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A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

About the Show

A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

  • Series 9 Episode 9

    Karra and Danny's three-year-old son has a rare condition and needs 24-hour care. Now they're expecting their third child. Mandy and Melvin are both deaf. They're hoping for a second chattering child.

  • Series 9 Episode 8

    Doctor Ruby suffered with post-natal depression after the birth of her and Colin's first child. Will it be Ruby's hard-working ethos or Colin's jokey ways that help with the arrival of their new baby?

  • Series 9 Episode 7

    Jenny and Gareth, who has multiple sclerosis, focus on a new adventure into parenthood. Tina has twice had emergency caesareans. Now she hopes to experience her first natural birth.

  • Series 9 Episode 6

    Career woman Charlene's mum and aunt use humour to help her come to terms with becoming a mother. Jess, who's 21, hopes to become the best mum possible with help from her flatmate Lauren.

  • Series 9 Episode 5

    This episode explores the secrets of a good relationship. An inseperable couple are parted by an emergency during labour, and an independent businesswoman reassesses romance.

  • Series 9 Episode 4

    The dads are under the spotlight in this episode. Soldier Jack's more confident about going into battle than changing nappies. Billie and her ex-partner Nathan plan to raise their child together.

  • Series 9 Episode 3

    Self-confessed ladies' man Michael has changed his ways after meeting his perfect match, Natalia. Natalia comes to Liverpool Women's Hospital to have her fourth child by caesarean section.

  • Series 9 Episode 2

    The maternity ward is full. Self-confessed princess Sarah and her devoted fiancé Chris arrive eight weeks early, while Mormons Chloe and Daniel dream of a large, busy family.

  • Series 9 Episode 1

    Nineteen years after being the first triplet to be delivered at Liverpool Women's Hospital, Kirsty returns to have her own baby. Meanwhile, family man James looks forward to meeting baby number five.

  • Series 8 Episode 7

    A mummy's boy faces fatherhood. A self-confessed baby machine comes in to have her fifth child. And childhood sweethearts can't wait to take their baby back to their first home of their own.

  • Series 8 Episode 6

    A mum takes her son's place to welcome a grandchild she's only just found out about, while another emotional mother can't stop laughing during her daughter's labour

  • Series 8 Episode 5

    One family savour every second because Dad's brain injury means he may not be able to remember his child's birth. And how does a mum who's had quick labours cope with a change of schedule?

  • Series 8 Episode 4

    This episode reveals how different dads approach the role of birthing partner. Risk manager Paul plans every detail, while 22-year-old Frankie decides to 'wing it'.

  • Series 8 Episode 3

    A mum who has cystic fibrosis is prepared to risk her own life to have a big family. A single mum is determined to bond with her second baby in a way she couldn't when her first was born.

  • Series 8 Episode 2

    A young couple worry about their premature baby after Mum's waters broke at 18 weeks, a couple cancel their wedding to have a baby, and a mum craves a more straightforward birth for her second baby

  • Series 8 Episode 1

    Courtney, who's 16, is her mum Tara's birthing partner as she brings her brother into the world. And a fumble under the sheets leads to one couple leaving university with a baby as well as a degree.

  • Series 7 Episode 7

    A teenager is shocked to find she's 24 weeks pregnant, while a proud dad-to-be is eager for his first-born to be a boy so he can pass on the Greek family name he's so proud of

  • Series 7 Episode 6

    An Iranian couple get lost in translation during labour, while a football-mad dad channels his supporting skills to overcome his squeamishness

  • Series 7 Episode 5

    A reformed party girl prepares to meet the child she thought she'd never have, a teenage couple welcome their unplanned baby and a self-confessed control freak struggles when her birth plan goes wrong

  • Series 7 Episode 4

    Becky and Colin's baby took six years to conceive and is taking its time coming out. Matt and Milly are preparing for the birth of their child with the same dedication they put into marathon running.

  • Series 7 Episode 3

    Sixteen-year-old Reve has to cope with her mum's and her unborn baby's life-threatening illnesses. Glamorous morris dancer Laura's labour slows dramatically.

  • Series 7 Episode 2

    Brazilian first-time mum Caia wants to send her partner Bernardo home when he has 'man flu', but she has to change her plans when her birth doesn't turn out as they'd hoped

  • Series 7 Episode 1

    A dad-to-be tries to keep his partner laughing through the contractions for the baby they thought they'd never have. Another couple help each other through a particularly traumatic labour.

