the theme to this episode.

    Sarah Sanderson (27) met her partner Jamie (24) in a pub and challenged him to a drinking competition, which she won. He is a massive rugby fan and hopes they will be having a boy; he has already bought the baby several Leeds Rhino replica outfits.

    He has no idea how he'd bring up a girl, saying 'I'd have to play dominoes or dolls with her.' However, the sex of the baby is unknown.

    Sarah's pregnancy has been understandably stressful because the last time she was pregnant she delivered a stillborn baby at 22 weeks. She was told she'd never be able to carry a child to full term, and had come to an acceptance of life without children.

    But after feeling nauseous at work, one final pregnancy test gave her the good news she hadn't dared dream of.

    At the hospital midwives discover her baby is lying sideways (transverse), which is problematic for an easy natural birth. Her anxiety is increased even further when she beings to haemorrhage.

    Natalie (28) and her husband Anthony (32) are hairdressers and run a hair salon together. It might not be everyone's cup of tea to live and work together but they love it.

    They can't wait to find out how much hair their baby has and dream of the day when they put their own son in the barber's chair.

    Natalie isn't anxious about childbirth, but her mother Brenda is because she once had a stillborn child herself. The fear associated with that experience hasn't diminished with time, but she's determined to be at her daughter's bedside.

  • Series 3 Episode 7

    This episode features unexpected twins, and the tables are turned when one of the midwives arrives for labour. Neither mum wants intervention or an epidural; they both want to do it naturally. But Mother Nature can influence even the best-laid birth plans.

    Julie's expecting twins and Charlotte is a professional midwife who has delivered dozens of babies. Will their labours pass without complications?

    Expecting her first baby is Charlotte (26), one of the Leeds General Infirmary's midwives. Charlotte and her husband James (29) have been together for nine years: 'I loved her from the moment I saw her to this moment right now,' says James.

    They have been married for a year and fell pregnant quickly, even though Charlotte has polycystic ovaries. Charlotte is very passionate about her job and hopes that her own birth experience will help her care more sensitively for women in childbirth.

    There's excitement on the delivery suite and Charlotte's colleagues give her the red carpet treatment. Everyone wants the birth to go smoothly and Charlotte wants a low-risk water birth with as little intervention as possible.

    But even midwives have to follow the laws of nature and when her waters break, there's meconium, which means the baby needs monitoring and Charlotte won't be able to have the water birth she planned. Will Charlotte remember the advice she's given to all those mums in the past?

    At 35, Julie Reid is 10 years older than her partner Nick and she has two children, aged 11 and 14, from a previous relationship. She says she didn't want more children herself, but agreed to have 'just one more' because Nick kept pestering her for a child of their own.

    A scan showed she was expecting twins, which is not what she bargained for. Julie wants to have her twins naturally and ideally without pain relief. But with one baby lying breech, will Julie's birth go according to her plan?

  • Series 3 Episode 6

    Every pregnancy and birth is unpredictable and an easy early labour is not necessarily an indication of what happens towards the end. In this episode there's a serious emergency on the maternity ward when a baby's shoulders become wedged after the head has been delivered.

    The condition is called 'shoulder dystocia' and occurs in about one per cent of natural deliveries.

    Giorgi-Leigh (17) says she was devastated when she found out she was pregnant, having always told her mum she wanted to wait until she was in her late 20s. When she found out, she burst into tears. But she's come to terms with it now.

    The father is Jack (18), her on-off boyfriend for years, who's in prison and will miss the birth. Giorgi-Leigh says Jack's been in and out of prison ever since he was 11, for 'borrowing' cars and joy-riding.

    She says that he was happy about being a dad, but she points out that he's 'not happy enough to stay out of jail.'

    Paul (47) and Dawn (37) both have children from previous relationships. Dawn has been married twice before and says that this time it's 'third time lucky'.

    They met two years ago at work and are now married. Dawn never expected to find happiness again and certainly never expected to be having another child. It's been a whirlwind two years: getting together with Paul, marrying and becoming pregnant.

