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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

Series 5 Summary

The fifth series of the Bafta award-winning series features births, drama, highs and lows from a new location: Bristol's Southmead Hospital, the busiest maternity unit in the West Country.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 1

    The first episode of the fifth series introduces the straight-talking midwifery team in Bristol as an expectant father risks missing his daughter's birth and one of the team helps her next-door neighbour through an emotional labour.

    Michelle and Michael's parents are from different countries: hers are Chinese, his British. 'I was actually asked if I was a Thai bride when we were on our honeymoon!' says Michelle.

    They're both self-confessed gadget geeks, and are praying for a less traumatic birth second time round. Michelle lost a lot of blood during her first labour and Michael was traumatised by the experience.

    He's determined to be by her side for this delivery, but in a quiet few hours, he decides to head home for the evening and Michelle's contractions suddenly kick in.

    Expectant dad Rich, who's 35, used to be a committed bachelor with flash cars and a house full of televisions. According to Georgina, who's 25, all that's about to change; she's determined he'll swap his flamboyant lifestyle for something more family-friendly.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Louisa and midwife Vickie have been next-door-neighbours and friends for over 20 years. In a twist of fate, Vickie is on duty when Louisa comes onto the maternity ward, and helps her through an unexpectedly eventful labour. Also on hand is her big sister, Laura, who has so far been unable to conceive herself. It makes for an emotional delivery.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 2

    First time mum Lucy admits she's afraid of everything from roller coasters to sewing needles, so the thought of giving birth is completely terrifying. She says she's just little and wonders how on earth the baby is going come out.

    Doting boyfriend Sam has his proposal to Lucy all planned out and the rings are en route from eBay. But despite all the distractions, panic soon sets in.

    Amy and her naval engineer husband Paul arrive at Southmead Hospital for an induction. But after a quick examination, it becomes clear that Paul is far more squeamish than he expected...

    Meanwhile, Dianne is understandably concerned about giving birth as the last time she was in labour there were serious complications. This time Dianne and husband John have opted for an elective Caesarian, but nerves begin to get the better of them.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 3

    There's tension as a teenage mum asks her dad and boyfriend to both be present at the birth; a vicar's wife seeks divine intervention; and a young couple hope for a simpler labour second time around.

    When 18-year-old Charlie fell pregnant, her dad, Dean, wasn't pleased. Stern words followed for her boyfriend Ricky, who's also 18, and who was made to promise he would stand by her.

    Ricky is determined to prove he can be a good dad, but as the moment of baby's birth draws closer the atmosphere in the delivery room becomes tense...

    Meanwhile, vicar Adam's wife Sheona, who's 33, has reservations about becoming a mother for the second time, but with the help of Adam's support and humour, and the promise of a bottle of good Champagne afterwards, she hopes to find an inner strength.

    Chloe and Adam, who are both 20, are followed to Southmead Hospital by their neighbour's cat but the distraction of this additional birthing partner does little to put their minds at ease.

    They're both troubled by thoughts of the birth of their first daughter, who was rushed off to intensive care as soon as she was born, and as the night draws on exhaustion begins to get the better of Chloe.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 4

    A mum-to-be who has cerebral palsy goes through a dramatic delivery, one couple have to put their footballing differences aside in the birth room, and a five-year fertility journey is almost over for one first-time mum.

    When Cheryl, who's 27, and her husband Rob, who's 34, met online, they knew straight away that they wanted to be together. It was some time later before Rob discovered Cheryl had cerebral palsy, and neither of them has ever seen it as an obstacle.

    Now in labour with their second child, Cheryl needs to dig deep to overcome a traumatic and unexpected turn of events in theatre.

    Meanwhile, Manchester United fan Sarah, who's 23, and her Liverpool-mad husband Mark, who's 38, must support each other through their labour at Southmead Hospital. The pregnancy has been fraught with complications and they're hoping the birth will pass uneventfully, without going into extra-time.

    It took Zoe, who's 35, and Anthony, who's 42, five years to get pregnant, and now they're ready to savour every moment of the labour. But as time ticks on the going gets tougher and tougher, minutes start to feel like hours and tensions mount...

  • Episode 5

    In this episode a farmer finds his baby's birth a far cry from lambing season, a former midwife must take a back seat in the birth room and a laid-back dad nearly misses his daughter's birth.

    Rachel, who's 31, and Nick, who's 36, are more used to delivering lambs than babies. Nick hopes his knowledge of birthing livestock will help him through Rachel's labour.

    They have traumatic memories of their last birth but, three years on, they're set to return to Southmead. But when labour eventually kicks in, an ambulance must race to reach them before the baby arrives.

    Emma, who's 31, and her partner Jordan, who's 33, are dedicated followers of fashion. Emma even admits that she gave Jordan a full wardrobe and hair makeover to suit her taste.

    But Jordan has more than his hairstyle to contend with as the arrival of their baby threatens to catch everyone out.

    When single mum Heidi, who's 32, asks her best friend Lisa Marie and Lisa Marie's mum Carrie to be her birthing partners she has no idea that she's opened a can of worms.

    Carrie used to be a midwife and must bite her tongue and allow newly qualified midwife Sacha to get on with the job. It's an emotional moment on many levels for Heidi as she contemplates life without the father of her child, and her own mother.

  • Episode 6

    A couple face the reality of their surprise pregnancy, parents who know that their pregnancy has serious medical complications prepare for labour, and a first-time mum races to the maternity ward before her baby arrives.