  • Series 6 Episode 10

    It's the final episode and Southmead is packed. There's a Mormon couple who are expecting baby number three, and nervous first-time parents who don't know how to change a nappy.

  • Series 6 Episode 9

    Two nurses hope their second child's birth will be simpler than their first, while a mum who had anorexia and was told she'd never have children waits for stubborn baby number three

  • Series 6 Episode 8

    A couple who met when they were eight come in to Southmead 20 years later, to have their second baby. And two youngsters who are planning to have a dynasty come in to have their third baby.

  • Series 6 Episode 7

    A startling family secret turns the world of a mum-to-be upside down, another mum considers converting religions to create her family and one couple make it to the delivery suite after years of trying

  • Series 6 Episode 6

    This episode features One Born's first home birth and a baby who arrives in the hospital car park! And a new dad who used to be homeless dreams of settling down under one roof with his girlfriend.

  • Series 6 Episode 5

    This episode is all about making babies: one couple reveal how each of their two conceptions were very different, while a religious couple married young because of the temptation of sex

  • Series 6 Episode 4

    The corridors turn blue as one mum lets out all of her pent-up frustrations, on-off romancers finally take the plunge after years of indecision, and pregnancy cravings make it into the delivery room

  • Series 6 Episode 3

    Baby Spice visits Southmead to support the maternity unit's charity. A mum in labour tries to decide whether to stay with her baby's father. And a couple who met online start their family.

  • Series 6 Episode 2

    A muscle-mad macho man struggles to keep his nerves in check, an expectant dad goes all-out to make his wife feel comfortable, and a same sex couple are rushed into hospital ten weeks early

  • Series 6 Episode 1

    Fourth generation twins make an appearance on the delivery suite at Southmead Hospital in Bristol and a larger-than-life double act struggle to see the funny side of their extended labour

  • Series 5 Episode 10

    In this episode there's an extreme case of 'like mother, like daughter' with one mother about to become a gran aged 40, and a career woman finally takes the plunge into motherhood

  • Series 5 Episode 9

    A mum who donated her eggs but went on to have fertility problems herself, a couple whose whirlwind romance resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, and the mum who's finally having her miracle baby

  • Series 5 Episode 8

    On her birthday, midwife and single mother-of-two Lara contemplates life and love while delivering twins

  • Series 5 Episode 7

    A young couple refuse to let a tough start hold them back, parents with four boys await the arrival of a girl, and a mum who didn't think she could conceive naturally prepares for her first baby

  • Series 5 Episode 6

    Series 5 Episode 6

    A couple face the reality of surprise pregnancy, parents who know that their pregnancy has serious medical complications prepare for labour, and a first-time mum races to the maternity ward

  • Series 5 Episode 5

    A farmer finds his baby's birth a far cry from lambing season, a former midwife must take a back seat in the birth room, and a laidback dad nearly misses his daughter's birth

  • Series 5 Episode 4

    A mum-to-be who has cerebral palsy goes through a dramatic delivery, one couple have to put their footballing differences aside in the birth room, and a five-year fertility journey is almost over

  • Series 5 Episode 3

    There's tension as a teenage mum asks her dad and boyfriend to both be present at the birth; a vicar's wife seeks divine intervention; and a young couple hope for a simpler labour second time around

  • Series 5 Episode 2

    In episode two, wedding plans are hatched in the birthing pool, a couple face their fears in theatre, and a naval officer is all at sea with the arrival of his first baby

  • Series 5 Episode 1

    The first episode introduces the straight-talking midwifery team in Bristol as an expectant father risks missing his daughter's birth and one of the team helps her neighbour through labour

  • Series 4 Episode 14

    Series 4 Episode 14

    One expectant couple have faith beyond the hospital staff, while another dad-to-be is in danger of missing out on the big moment

  • Series 4 Episode 13

    Series 4 Episode 13

    Hayley and Pete's baby has a diaphragmatic hernia: an extremely rare, life-threatening condition. Unlike most mums, Hayley knows the most dangerous part of labour will be after birth.

  • Series 4 Episode 12

    Series 4 Episode 12

    A mum who experienced a traumatic birth in the last series returns to have a second baby in the same Leeds operating theatre, with the memories of the last time still fresh in her mind

  • Series 4 Episode 11

    Series 4 Episode 11

    Naomi's pregnancy has turned her relationship with Jason into a stable partnership. Tanya is having her baby without the dad being involved, and Shannon and Dale are becoming parents at 18.