    Dawn says Paul is completely different to her previous partners. She says he's 'independent' because she doesn't have to look after him like she did with the others. Paul is generous and thoughtful and she feels they are an equal partnership.

    Dawn is nervous about giving birth and feels like she is having her first child all over again. She says it feels like a lifetime since she had Jasmine and has forgotten how to 'do anything'.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Series 3 Episode 5

    This episode explores single parenthood, with one young mum about to go it alone and another who's starting a family with a new partner after five years of bringing her children up solo.

    Mum-of-two Nicola (31) was a single parent for five years before meeting Craig (34) while she was on a (really bad) date with someone else. Nicola was initially resistant to meeting someone new but now says she's looking forward to having the support she always wanted. She knows Craig will be a wonderful dad. Craig survived a hit and run aged seven and says he'll wrap his own child up in cotton wool.

    Nicola is two weeks overdue and they hope for a quick delivery, in and out. But it soon becomes apparent that the baby is not showing up any time soon, so the midwives bring Craig a reclining leather chair to make his stay more comfortable. 'This is just a day trip for you isn't it love?' quips Nicola.

    Seventeen-year-old Jess is expecting her first baby. The baby wasn't planned, but Jess is over the moon; she knows that life as a single parent will be hard but is determined to do a good job for her baby. Jess pays tribute to her strong support network, and her mother and brother's girlfriend both help her through labour.

    According to the midwifery team, many young mothers are uncomfortable with the internal examinations that are vital during childbirth. And when Jess refuses to be examined, the midwives are at a loss to know how far her labour has progressed and if she should be pushing or not.

    By contrast, Nicola knows exactly what to expect and manages to stay calm during contractions, eating ham sandwiches and 'inventing' swear words. She and Craig even manage to stay upbeat while listening to labouring women in nearby rooms, joking that the midwives must think they are working in a torture chamber.

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    This episode features two mothers at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to conception and labour. After endless rounds of IVF, wheelchair user Tricia is looking forward to a much-longed-for baby.

    Meanwhile, Halinka is expecting her fifth baby; she gets pregnant at the drop of a hat and also has a condition called 'spontaneous fast labour' where birth can happen very quickly.

    Steven (44) and Tricia (40) have been married for 20 years after meeting in the church choir. Tricia was hit by a car when she was 13, leaving her with a life-changing brain injury. She suffers from limited movement on her left side and uses a wheelchair as she can't walk very far.

    Very much in love and always keen to be parents, Steven and Tricia have tried to get pregnant for a number of years, undergoing IVF and artificial insemination, and suffering two miscarriages. Finally, they fell pregnant naturally, and are now expecting their first child. Steven is Tricia's carer as well as having a full-time job in IT.

    Leeds' 'longest-serving' midwife is on hand to guide and reassure Tricia throughout her labour. But Tricia faces a difficult labour due to her physical disability and emotions are running high as she worries that her baby could be taken into care because of the challenges presented by her condition.

    Meanwhile, Halinka (27) is having her fifth baby with Richard. 'We've popped out children left right and centre,' she says, while Richard jokes that he can father a child just by looking at someone.

    Halinka's latest pregnancy was 'unplanned' and Richard has had a vasectomy to make sure there are no more unexpected surprises. They are a funny and warm couple, bickering during labour, and, as with all off Halinka's previous labours, the baby comes when least expected.

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    This episode meets mums who break the rules, defy convention and arrive at motherhood in very individual ways, including One Born Every Minute's first Indian couple, who dated in secret when they were young and continue to break from tradition by having the dad present at the birth.

    The programme also meets childhood sweethearts, who prove that the path of true love rarely runs smoothly, and a teen mum who wants to do it all on her own, supported by her best friend as well as her Twitter feed, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook status page (the ultimate accessories for a modern birth).

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    Two women are approaching the pain of childbirth in very different ways. One mum, who experienced a traumatic first labour, is terrified of what the second will bring, while another refused to attend any antenatal classes, feeling that - for her - ignorance will be bliss.