    When Nicole and Terry, who are both 29, went for their fifth child's 20-week scan, they discovered that their pregnancy had several serious complications and their baby was unlikely to survive.

    Nicole and Terry were convinced they had to fight on and hope that their baby would defy the odds. They are greeted at Southmead Hospital by a team of specialist doctors who are determined to do all they can to help this baby survive.

    Hannah, who's 20, met Dean, who's 24, after writing letters to him while he was in prison. Their romance blossomed as soon as he was released.

    Now she tells Dean and her mother that she needs to get to Southmead urgently. She's not exaggerating, and she almost gives birth in reception.

    Cody, who's 18, and Daniel, who's 26, hadn't planned on becoming parents. One afternoon, after some sushi and a sandwich, they did a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

    Cody's mum joins them for the delivery and is on hand with sweet treats and moral support.

  • Episode 7

    A young couple from Liverpool refuse to let a tough start hold them back, parents with four boys eagerly await the arrival of their dream girl, and a mum who didn't think she could conceive naturally prepares for her first baby.

    Antonia, who's 20, met Alan, who's 23, in a post office queue on Alan's birthday. He knew instantly that she was the one, and she felt like 'a kid in a sweetshop' when she saw him, because they had been friends, but had lost touch.

    They were thrilled to find out Antonia was expecting, but the 20-week scan revealed potential eyesight and hearing problems for their baby, and they arrive at Southmead delivery suite not really knowing what to expect.

    Stefanie, who's 33, has always wanted a girl and if her first child had been a daughter she admits she would have stopped there. Four pregnancies and four boys later, Stefanie and her partner Scott, who's 35, are back in the delivery room.

    Stefanie has brought pink clothes, pink shoes and even pink sheets for the hospital cot. Stef's mum waits anxiously outside the hospital to find out the all-important gender of her latest grandchild.

    Sophie, who's 24, never really wanted children but her boyfriend Rhys, who's 27, had other ideas and was delighted when Sophie unexpectedly fell pregnant.

    Armed with Pringles and sandwiches, Rhys is determined to get involved in the birth, wanting to 'grab the baby as it's coming out' and 'do the bit from the lion king when the monkey holds Simba up'. But all Sophie really wants is an epidural.

  • Episode 8

    On her birthday, midwife and single mother-of-two Lara contemplates life and love while delivering twins.

    A nervous father who's clueless about the labour process prays for a quick delivery, and a couple who rekindled their relationship after losing contact for 10 years prepare for the arrival of their first baby.

    Frank and his partner Shelley, who are both 33, waited before starting a family as it never seemed to be the right time. Now Shelley is ready for the birth of their baby but Frank still seems to be oblivious to the task at hand.

    'I would try and get away with not being there and sitting in the pub,' he says, 'but Shelley won't have that'. He hopes it will all be over within four hours but, as any mum will testify, babies never quite stick to the birth plan.

    Elle and Ben, who are both 27, have taken the fast track to Central Delivery Suite. Less than a year after a cheeky message on a social network site brought them back together, they're pacing the corridors of the hospital discussing baby names and breathing techniques.

    The pregnancy came as a shock to Ben, who was still living at home with his mum when he met Elle, but he now believes he's ready to take on a family of his own.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 9

    This episode meets a mum who donated her eggs but went on to have fertility problems herself, a couple whose exciting whirlwind romance resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, and the mum who's finally having her miracle baby after she was told she could never have any children.

    Stephanie, who's 21, and Tyrone, who's 22, had only been together for four months when Stephanie was told the upsetting news that her blocked fallopian tubes meant she might never have children.

    So they were shocked when what she thought was a stomach bug turned out to be the early stages of pregnancy. 'I did five pregnancy tests because I didn't believe any of them,' she says.

    Steph's mum joins them for the birth; she may have forgotten the tissues and the water, but she's armed with advice for the new parents.

    When Jo turned 30 she thought she'd never find Mr Right, so she decided to donate her eggs to other women who were longing for children. Little did she know that, when she finally met the man of her dreams, Mark, they would have problems conceiving.

    After several rounds of fertility treatment, Jo, who's now 39, and Mark, who's 37, had their first child and now they're back at Southmead for baby number two. But as the labour progresses, the baby's heart rate begins to drop and Jo is rushed into theatre.

    Chantelle, who's 24, and Steve, who's 41, met one Christmas Eve and moved in together a few days after New Year. Now they while away the hours waiting for their bundle of joy by having a laugh and checking out the hospital menu.

  • One Born Every Minute

    Episode 10

    In this episode there's an extreme case of 'like mother, like daughter' with one mother about to become a gran aged 40; a career woman finally takes the plunge into motherhood; and an over-excited father tries his best to keep his partner entertained.

    Twenty-one-year-old Martha and Josh, who's 22, have been together for two years, after meeting at Tesco where they both worked. Martha has always wanted to have children young following in the footsteps of her mum, Roz, who was in her teens when she had Martha.

    Steph and Kevin 'fell in lust' at university. Since graduating, careers have come first, but having worked extremely hard for years they've decided it's time to settle down and start a family.

    In every relationship someone has to wear the trousers and in Jordan's case it's definitely his partner Jess. Her feisty personality means she often admits to bossing him around - particularly when it comes to doing the cooking and cleaning.

    But life hasn't always been that easy for tough cookie Jess. She had her first child at the age of 14, and the lack of support from her mother in the past has meant she has struggled to let her guard down and allow anyone into her life. Jordan's determined to give Jess and their family all the love and protection they need for a happy future together.

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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

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