  • Series 4 Episode 10

    Series 4 Episode 10

    Leah is having her sixth baby but her partner is in prison and will miss the birth. And Becky met Police Sergeant John one Halloween when he was dressed as a witch and it was love at first sight.

  • Series 4 Episode 9

    Series 4 Episode 9

    A couple who had their first baby when they were teenagers are expecting their second, five years later. And an expectant father masks his anxiety about a congenital condition with humour.

  • Series 4 Episode 8

    Series 4 Episode 8

    Thirty-nine-year-old Nina and 18-year-old Laura prove that unplanned pregnancies can happen at very different ages. Nina is having twins, while Laura is booked in for an induction.

  • Series 4 Episode 7

    Series 4 Episode 7

    Katie and Jonathan were separated when she found out she was pregnant, and she had to tell him on Facebook. Meanwhile, Jolanta wants a water-birth but is known to have quick deliveries...

  • Series 4 Episode 6

    Series 4 Episode 6

    There's a nationwide baby boom in September and the Leeds General Infirmary midwives are run off their feet, with some mums being sent across the city to St. James's at the last minute

  • Series 4 Episode 5

    Series 4 Episode 5

    Midwife Linda Abbott returns to work at Leeds General a year after retiring. And two expectant dads with extremely different bedside manners are in the maternity wards.

  • Series 4 Episode 4

    Series 4 Episode 4

    Two expectant dads from tough upbringings want better lives for their sons. William met Belem online when they lived 5000 miles apart. And Dan's partner Kerry has prepared 84 baby outfits.

  • Series 4 Episode 3

    Series 4 Episode 3

    Two strong-willed first-time mums give birth at Leeds. Alexandra left her native Latvia to find adventure and is fiercely independent. Surbhi is from the warrior Hindu caste and knows what she wants.

  • Series 4 Episode 2

    Series 4 Episode 2

    Biaggio says Sam's mum is like the Duracell bunny. He's grateful for her energy when things get tough in the delivery room. Claire always knew she wanted her mum at the birth because she's her 'rock'.

  • Series 4 Episode 1

    Series 4 Episode 1

    Stacey is expecting her second child; the first with her husband Lee, Ramona wants a natural birth with her husband by her side, and trainee yoga instructor Sara embraces the idea of 'active birth'

  • Series 3 Episode 14

    Midwife Linda is retiring after 38 years. Michelle, who's 22, comes in with her mum and sister. Her baby's father made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the birth. Linda is there to help Michelle.

  • Series 3 Episode 13

    Myleene Klass opens a new birthing pool and causes a stir on the maternity ward. Meanwhile, life in the hospital goes on and new life begins as three very different couples come in.

  • Series 3 Episode 12

    Billie, who's 17, has pre-eclampsia, one of the most serious conditions that can develop during pregnancy. Carolyn and John's baby has a cleft lip. They're anxious to discover how serious it is.

  • Series 3 Episode 11

    Mel, who's 20, and James, who's 21, want to prove they can be good parents even though they both had a difficult start in life. Mel grew up in the care system and James has been to prison three times.

  • Series 3 Episode 10

    Vicki and Janet tied the knot of civil partnership in 2007. Now they're expecting their first baby. Meanwhile, Ines, who's 30, and Paul, who's 60, are expecting their third child together.

  • Series 3 Episode 9

    Olga doesn't want her husband anywhere near her during labour, while Vicki keeps her man close at hand

  • Series 3 Episode 8

    Sarah's baby is lying sideways, and then Sarah beings to haemorrhage. Natalie's mum is determined to overcome her own heart-breaking childbirth experiences so that she can be by Natalie's bedside.

  • Series 3 Episode 6

    Every pregnancy and birth is unpredictable and in this episode there's a serious emergency on the maternity ward when a baby's shoulders become wedged after the head has been delivered

  • Series 3 Episode 7

    This episode features unexpected twins, and one of the midwives arrives for her own labour. Both mums want to do it naturally, but Mother Nature can influence even the best-laid birth plans.

  • Series 3 Episode 5

    Series 3 Episode 5

    This episode explores single parenthood, with one young mum about to go it alone and another who is starting a family with a new partner after five years of bringing her children up solo.