    The straight-talking midwives at Leeds General issue upfront advice from the outset - 'It's the worst pain you will ever have, in your life. It's awful.' - and add that nobody knows how they will cope until it happens.

    Fashion designers Danny and Heather, both 28, met at Fashion College when they were just sixteen.

    Heather arrives for labour in her high heels, and has designed her own striking birthing outfit - a bright red bikini with a matching mini skirt that floats around her as she lies in the birthing pool. The couple have also come with an array of outfits for their new-born, including lounge wear and a going-home outfit.

    Having skipped all her antenatal classes as she didn't want to know about pain, Heather is now hoping for the perfect water birth to match what she and Danny both describe as their 'perfect' lives.

    But while Heather doesn't know what lies ahead, Kerry (29) is expecting her second child. Having experienced a traumatic labour first time round, Kerry hopes this birth will be quick and easy.

    'Home in time for EastEnders,' says Paul (39), optimistically, munching on a bag of Frazzles. But when Kerry begins to panic she needs some tough talking from the midwives.

    Also on the labour ward are Renae and Jonathan, both 28, who are keen on a quick birth mainly due to the cost of hospital parking. Renae had difficulty conceiving due to polycystic ovary syndrome and was required to lose five stone so she could have treatment.

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    Two expectant fathers desperately want to see their babies being born, but will circumstances conspire against them?

    Shaun (20) is a soldier who's about to start a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. His daughter is due any day now. Shaun only has 48 hours before having to return to the army - and therefore miss the birth of his first child.

    His partner Donna (28) is brought in for an induction at the earliest opportunity. But nothing is hurrying this baby along; will she arrive before her dad has to take up his posting?

    Eighteen-year-old Beth and her partner Kurt (20) have been together for two years. Kurt is determined to put his 'bad lad' ways to one side and wants to set a shining example for his son. And that includes being there when he's born.

    But after a long and difficult labour, complications arise and Beth has to choose whether Kurt or her mum accompanies her into theatre, leading to flared tempers and a very agitated father-to-be...

  • Series 2 Episode 12

    The series finale features extraordinary images of premature babies being delivered by Caesarean section.

    Caroline and Chris Pike are expecting triplets, but one of them is much smaller than his brothers. There's a risk he could die, and endanger the lives of his brothers. Caroline is told that she is to be booked in for a Caesarean section at seven months: the triplets will be more than two months premature.

    But, 48 hours before the triplets' planned delivery, one of the babies is in distress. The staff have 30 minutes to deliver the triplets. Husband Chris is at their home, 90 miles away: a journey that can take up to four hours.

    Meanwhile, Sarah and Nando are expecting their first baby, but when monitoring picks up that the baby's heartbeat is dipping, Sarah is booked in for an emergency Caesarean.

    It's an emotional time for both sets of parents as they cope with the trauma of emergency deliveries. And then there's the shock of seeing their babies in neonatal, where they're separateed by a plastic box from the parents who desperately want to hold them.

  • Series 2 Episode 11

    This episode is all about family. Louisa and David are expecting their fifth baby boy. David thinks they should stick at five children, but Louisa thinks even numbers are best - which means six!

    Meanwhile, Colin - who was adopted - and Suzanne were 'sofa-surfing' when they found out Suzanne was pregnant. Although they've since found somewhere to live they're still financially strapped, but Colin couldn't imagine putting his own child up for adoption.

    Rosie and Johnny are also expecting their first child, while Rosie is having to come to terms with the recent loss of her own father.

  • Series 2 Episode 10

    Two mums want natural births, but will one petite young mum be able to push out a big baby and will an overweight mum suffer because of the risks associated with weight during pregnancy?

    Oakley (18) has been with her partner Dave (33) for a year: she fell pregnant after they'd been together for a couple of months. When Oakley is nine days overdue she's induced, but the midwives are concerned about how big the baby seems to be and whether she'll be able to deliver it naturally.

    Also on the ward is Carol (35), who says she is 'on the larger size' and was warned of the risk of health implications such as pre-eclampsia and diabetes. When Carol is taken to theatre, Dad Kevin (36) is too anxious to accompany her, and Carol's sister Jackie steps in while Kevin paces the corridor waiting for news.

  • Series 2 Episode 9

    An Amber Alert is declared at the Princess Anne Maternity Hospital. They are inundated with mothers in labour and are running out of beds. Three women with complications add to the drama.

    When Hayley (26) met Godfrey (35) she says she knew he was the one for her. He's boisterous but good-natured, and enjoys playing computer games and eating fish and chips during his wife's painful labour. Despite his jokes, Godfrey is missing his father, who died recently, and with the impending birth of his own child, the death of his dad is hitting home.

    Hayley has polycystic ovary syndrome so she knew the chances of conceiving were reduced. Now she's happy to be in the final stages of pregnancy. But the staff are closely monitoring her high blood pressure.

    Amy (27) is outwardly cheerful but her previous four conceptions all resulted in miscarriages. Her partner Jordan (29) explains that this is the furthest along for a pregnancy Hayley's been, and they are constantly worried something might go wrong.

    Finally, when the hospital is at one of its busiest times for beds, Claire (24) arrives to have her second baby and she also has raised blood pressure. There are too many labours starting with too few midwives and anaesthetists available.

  • Series 2 Episode 8

    This episode features the uplifting stories of two courageous mums, both overcoming their worst fears.

    Sophia is having twins, but a scan has shown up a problem with one of them meaning it will have to go to Special Care as soon as it's born.

    And mum-of-one Hayley is about to give birth for the fourth time, having experienced the trauma of a newborn baby dying and then a stillbirth.

    Both mums are waiting to deliver their babies, and are hoping for the best.

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    An older mum and a teen mum approach childbirth in very different ways. Hayley decides laughter is the best medicine and jokingly refers to herself as a 'geriatric mum' at 37, while teenager Kaycey is determined to have a natural birth, and screams with the pain.

    When first admitted Kaycey (17) is in very early labour 'admitting a fingertip and screaming the house down', as midwife Amy Bisson puts it, while Kaycey's partner David (21) says that Kaycey is vocal at the best of times.

    Kaycey and David look forward to the birth of their son, but they had a rocky road to start. After having a casual relationship for just a month, they parted ways. Then Kaycey found out she was pregnant, but David felt they weren't ready for a baby and that they couldn't manage it financially. Kaycey knew all along that she wanted to have the baby and nine months later, David is willingly at her side waiting for his son to be born.

    Meanwhile John (40) says that the moment he met Hayley (37) he knew he'd found his soul mate. Hayley agrees that it's been like a fairytale since she met John. In a short amount of time she's gone from thinking she'd always be on her own to becoming a step-mother to John's two children and now to having a baby of her own.

    In the delivery room Hayley is bubbly and funny, cracking jokes between contractions. In fact, she's on such good form that her midwife says: 'You do realise you'll be lulling loads of women into a false sense of security? You're six centimetres and look how happy you are!'

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    Three unconventional couples arrive to deliver their babies.

    One dad does all he can to support his wife through her carefully planned hypno-birth. Another doesn't even know labour has begun for his first born, because he's locked behind bars. And a young couple defy those who tell them they're not old enough to be starting a family.

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    The stakes are high for two older mums on the labour ward. For Julia this is a miracle baby; her first and possibly only child. For Sara it's her third and, after a traumatic previous birth, she is truly terrified.

    The series returns to the story of Julia (31), born with a major heart defect and once told she'd never have a baby. Now the pregnancy of Julia and Dean's 'miracle baby' is in its final stages and they are back at the Princess Anne Hospital.

    One day before Julia's due date her waters have broken, but as she's not going into labour the midwives decide to induce her. They want both mum and baby to stay healthy, which means everything needs to happen swiftly.

    Sara (38) is expecting her third baby. After a traumatic first birth and with an overwhelming fear of pain, Sara is scared of what will happen this time. Before long Sara is pleading for an epidural - or even a caesarean.