  • Series 3 Episode 4

    After endless rounds of IVF, wheelchair user Tricia is looking forward to her first baby; while Halinka, who has a condition called spontaneous fast labour, is expecting her fifth child

  • Series 3 Episode 3

    This episode meets mums who break the rules, defy convention and arrive at motherhood in individual ways, including an Indian couple who dated in secret and a bisexual mum-to-be

  • Series 3 Episode 2

    One mum, who experienced a traumatic first labour, is terrified of what the second will bring, while another refused to attend any antenatal classes, believing that - for her - ignorance will be bliss

  • Series 3 Episode 1

    Soldier Shaun has to return to the army in 48 hours to start a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. His daughter is due any day now; will she arrive in time for him to be there for the birth?

  • Series 2 Episode 12

    This episode features extraordinary images of premature babies being delivered by caesarean. And when a mum who's expecting triplets is rushed to theatre there's no time to wait for the dad to arrive.

  • Series 2 Episode 11

    This episode is all about family, from a couple expecting their fifth baby to an expectant mum who recently lost her father, and a man who was adopted watching his first son being born

  • Series 2 Episode 10

    Two mums want natural births, but will one petite young mum be able to push out a big baby and will an overweight mum suffer from the risks associated with weight during pregnancy?

  • Series 2 Episode 9

    An Amber Alert is declared at the Princess Anne Maternity Hospital. They are inundated with mothers in labour and are running out of beds. Three women with complications add to the drama.

  • Series 2 Episode 8

    A scan has revealed a problem with one of Sophia's twins; it will have to go to Special Care when it's born. Hayley has previously experienced the trauma of a newborn baby dying and a stillbirth.

  • Series 2 Episode 7

    Hayley decides laughter is the best medicine and jokingly refers to herself as a geriatric mum at 37, while teenager Kaycey is determined to have a natural birth, but screams with the pain

  • Series 2 Episode 6

    One dad does all he can to support his wife through her carefully planned hypno-birth. Another dad doesn't even know labour has begun for his first-born, as he's locked behind bars.

  • Series 2 Episode 5

    The stakes are high for two older mums. For Julia this is a miracle baby; her first and possibly only child. For Sara it's her third, and, after a traumatic previous birth, she's terrified.

  • Series 2 Episode 4

    One dad-to-be can't be contacted as his girlfriend's labour progresses, and another has a crucial role to play after his wife's birth plan takes an unexpected twist

  • Series 2 Episode 3

    Two couples deal with long and difficult labours in different ways. One dad uses humour while the other delivers rousing pep talks as they all anxiously await the birth of their babies.

  • Series 2 Episode 2

    Tendayi and Maxwell are in high spirits until they hear screams from a delivery room. Lydia invites her sister to join her at the birth, and when one of them feels nauseous, it's not who you'd expect.

  • Series 2 Episode 1

    Two sets of expectant parents wait to meet their babies: Ralph and Janet fell in love on their last day at school together, while Stephanie says 'I'm a real wimp when it comes to pain!'

  • Series 1 Episode 8

    In the last episode of the series, 19-year-old Steff goes under general anaesthetic for an emergency caesarean, and lesbian couple Becky and Annie endure an exhausting long labour.

  • Series 1 Episode 7

    This episode observes the remarkable and often uplifting situations that occur every day in the neonatal unit: the stories of the babies so premature or poorly they need extra care.

  • Series 1 Episode 6

    Two mothers are about to give birth to their first babies while two fathers are trying to work out their role in the birthing process. And the midwives reminisce about memorable births.

  • Series 1 Episode 5

    Two young mums-to-be come in to the hospital at the end of unexpected pregnancies. And for their mothers it's time to face up to their girls becoming somebody else's mum.

  • Series 1 Episode 4

    Kelly is having her fifth baby. Her last one came three minutes after her waters broke. Meanwhile, Joy has had five years of IVF and waits in hospital for days for her first baby to arrive.

  • Series 1 Episode 3

    Lisa's baby Jack has been born with his bowel outside his body. His first few days are critical. Meanwhile, midwife Dominique is determined that Sarah will have the natural birth she wants.

  • Series 1 Episode 2

    Sam is in labour with her first child and finding the pain unbearable. Her boyfriend Ed's feeling the pressure too. And midwife Kay ponders her career after realising that she delivered Ed.

  • Series 1 Episode 1

    Tracy is in labour with her fourth child. She's calm and upbeat about her labour until the heart rate of her baby slows and the midwife must race to deliver her baby quickly.