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    One dad-to-be can't be contacted while his girlfriend's labour progresses, and another has a crucial role to play after his wife's birth plan takes an unexpected twist. And while one mum sings to keep herself calm, another finds that swearing is the best way to relieve the pressure.

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    Couples deal with long and difficult labours in very different ways. One dad shows how humour can lift the sprits, while another prefers to deliver rousing pep talks.

    Julia and Dean are expecting their first child. After meeting online they exchanged phone numbers and became Facebook friends. When Julia unexpectedly fell pregnant six months later, Dean moved from Swindon to Southampton to be with her.

    They both knew the pregnancy was going to be challenging; Julia was born with a major heart defect and had the first of many heart operations when she was just 10 days old.

    Donna and Wayne are expecting baby number two. Donna is apprehensive: her last labour lasted for days, and she fears she may be in for a repeat experience.

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    Three sets of expectant parents are waiting to meet their babies: Kate, who once thought she'd only ever have cats, and her husband Nick; Tendayi and Maxwell, who are in high spirits until they hear screams from a nearby delivery room; and a young couple, Lydia and Phil. Lydia invites her big sister to join her at the birth, and when one of the women begins to feel nauseated, it's not the one you'd expect.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    In the first episode of the second series, two sets of expectant parents wait to meet their babies, including teenage sweethearts Ralph and Janet, who fell in love on their last day at school together; and Paul and his wife Stephanie, who warns 'I'm a real wimp when it comes to pain!'

    Janet and Ralph (both 18) have now been together for exactly 'One year, two months and 27 days' according to Ralph. When Janet became pregnant at 17 Ralph says: 'It was a shock, but you can't say it was a sad event.' And that now he 'couldn't be happier.'

    Janet comes in to be induced and midwives Kay and Barbara are astonished to discover that Ralph is reading a biography of Roman Emperor Tiberius throughout his partner's labour.

    Janet's mum Mandy is also on hand to offer support when the birth of baby Callum takes an unexpected turn.

    A-level student Ralph admits that some people think that he is 'different'. His biggest hope for his son is that he won't feel the need to conform either.

    Twenty-two-year-old Stephanie says: 'I wouldn't say I was a drama queen... but my friends would say I was a drama queen. And my mum would too, probably.' Her husband Paul (28) and the midwives attempt to calm an increasingly vocal Stephanie as her screams reverberate around the hospital.

    Every minute of every hour of every day, a baby is born in Britain. One Born Every Minute celebrates the unique story that lies at the heart of every single pregnancy, by capturing the enduring emotion surrounding birth and the beginning of life.

  • Series 1 Episode 8

    In the last episode of the series, 19-year-old Steff goes under general anaesthetic for an emergency caesarean, and lesbian couple Becky and Annie endure an exhausting long labour.

  • Series 1 Episode 7

    This episode observes the remarkable and often uplifting situations that occur every day in the neonatal unit: the stories of the babies so premature or poorly they need extra care.

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    Two mothers are about to give birth to their first babies while two fathers are trying to work out their role in the birthing process. And the midwives reminisce about memorable births.

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    Two young mums-to-be come in to the hospital at the end of unexpected pregnancies. And for their mothers it's time to face up to their girls becoming somebody else's mum.

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    Kelly comes in to have her fifth baby. Her last one was delivered just three minutes after her waters broke. Meanwhile, Joy has undergone five years of IVF, and after days of waiting in hospital, there's still no sign of Baby.

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Lisa's baby Jack has been born with his bowel outside his body. His first few days are critical. Meanwhile, midwife Dominique is determined that Sarah will have the natural birth she wants.

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    Sam is in labour with her first child and finding the pain unbearable. Her boyfriend Ed's feeling the pressure too. And midwife Kay ponders her career after realising that she delivered Ed.

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    Tracy is in labour with her fourth child. She's calm and upbeat about her labour until the heart rate of her baby slows and the midwife must race to deliver her baby quickly.

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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

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